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  1. I am convinced he will be a 10 + year player for us…he has what it takes. As hard as nails!
  2. You can add Marcus Adams to that list
  3. Does anyone know if the club will release any members only premiership apparel
  4. Thanks for that Pickett…there is actually no hair under my cap either. It was a proud moment
  5. Did you manage to catch up with them Ethan? I got along to the function at the Cott on Sunday. Fair to say they were in good form
  6. I got lucky enough to get to the celebrations today…really good group of men. We should all be very proud!
  7. You enjoy your day also WCW…huge day for our great club!
  8. I am also a WA based member and have been a continuous member for over 25 years. I will be barracking very loudly for all other members who should be there but can’t. I love this club and tomorrow is going to be a very emotional day…I feel bloody proud!
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