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  1. Just a couple of little snippets I have is that Geelong & Richmond are looking at Tarrant from Kangas. Swans unlikely to now have the salary cap for Barrass from WCE, who was interested in moving to Sydney for family reasons. My mail is that Cerra told a close contact of mine that he really believed he was meeting with Dees to just “tick a box” but now he is genuinely considering them.
  2. I can let you all know that the Dees presented to Adam & his Manager at 5 pm last Friday and the feedback is that it was equal to or possibly the best presentation that Robbie as ever seen. Let me tell you that we are doing everything right, it might come down to us just not having the compensation to satisfy Freo. I can also say that Tarrant from the Kangaroos will most likely be at Tigers next year. Tigers keen on Tarrant, if not him, then Talia.
  3. One of the nicest blokes you would ever meet. Absolute quality individual.
  4. With the greatest respect to Ed Langdon, he is nowhere near, not even close to the footballer that Robert Flower was. Quite frankly, any comparison between Langdon & Flower is so far off the mark, it is laughable. Flower played full back, centre half forward & full forward with aplomb. He’s one of the three greatest wingman to have ever played. He could mark overhead and kick beautifully. I like Langdon, but any comparison with R Flower is insane!
  5. I can easily define Joel Smith as, very bloody good.
  6. With the likelihood of no pre finals bye, they must rest a critical player this week. I suggested it should be Salem with his sore groin, perhaps May is more pressing. Also, very happy for another player to get an AFL game before Finals in case he’s required.
  7. Despite Hunt going out I believe the Club should take the opportunity to rest Salem and his sore groin, particularly since I hear the possibility of the AFL getting rid of the pre Finals bye. For me it would be OUT Hunt, Sparrow & Salem IN Hibberd, Weideman & J Smith. AVB as Medical Sub
  8. I think this is your best work Joeboy, that said, a touch understated on Bowey & Petty who I thought were outstanding.
  9. Maybe the squeaky wheel got some attention.
  10. His Dad passed recently and his closest family member is a sister in Sydney. Has asked his Manager to pursue a trade to Swans.
  11. All I’ve heard at this stage is that Barrass from WCE to Sydney Swans will get done on compassionate grounds, and I find it very hard to believe, however, I’m hearing that Harmes is not happy with his “role” at the Dees and will entertain trade talks at end of year.
  12. Absolutely absurd to suggest that those in power and in position will always be right as opposed to those on the periphery that are experienced and interested. Often those on the periphery have clearer thoughts, no ulterior motives, aren’t influenced by being too close, do have conflicts of interest etc etc etc.
  13. Jackson was very poor for several weeks and played a couple of stinkers AFTER some on Demonland correctly suggested he needed some time off to recharge & reset. It was the right call by Demonlanders at the time. Now, if you’re going to put much credence on the form of players based on the witches hats they played today, you’re on your own. I will not be judging Jackson and a few others on today’s game.
  14. Brown & Vanders?? Did you watch the game? Apart from the fact Brown was significantly better than Tom Mac and he worked tirelessly up and down the ground and was never out marked, what would you do to his confidence if you dropped him after a really honest performance like that? You need to understand that our ONLY chance of winning it this year is if Ben Brown has a strong Finals series and that won't happen unless you give him consistent Senior footy to gain confidence.
  15. Spot on. All the basic thinkers will go straight to AVB to be dropped, however, please look at his disposals tonight that resulted in 3 goal scoring chains, plus a beautifully weighted ball for Fritsch to run on to late. Viney doesn't provide you with that. AVB can give you Viney's tackling pressure and hardness around the ball as well. Also, got to find a way to get better ball users such as Bowey into the side as Viney, Langdon, Brayshaw & just constantly kill you with their disposal.
  16. The only reason they drew was that he was getting clear hit outs and everything went to Mitchell, Worpel & O'Meara. Also, can't stand the smiling and lack of intensity. The Captain sets the level of intensity and fanaticism Never see Joel Selwood smiling!
  17. Ins - Wiedeman, Bowey, Harmes Outs - Jackson, Rivers, Viney Am sure to get howled down about Jackson, however, he isn't providing enough and I thing right now, Wiedeman would deliver more in that Ruck/Forward role.
  18. Ridiculously harsh on Salem & AVB. Salem was a rock & AVB was a terrific game for someone who hadn't played for a very long time and had very little VFL football. He had a big hand in 3 goal scoring chains and came back from a huge bump. Way too complimentary on Gawn who had his worst game in his last 50 odd. Jackson wasn't just a game, he was once again, very poor and just isn't giving enough.
  19. Thanks Skuit. Always appreciate your research skills. It sort of makes sense, doesn’t it, however, let’s hope this most recent National Draft in which Swans were enormous beneficiaries doesn’t keep repeating.
  20. Would someone please tell me if the Top 20 rule this year and Top 40 next year also applies to the NSW & Qld Clubs?
  21. Unless there's been a change in the last couple of hours, Vanders is not going to Adelaide.
  22. There is just one change. Ben Brown in for Tom Sparrow. Must say that I am really surprised that rather than give Sparrow a rest OR a confidence boosting run at Casey, the "brains trust" has elected to take him to Adelaide along with Jake Melksham as the 2 extras.
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