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  1. So I haven't fact checked this, but happy to stand corrected if I have been misled... apparently no premiership team in VFL/AFL history has ever played a single game together after they have won the premiership. Could we be the first?
  2. Good to hear from you again Ash, hope you are well.
  3. TBH I'm a little surprised. I just assumed former greats of the club (Captains, B&Fs, Brownlow medalists) would have been offered tickets by the AFL/Club - doesn't seem to be the case though. Max is just such a legend!
  4. I did feel like Saint Nick was trying to put words in his mouth, but Jones has understanding that what you deserve and what you get in footy are in no way related. Life (and by extension footy) is often cruellest to the most loyal of servants. There have been many of them for the club that have never had the opportunity to play in a GF, let alone a premiership. It's been cruel to Jones right at the end, but Chunk more than Nick seemed to understand that Fairytales are for kindergarten and this is the real world. He deserved more, but at the same time there's a very special place in our hearts for players like him and Robbie who gave so much to the club and who never got to reap the rewards for their bravery and loyalty.
  5. It's on 7 mate here in Canberra.
  6. I wouldn't worry too much about it I don't think either he or the club have intentions of him going anywhere. Once it became known that Cerra had met with us and there was some real interest in joining us, journalists went to work doing what they do and threw names against the wall to see what sticks. Jacko's name fell off after Pert hosed down any speculation he would be traded, the next name was Gus's simply because his brother plays at the Dockers. No real substance and Gus has hosed that down as well - expect to see Riv or Kozzie's names mentioned next. I think if we get Cerra it will need a few moving parts related to player movement and draft picks from more than one other club.
  7. Sorry they've already gone. Hope you can find some more.
  8. I have two priority 1 barcodes if anyone want to PM me.
  9. I think they will consider bringing Smith in, especially for a player like Weightman. Hunt would be the other one in the frame - naming him might give the Dogs some pause for consideration, Hibbo would be very stiff, but he was dropped after we played them last time. It might be Hibbo and Jordon out for one or both of Smith and Hunt.
  10. I think the attraction is Tarrant might be interested in moving if it's to a club that may play finals and he would be relatively cheap. Also worth keeping in mind that his 10 games was affected by a very unusual medical issue and not necessarily his body failing him. Geelong interested in a 32 year old - he's right in their demographic recruiting window - a likely replacement for Lachie Henderson who hasn't been great this finals series; they would not have much salary cap room either. List is about to fall off a cliff - roll of the dice. Richmond - Astbury replacement - not as dire as Geelong's list, but reloading for 1 more tilt while they still have Cotchin, Riewoldt and Dusty can still do Dusty things. If I was Tarrant and the motivation to move was success this is who I would choose.
  11. As suggested OTC last night, unless Freo can offer a really good trade - I'd be inclined if I were the Lions to make Neale stay for at least one more year of that contract and if he wants to be traded at the end of next year then he can be without them having been blindsided. I understand COVID has changed the parameters somewhat, but I think the whole family angle is slightly overplayed and another 12 months would be quite manageable for most families. Though far from ideal (but what is in this world) or not really understanding the nature of the circumstances of Neale and his partner, we do live in a modern first world country where he has been handsomely remunerated for his talents, and where it is likely (but not certain) that restrictions once we reach a vaccination threshold will be relaxed.
  12. I don't know why, but when I think about how Geelong envisage beating us it brings back memories of this Simpson's moment.
  13. Let me know if you need a couple more barcodes!
  14. I think you are right re the levels, but there was definitely a time factor in there as my wife and I had the same membership, but she met me later in life so I had a good 20 years more membership than she did so I was Priority 2 and she was Priority 3. We both now have guaranteed GF tickets, but it matters nought in a Covid world. I also think there might be a cut-off when people can purchase memberships to stop people gaming the system.
  15. I'm not sure how Luci sees it, but I know the club allocate the priority according to years of membership. Hence if you sign up today you will only be Level 3, but assuming that there aren't that many Level 1 or 2 members in WA (probably less than 200) then if the club is allocated 10K tickets you are a shoe in to be able to access a GF ticket.
  16. Visions of Toby getting the bus driver to turn the radio from the Country and Western station to ABC so he can hear the news!
  17. North have expressed an interest in him. I highly doubt he goes into the PSD, nor do Collingwood take that risk if they really want him.
  18. Been mentioned in the media that Clarko had a falling out with Graham Wright about the time he left Hawthorn and Clarko being Clarko it's unlikely that he ends up working with Wright again.
  19. Yes, I had a conversation with him a couple of years ago about footy and he was adamant he didn’t barrack for us any more. I think Olympic swimmer Mac Horton might be a Melbourne supporter
  20. I couldn't believe listening to the Ch 7 commentary today - thought to myself 'why on earth have they got Tony Shaw back commentating on games' only to then discover it was Heath Shaw.... same difference!
  21. My biggest concern for the match is that Mumford injures Max with another intentional 'clumsy' act - there I said it so that should nix it!
  22. You also forgot to mention he consistently failed to give it off to teammates in a better position. I took great pleasure in regaling my Essendon supporting sister-in-law who I was watching the match with what an ordinary individual he is and why I was happy he had the game he had the week before, because now the Dons will have to give him another contract and watch him become smug and self-satisfied, get injured, comeback fat and lazy and underperform on 95% of his new contract.
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