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  1. Yeah, I've been quite worried with Grundy's depature what would happen if Max got injured. Maxy continually gets belted and our weird and slow "kick it to Max on the wing" strategy means he get's belted even more than most talls. Sounds like a good get. Geez I hope we take on a more offensive and direct style of play through the corridor to take the pressure off Maxy having to take pack marks all bloody day. That we play fast into an open forward line with Kozzy and Fritta sitting in there one on one with space just like Charlie Cameron does.
  2. Yep, we all pay for that [censored] back track performance. One way or another, ticket prices, tv subs, memberships. 2mil wasted on 4 X 70 year Olds miming and pretending to play.
  3. meth dealers rejoice in Collingwood tonight.
  4. No matter how far it had gone, they just needed to call it back. Keep blowing the whistle. But nah, it's the pies and it's the show case of our game supposedly. What a wonderful summation of where our beautiful game has gone. Gil your are the murderer. God, I don't know what I'd do if I was a lions supporter at the ground. I'd want to torch the joint.
  5. Should have started a brawl at 3qtr time and punched Cox and maynard
  6. They need to tighten up on Elliott. BT and hamstrings. You're an [censored]
  7. I think Coleman has been awesome.
  8. Kick the game away pies. I want a one point win to the lions.
  9. One on one makes a difference instead of a bomb to a clump
  10. It would be ironic if pies lose this to poor kicking
  11. Yeah I asked a couple of mates from Brissie to do it. I hate booing, it's dumb. But what else can you do but boo!
  12. I reckon you'll see a few phases today where the lions surge and the umps will bring the pies back into it.
  13. Zorko diving like the grub he is
  14. King Stingray would have been awesome. Or Amyl and the Sniffers
  15. Live lead vocals, the rest is backing tracks. Gene Simmons isn't even playing the bass in rhythm to the music. Mike Brady is always great. Nice nod to RDB. Gimme the all Australian 2021 pre match anytime. Probable biased. But Kiss is so Gill and AFL bombastic BS I'm loving watching our girls play instead of this hyped up garbage
  16. Yeah, that was horrible in the last 5 mins against GWS. Just kept falling on it with the umps too ship scared to blow the whistle
  17. She seemed to lack the confidence in marking contests and shots at goal two years back. She's absolutely flying now. Great game.
  18. Great to see so many shots of the Dee Army tonight WCW. Great effort
  19. What most commentators have missed about this last quarter stat is the incredible discipline, concentration and ruthlessness this team displays. It's not just fitness. It's complete mental toughness. So many teams take their foot off the gas once they've sealed the win. Not this team. They are just something else. I've never seen a footy team push so hard right to the end. In any comp at any level. Stinnear and his team have created something quite amazing. I love the way they just swing changes and it just works. We can't ever let this bloke go. He can teach the men's team lots! Such an exciting time for this club. I hope more supporters get on this train.
  20. Another AFL conspiracy on that tin. Why do the cats players have two footys in play? Unfair advantage for sure. Is their a Melbourne Milo? Has a better ring to it.
  21. It's been the best medicine watching the women over the last few weeks. They're playing fantastic footy and their skills are better and better every year. What a team.
  22. How about the BT Brownlow medal? All votes awarded by BT during his roaming Brian segment. If BT didn't commentate the game, it's probably not worth awarding votes because it obviously isn't a BLOCKBUSTER! Has a nice ring to it. He could compare the whole night and highlights could all be him commentating passages of play. It could have you on the edge of your seat as BT often gets players names wrong. Channel 7 knows footy better than we do.
  23. He'll kick 4 in the second half as Carlton fall apart
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