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  1. Thanks. No, it wasn't just your post, I have seen it stated the same way in the media i.e. only the 2nd round pick being qualified as "tied to Freo". Cheers
  2. Can anyone tell me what Future 2nd tied to Freo means? If I am right it means that the pick is dependent on Freo's finishing position. Why would the Future 1st they traded to us be different...or is it the same?
  3. Absolutely agree with this sentiment. A premiership hero of the MFC
  4. I can't remember but does anyone know if trading (or lack thereof) is allowed to continue over the weekend?
  5. Grow up mate. The bloke won a premiership with us, have some respect. Have you never changed jobs in your life?
  6. Ridiculous clickbait journalism...you posted exactly what I was going to. Absolutely nothing in the article relating to the "urging' in the headline. This deal will get done and freo will improve their offer. I think it will be done tomorrow or early next week
  7. Delidio has never struck me as the most intelligent bloke. It's actually in your hands Brett if you come up with a suitor for him
  8. Quality response from Taylor Adams. Rubbish by Rendell…he’s a foot in mouth sort of guy
  9. In my opinion he is what we need…outside runner with very good kicking skills. He’s a proven very good player…he makes us better! I hope we land him!
  10. My belief is we are in good shape. Whilst I understand your desire to add talent, I am a half full believer in Grundy. His best is way better than Jackson’s we just need a big forward
  11. You must be the most negative poster on demonland. Nothing is ever good. Did you enjoy our premiership last year or not perfect enough?
  12. If you click on Explanatory Memorandum it is a nice summary of changes. All seems pretty sensible to me, not that I am an expert in such matters
  13. Yep totally agree! Not only does he have huge talent but he seems a really smart footballer. We should be talking to west coast re the Jackson trade…or telling Freo they need to get us pick number 2…Cadman looks that good!
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