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  1. Everytime I watch him the ball bounces off his hands when trying to mark.
  2. We would have ruined him anyway and he would've been delisted, don't panic.
  3. He even looks like a professional senior coach!
  4. The former I feel, hence one of them is about to be booted (maybe).
  5. Whatever happens here, I hope Goodwin swallows his pride and ego and listens to Yze's strategies.
  6. This club has lost the plot.
  7. Richmond also had Rance, Cotchin, Riewoldt and Dusty and a coach willing to change and listen to other people's ideas.
  8. I do feel that the club has drank its own bathwater and as I said at the time, paying Lever $750k would have had players scratching their heads, I didn't think he was worth that (and picks) at the time and I certainly don't now, he has youth on his side though. Combined with May $700k who apart from the last half of this year has been a failure and Tomlinson $500k? It's decisions like this that can unsettle any workplace. I'm unsure whether the rumour is true or not, but they generally don't just spark up without some kind of smoke. As I've said for two years, I don't see what direction the cl
  9. Yeah saw his post and sounded more like an opinion, have seen nothing official to say its "external"
  10. Must say, if Oliver leaves, or wants to leave, it stinks and confirms that he doesn't see a good direction for the club imo. This is also on Goodwin. One of the more skilled players we've seen in a long time, having said that, I feel he has stagnated a bit last couple of years also.
  11. I'm not sure, I've been away for a week, thought I read previously that the review was being done by Pert? Send through any links or articles to read though?
  12. I don't see how this "internal" review is any different to any other club or any other team, it happens across any organisation. What we want and need is an external review, done by non melbourne, non bias industry leaders. I don't see what the beat up or surprise is currently, we've changed things around each year and still Goodwin spits them all out.
  13. I think there’s 3 that needs to go, Goodwin, Mahoney and Bartlett.
  14. Haha I knew you’d say that. But if one was the look between the lines you’d notice a similar trend. And yes, the first three leaving hasn’t helped, but imo that’s because Goodwin is stubborn, has no idea and they couldn’t work with him.
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