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  1. He’s our coach and deserves huge praise...love the bloke!
  2. Is Tom Browne OK? this might not be the thread for it but he seems like an ok guy..f me, he is a strange cat though
  3. We are getting hammered in the middle...that’s the issue
  4. Can we please put 10 year contracts in front of Jacko, Riv and Kossie...what an amazing draft for us
  5. Carey - that’s a massive penalty. What did you get for assaulting a police officer after you assaulted your girlfriend Wayne?
  6. Why the hell are Brisbane wearing red socks after we couldn’t wear our jumper last week...total AFL amateur hour
  7. The loss of Langdon for this game cannot be underestimated. He always provides an option as an out when a player is in trouble
  8. Highlights packages are only ever exactly that...but Turner looks like a natural footballer which with a great kicking action
  9. What a horrible club - I hate Essendon
  10. It’s called tall poppy syndrome...we are a tall poppy. I agree with Little Goffy. It is a rubbish headline. The Indigenous Round is very important and we as a club have shown great respect (as we should) for a long time
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