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  1. Was at the game, it was truly pathetic and embarrassing. One of the more frustrating efforts I've seen. I still can't believe I am saying we need a key forward 3 yrs in a row. Its either salary cap issues or poor list management/coaches belief. No words really but we are a meat and potatoes team with very limited skill across the board and a constant makeshift forward line that is one so frustrating to watch every single week. Why didn't Petty go back when Lever was out? Brown is useless, once he doesn't mark it we are one down, McAdam was poor and didn't chase. Billings, Viney, Oliver, Sparrow.....
  2. Just a vibe, but I think he's gone at the end of next year. I don't think the Crows, who are on the up, will be able to offer us what they could of this year.
  3. The homesickness thing treads a fine line.... I bet if we offered him $1m a year for 5yrs v Crows $600k for 5yrs, would a player still be homesick? Or magically not homesick anymore. Not just talking Petty here either.
  4. I guess the club needs to weigh up his injury, future mobility, what Adelaide can offer this year v next is also another huge issue.... I get the vibe from a few chats that Harrison wants to play back whereas we want him forward. I'm not as much blinded by his 6 goal haul as many on here but his importance down back is underrated league wide IMO.
  5. And averages about ~50% of games played per season in the last 4 years, or around ~30% this season.
  6. Anyone seen Jake Riccardi? I haven't. Decent first year and performing in finals, accurate kick.
  7. I'm sure there isn't much more I can that hasn't been said, this one really hits hard. Injuries at the wrong time again however we are our own worst enemy and play dumb football regardless. I've been banging on for a couple of years that we need a couple of KPF's. Yes Petty kicked a bag but I think he's just so valuable down back and super underrated down there, May will need all the help he can get next year, I don't think Petty is the answer forward. As for JVR, we put way too much pressure on him and a good development but he needs to lift instead of trying to take school yard speccies every contest, I think he's more a 3rd forward than a KPF, his ground work did improve a lot during the year, I think a link role up the ground and pushing forward may suit him. I want 2 x KPF's who have forward craft/proven nous and leading ability. Many disagreed with me on my criticism of our two wingers Hunter and Langdon mid year, but they have really let us down IMO. Unsure what has happened to Langdon, not the player he was and for all of Hunter racking up the stats, he is slow and fumbly. Quite often he'll be in the clear only to fumble and somehow get tackled, do a tricky underground handball or blast a kick away, which isn't the Hunter of old either. Gawn/Grundy situation, well blind Freddy and all. I think there is more to this than we know, mind boggling he didn't even make the sub over Schache. Just unbelievable. Goodwin - I do think he grew as a coach this year, however still unsure about his team selections and game day nous. I mean, we have been having the same issues for years. When it clicks, it covers it up. I don't like this repeat i50 game style, it just seems like its "bomb it in and lock it in". With a lot of these entries wide and boundary side, low percentage to goal. Anyone whos played knows that if you bomb it in, it has to be direct and deep, but a lot of ours are 40-45m out and quickly rebounded. I can't remember the stats but we had something like +223 i50's v opponents for the year, or +20% more i50's per game. We just don't have enough forwards with forward craft. Another thing is this meat and potato game-style just doesn't encourage enough freedom and flare, it's a very defence mindset and when we switch off we struggle to stop teams getting a run on, even Carlton scored 5 goals in a row in a final, not good enough for an experienced team. Our opposition also averaged nearly twice as much for running bounces, which shows our lack of dare. I don't know these stats but I'm going to assume a high percentage of i50's are from Petracca, Viney, ANB, Hunter and Langdon....there is a major problem, they can't be trusted for delivery. Can't knock their endeavour, but poor disposers IMO. You can say if we kicked straight yada yada we win but there is deeper issues that need fixing. Like all of you, I'm pretty devastated as I think this was our best chance at a flag, it's wide open. Things I want to see: Experienced back up ruckmen, 1-2 proven KPF's, HF flankers and wingmen with upgraded disposal by foot, a KPD and Salem to the wing/HFF to utilise his kicking as I think he's done his time down back. And a fresh group of assistants to surround Goodwin, we also don't want him feeling comfortable either. Bizarre to extend his contract when we did. Speaking of contracts, do we always seem to sign on players for one year longer than we should, seems a habit. The kids under 22 were a saviour this year. Anyway all the best guys, taking some time off, be kind to each other and lets see some changed in 2024. Odd and over analysis of stats mean jack [censored]. Much love, Febes.
  8. If we lose, it's been well and truly lost in the midfield....very sorry for the forwards actually. Backs are working overtime because of the mids too. Just odd.
  9. Laughing at everyone blaming the forward line, even Dunstall or Plugger would've struggled with these awful entries, take a look at the mids first and foremost.
  10. Thats what I'd do. IN: TMAC, Hibberd OUT: Laurie, Melksham SUB: Smith
  11. Not really sure why Howe has a hatred or comments on the Dee's for. We gave him a wildcard shot basically at an AFL career, yes it wouldn't have been easy but you never bite the hand that feeds you. IIRC, he left Melbourne as he wanted to play forward and win a flag. He's gone to Pies and got neither, so it's a reflection of his own bitterness perhaps. Dee's winning another flag would add lots more salt hehe
  12. Must admit, I haven't watched Jackson all year and was quite shocked he made the AA squad. What has he done this year to justify that?
  13. He’s the man without 4 exclamation marks in a row…
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