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  1. @loges @Cassiew thanks for the response guys
  2. In the case of a win, what is the process of purchasing one? I'd love one to hang in the house
  3. @Spud and @Demon Diva - thanks for your help and for all the other generous people who offered to help. I will be in touch so please check your PMs later tonight. Thanks again and Go Dees!
  4. Allocation exhausted. Thanks FND...all the best and Go Dees!
  5. I am chasing 2 x also...for family so no stress if not possible
  6. There are some great people on this site...remember to cheer loudly for them
  7. If anyone else has 2 x codes, I can garner up some Demon support...no stres either way though
  8. unlikely Daisy, there appears to be allocation remaining
  9. I am now chasing 1 x priority 2 or 3 please for family. Thanks for everyone's consideration
  10. Or 2 x priority 3 codes would also work...sorry to sound desparate, I am not
  11. Will throw in some wine if that wets anyone'"s appetite - family owns a wine company. As i say though no problem, I am already sorted. All the best to everyone and Go Dees!
  12. If anyone has a couple of spare priority 2 barcodes I can get a couple of Dees people along. No worries if not though, already got our priority 1s
  13. 142 Row 4 for me...see you there. Pretty happy with the seats
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