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  1. I hope Lever gives him a public serve and tells the [censored] he's taking money over success.
  2. LoL. I was into my 70's (Grand final views) before Xmas last year.
  3. Thanks for calling it out WCW. Milkshake always has a place in my heart for the sealer he kicked in the 2018 semi final v Hawthorn when I was just starting to get nervous. Sure he might not be best 22 for many of the reasons highlighted, but when he gets an opportunity and plays he invariably pops up and does something really good. I hope he plays, has a ripper 200th and is rightly celebrated for the body of his overall work.
  4. This post is eerily similar to a poster last year that had us dropping well out of the top 4 (from first) with 4-5 rounds to go, predicting we'd lose to nearly everybody. "The form that we're in" has us with the stingiest defence in the league (assuming Freo concede 9 goals today), and the best percentage. We well may not win every game this year, but we're a better team than last year (objectively, not subjectively) and we didn't lose 7-8 games last year.
  5. I’ve got the bananarama song “nah nah nah nah hey hey goodbye” song in my head, but replace the “nah’s” with “Narrms”. Maybe a bit long, and far too obscure though.
  6. Universally admired I'd say, and the game will be poorer without him in it. The news highlights on gameday will be a couple of minutes shorter no doubt.
  7. Thanks again for this TMD. Loved Nibbler's highlights. Gees he makes some good decisions, he's a ripper.
  8. Gus is a beauty that can play anywhere although I don’t think we’ve tried him as a third ruck option as yet. Something to ponder.
  9. I wonder if the coaches looked a week ahead and picked Milkshake as they saw a role against Freo and this gives him a week to come up to speed (as well as getting another game closer to 200)
  10. And whether we’re preparing for opposition beanies to come out at their best
  11. I hope the coaches can educate both Kade and the broader playing group on what Kade should have done. Looked textbook to me with unfortunate head contact.
  12. I’d like to vote for Viney’s kick to Frittata in the 2nd when we went coast to coast for a goal as DL video of the week. That kick was sublime.
  13. Maybe they'll try and rustle up an earthquake this year.
  14. As much as I love "Bang....bang, bang, bang" - Hamish's call of Maxy's goal in the prelim where he "pulls out the driver, sets sail for home" gets me just as much.
  15. Got this from BF, I'd have to admit feeling like this in the past.
  16. I’m sure the boys are looking forward to returning to the scene of last year’s grand final. I wonder if we’ll have the majority of the fans at the game.
  17. I reckon the Rising Star is an award the AFL have created to maintain hope for crap teams with high draft picks. That's why Jacko's win last year was all the more extraordinary. I put his win down to some highly visually spectacular acts (strong contested pack marks, goal assists from picking the ball up below his knees etc). Poor Bowser is an equally worthy recipient but won't win for general excellence alone.
  18. Not only that Ernie - he could have made a motza if he kept the ball.
  19. Gees, there's no better message to the playing group than the coach taking a haircut and that the money needs to look after everyone to sustain success. What a legend.
  20. More often than not when I've heard Robbo speak, I reckon he's got the health of the game at heart but his mouth is in 4th gear and his brain is in 1st.
  21. I wondered how insulated the AFL fraternity could be from the constant media, and then I once heard Jordan Lewis say he listened to smooth fm on the way home from training as there was no way there'd be any footy content. I guess it can be done.
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