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  1. Thanks P-Man. One of the best games Jack has every played in my opinion. It was a beast like performance
  2. 6. Viney 5. Lever 4. Max 3. Petracca 2. Langdon 1. Salem I think that is the one of best games I’ve seen Viney play. I could have had so many others in the votes but thought these were the players that were a level above. Oliver deserved to be in also...it was him or Salem. Salem’s last quarter was pivotal in holding the cats out. Loved it when he outmarked Guthrie twice in a one on one in the space of a couple of minutes. A great team performance!
  3. And we are soon about to add a big full forward who is a great shot at goal and will take the oppositions number one defender
  4. We are a much better team than we were in 2018
  5. One of the best games I have seen him play. He was so aggressive
  6. Jake Lever is an elite defender and such a impressive leader. Hats off to Tomlinson too. Impressive team performance today...feeling proud!
  7. The next quarter will tell us a lot about how good we are (or are not)
  8. What a half by Petracca...he is dominant! The umpiring in that quarter was disgraceful
  9. Langdon is an unbelievable recruit for us...seriously good. Must be very close to leading the B&F
  10. Yep, that’s the move...Petracca to full time midflield and Clarry forward
  11. BTW, Kossie has the potential to be the best small forward in the game. The play wher he hit the ball at full speed at the stoppage in the third quarter and missed the snap was unbelievable...difficult to teach that stuff...so glad we traded picks to grab him. Also, his centre bounce work was very good!
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