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  1. Just took the kids for a walk around yarraville seddon wearing my dees beanie , checked out the big demon mural that been on the socials & another house with a large melb flag hoisted high up above the house . Lots of houses decked out with dogs scarfs… a nice middle aged lady , a dogs supporter , saw my beanie called out and had a chat and said if they lost she wouldn’t cry ( which I thought was nice I think she gets where we’ve come from) she also said either way at least Geelong aren’t going to win ! Can’t argue with that pre covid times saw a lot of the dogs players hanging out at advieh so yes it’s very bulldog … but can’t fault the haloumi chips there though Go dees !
  2. I thought AFL announced that whoosha will be presenting the cup and embley presenting the norm smith medal
  3. Nah Rab there’s a few of us dees out west. I’m in Yarraville and there’s already 3 houses decked out in red and blue (no white) , but my kids and I are definitely outnumbered here (& the wife is a bandwagon dogs supporter too) I guess for me it’s going to be the same as 2000, I grew up in East Keilor and went to school In Essendon (smug sheedy disciples at school)
  4. Hmmmm…. Great a dees v dogs grand final as a demon living in yarraville , I’m going to be in the heart of enemy territory for the next fortnight
  5. I never attended this game Supermercado but I remember Dad telling me about this as a kid , and I think this always stuck with me in a sporting sense about blowing an unassailable lead , it’s kind of a the earliest point of MFCSS. So have never been confident in that sense unless the dees were more than 8+ goals up at 3qt, and even when playing any other sport as a junior , it has sort of set in a negative mindset of protecting a lead rather than going on with it
  6. First game I think was against that saints in 1991 at the G (I think we lost that one , main thing I remember was seeing the old southern stand as a construction site! ) Best ever game was 2000 qualifying final (followed closely by 2018 elimination final win) Worst loss - hard to say , so many , I didn’t attend 186 at geelong or the Essendon thrashings in 13 , but I think queens birthday 2013 was a pretty sad state of affairs just collectively rather than the game itself (wasn’t a lot of hope for us)
  7. My week ahead in pictures leading into Friday night …. Monday Tuesday Thursday team selections Gameday Post match
  8. Yes, it definitely is the best team we’ve had and by far the best chance to break the Norm Smith curse and because of that my MFCSS is absolutely raging at the moment. My brain is seriously struggling to process us now logically being clear outright favourites vs. our often illogical historical intuition and veil of negativity (I know I hate that phrase but that’s the only way to describe it) it’s going to be a nervy few weeks ahead, I really want to enjoy this ride and i have a lot of faith in this team but at the same time I’m now absolutely petrified at blowing this chance. Better non MFC teams in our position have blown prelims or grand finals (think Cats 08, Bombers 99) I just hope the stars align and this d-train keeps on going right to the finish line !
  9. Did I hear right was mark neeld doing special comments on Krock ???
  10. This spreadsheet is triggering PTSD from rd23 2017 when we were needing the crows to beat the eagles. Thankfully this time we are firmly entrenched in the top 4!
  11. Tonight is the first time port have beaten a top 5 team , yet they’ll finish in the top 2 !
  12. I think hosting it earlier would definitely suit us better and removing the bye all together with our fitness levels . Definitely more of a benefit to the top 4 (maybe not the cats) grand finals (going back a bit here) under the old finals system were often around the 17/18th Sept , the 64 GF was on the 19th !!!
  13. Just thinking about the first final we played in 2018 on a Friday night and how good it was to heading into work on the train that morning scarf on , beers and burgers post work and then walking down to the capacity filled MCG . The roar from Hannans and chunks goals in the last quarter, echos of “ weid “reverberating across the ground every time he clunked a big mark. Outnumbering cats supporters 2:1 and the collective of the supporters willing the team on to victory , and the joy of walking out of the G with dees fans everywhere just so thrilled we were back in September action. Post match beers with my brother and sister and then home on the train with a big smile on my face watching highlights on my phone . Then watching the replay into the early hours of the morning at home whilst enjoying a nice single malt (and trying not to wake up the wife and kids with my celebrations!) Don’t get me wrong I’m thrilled the team is in its best position in my lifetime to challenge for the ultimate over the next month , it’s just going to be a very different and quite surreal situation this time round. Go you mighty Demons !!!
  14. I seriously expected the maggot to pay 50 though … played it right to the edge
  15. Agree with all that , but I’d rather it be a certainty now. You could throw in the Adelaide game too and we’d still be top. All hypotheticals and semantics now I know. Just seems ridiculous we are now 4th and don’t have a double chance sewn up yet after being on top for most of the year . anyways over to the MFC to finish the job
  16. Of all the non MFC results I wanted to go our way this round we definitely got the one we needed tonight with the Saints hopefully dropping to fourth also puts some urgency into the boys Monday night port still to play the dogs btw
  17. That hawthorn draw now [censored] me , if we had those extra two points , with 15% on the swans we would already be a top 4 lock , regardless of the next 3 rounds
  18. Aints are home now , massive result
  19. Listening to tv commentary on the video it’s truely cringeworthy, even for back then
  20. He definitely wasn’t joking in the press conference the following week when nick davis had just ran riot and kicked them out of the finals ! Magical Geelong capitulation
  21. Same here nearly fell off my chair, a very rubbish headline indeed , could have easily just said suburban footballer
  22. When u get to your next bottle Deemania I would definitely recommend you try the belvanie doublewood, it’s a lot smoother than a talisker (not that’s there’s anything wrong with a peaty talisker btw) and goes down very nicely while perusing the post match thread on DL after a night game dees win. To be enjoyed all season long , especially during lockdowns
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