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  1. At first I thought that he would get off but thinking more about it over the last few days I believe he will get 3-4 weeks. Your points above are correct. it cannot be allowed to be approved as a football act. The ramifications of that would be disastrous
  2. Agreed. All I’m saying is those on here essentially saying we suck and won’t win against Carlton should calm down. We nearly beat Collingwood which was a 50/50 game in my opinion
  3. Langdon had a bad game but the narrative that he is a concern is I overblown emotional hysterics. He has been a star for us since he came to the club…I’m positive he will bounce back. Reading this thread and others at the moment, you could be mistaken for thinking that we got completely outplayed and thrashed by the bottom side. We nearly beat the team that finished top. If we kicked a bit straighter we would have. Some people need to get some perspective
  4. Yeah, it was horrible to watch Moore burn TMac for speed and mobility time and time again last night. If we can find one, I agree, let’s go get one
  5. I think we have one in JVR. Our mids just need to learn how to deliver the ball to his advantage
  6. I think those wishing ACL injuries to opposition players are the ones being hysterical
  7. Yeah I don’t like either of them as players but I don’t wish them to do career threatening injuries…I guess we are all different though. Agree that Gawn dominated Cox. He played a great game.
  8. OK, not going to argue but just think wishing potential career ending injuries is a bit too much. Hope Gus is OK and able to play in the preliminary
  9. Your comments about wishing players do their ACL next week was what I was referring to
  10. Agreed…Laurie not an AFL standard footballer at this stage
  11. Terrible kicking for goal tonight. Gotta go the hard way around now likely through Brisbane if we can win next week. Really hope Port can knock them off
  12. James Sicily…absolute gun and still criminally underrated
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