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  1. Prayers out for Lockharts [censored]
  2. So Oscar, Bedford and Jordan are out of contract or am I misunderstanding?
  3. If this is just a pick swap it doesn't need to occur today does it?
  4. If this ends up being the deal I think we couldn't be happier
  5. Is there basis to this other than the fact he followed them as a kid?
  6. To the dismay of many here I think Spargo can play that role effectively, is a good kick, makes the right decisions often and is not as slow as people seem to think. The only problem is we have two of the shortest players in the AFL in one area of the ground
  7. I don't think Fritsch can play forward with the other three unfortunately, we'll need small crumbers who can lock the pill in
  8. He did more than a decent job on Jeremy Cameron at the end of the season, if he can continue with that form and improve on his decision making I have no problem with this
  9. So you’re not the messiah you’re just a very knowledgeable boy.
  10. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s with us
  11. Now we just need Goody to jump on the @Axis of Bob hype train
  12. No that was great, you explained that perfectly cheers
  13. How do you see having 3 195+ blokes in the forward line working? I' don't disagree with you but surely at this point the main option defences will be focusing on will be Weid over Petty?
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