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  1. That kick to Fitzsimmons through the centre. She had 3 cats to beat Pffft
  2. A cliff seems like the perfect analogy. I'm perplexed. It wasn't just the opposition, we were playing amazing footy in the first half of the season. Our drop off across all lines is just mind blowing.
  3. How is our kicking out of defence? Crazy bad
  4. Down is SA for the weekend doing a big birthday and winery weekend. Saw the score before the replay, so didn't bother watching. Geez we've dropped off a cliff in the last few games. We looked cooked. The only positive I can see is the opportunity for Mich and the team to pull transform their game and find a way to bring clean attacking footy back into the play. Not confident but fascinated to see if they can turn this horrible form around
  5. She was really striking some great form. Bugger.
  6. I really liked a lot of the articles the roar put out about the Dees last year. Definitely more independence and critical thinking. The mainstream media is more like a drama filled 3 year old just wanting attention
  7. If Hanks goes for that tackle it will really hurt us. And..... Make me feel like the aflw is quickly catching up to the ridiculousness of AFL at a fast rate. We did score a goal in the last remember. It was reversed by another stupid free kick by the ump that paid a dangerous tackle to the lions in the third.
  8. A lot of the revenue comes from the media, so you could argue the AFL is the Media's [censored].
  9. I've got faith in this team to learn and rebound. Really need to get our midfield humming and our run and carry going again.
  10. Has anyone noticed the clock is not stopping at all this quarter?
  11. Depends where you're playing. Adelaide will not be pretty. That last dangerous tackle decision was just atrocious
  12. I noticed that in the first quarter too as the ball was being kicked in to the lions forward 50.
  13. Stinger Bennett has got the channel 7 memo. Thank Christ we're kicking straight. This feels like the men's team playing Collingwood. We're the better team Hanks needs to take a step up. We're going to have to beat the lions and the umps tonight. We can do this.
  14. Oh, not stopping play for Goldrick but happy to stop play for a sore lions player
  15. We are not going to get one htb or incorrect disposal free all night (unless it's junk time)
  16. Great goal Tayla Jason Bennett has had a channel 7 labotomy. Shouting more and more. Looks like it's gone numb..... Your brain has mate
  17. They shut down Hanks well that quarter too. Our defence hasn't been challenged like that much this season, so it was good to watch them tighten up as the quarter went on. Umpiring seemed pretty dodgy. We'll straighten up. Go Dees
  18. Loved the Hawks pride jumper. It's a real trip man.
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