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  1. They should be directing all their anger at their own list managers and not us.
  2. Understand what you’re saying, but they rested Dangerfield, Selwood etc and brought in others. We didn’t rest anyone and brought in Melksham etc. for eg did we just turn over our bottom 6 v them resting their stars? If I could find the chart from fox footy I’d post it but a bit busy.
  3. I’m not going to get into it but he was used as sub 7 games in a row, unused in a few of them from memory. It is a case of depth players looking for more opportunities but he should have been given more, considering our dysfunctional forward line methods and injuries, we needed to rejuvenate it and we needed crumbers. You can’t just leave players in the VFL and not get games into them (see others). The Cats found a way. Goodwin most certainly has a history of playing favourites and that was very evident this year. Goodluck to him, may or may not make it, but it’s another role we have to fill I think (indigenous evasive forward craft). And our whole side is full of average kicks, Bedfords disp efficiency is in the top 8 of the club at 78%. Also, the club obviously rated him if the rumour is correct that we offered him a 3yr deal. Best of luck to him, seems like a nice kid as well.
  4. Ramifications of Goodwin not playing players, that IMO deserved a better go. Disappointed to see him go, Goody can’t keep playing favourites
  5. Where did the Melksham and Hibberd contract extension rumour start? Cant see anything official.
  6. Is Grundy the 2nd best ruck in the league though? He was 4 years ago. He's 29 in April coming off an injury riddled year and 5yrs to go on a contract. Who are the Cats and Swans ruckmen? For all the hype around Gawn, we don't dominate. I'd prefer to put the $700k towards a KPF. Theres no doubt Grundy will come now, but I don't see it improving us.
  7. Will be interesting to see if the Clarkson/Fagan situation has any effect on players moving to those clubs and others this trade period......
  8. I might be on my own here but I generally think the ruckman position is an overrated one. For all of Gawns dominance and our midfield, we don't really dominate. Anyway, we shall see, I think the pick/coin could be used to better upgrade our forward-line with a proven KPF and elite ball users/real forwards inside 50. I dont see how getting Grundy is going to improve our forward issues, as thats where it's at. Its a waste of time dominating clearances and getting 70 i50's if we don't have forwards who can capitalise. Anyway, you know this BRFE, just my thoughts.
  9. We've already witnessed lots of that in recent weeks for bugger all result. He's kicked 2 goals since round 12 and I think 13 for the season in what seems like a lot more time forward. One bad shank at goal for Max and it messes him up for ages.
  10. I watched him play in the WAFL on the weekend and was very underwhelmed by what I saw tbh, for a big guy.
  11. I watched him in the WAFL on the weekend and was very underwhelmed by him for a big fella.
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