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  1. Thanks for posting that..an excellent read
  2. Well if there is a negative of having an extra week it will be these “click bait” stories because the media has to make themselves seem relevant about something
  3. Both teams are training at the Eagles training ground which according to Adam Simpson is impossible to “close off” so training will be open to anyone who can go. Not me alas !!
  4. Naughton’s game dropped off when Bruce went down. He looked good on Sat (& he is good), because they played English a fair amount of time in the forward line and used Scache to isolate Allir. They could use English that way because Lycett & Ladhams are def no Gawn & Jackson (find it amazing that media continually reference Gawn & the opposing ruckmen but don’t mention Jackson). I think our ruck combo is a massive headache for them. Hibberd would def match up on Hannan & the combo of May..Lever & Petty with Gawn dropping back should be able to handle basically Naughton & Scache with English thrown in. If we play & Bulldogs play similar to the PF’s …we win .
  5. I think in most big games we have elected to tag a player that might not be the obvious one. First time we played bulldogs it was Libba (master stroke) Against the Lions ..Zorko..season average 7.8 goal assists..against us ..none. ANB spent a large chunk of the night on Zac Tuhoy as did Brayshaw on I.Smith …both very good ball movers and Zuhoy especially had minimal influence. I have full faith we will try & negate the player/s we need too & we have so many players that are capable of doing that.
  6. We have a few family members using our barcodes tonight ..they have bought demon gear & are firmly on the Dees. They come from different parts of Perth and all say that support for Melb is huge. They love the players..Trac ..Oliver..Gawn & of course the WA boys. I was at that stadium in 2018 & the noise has to be heard to be believed. Imagine if our boys are running out to that & it’s for them. If we have the crowd..we have the umpires …but believe the boys have got this tonight & comfortably…
  7. You can put your house on it that TMac plays …watching on TV does not give you a complete gist of the game. TMac plays & after an average 1st game back after a debilitating back injury he could be a massive plus player this week ..
  8. When all is said and done..very lucky we have an experienced (some would say best 22) defender to come straight in. Smith is unfortunately injury prone and thank goodness he did his hamstring at training and not in the match. Geelong will find it much harder to replace Parfitt as a defensive mid given that they have already had to replace Mark O.Connor. We have to really maximise it in the midfield & we do have the luxury of Max down back .
  9. Well we made a Prelim & are 4th bottom on the free kick differential so we don’t rely on the goodwill of umpires ..
  10. Totally agree with you …I have no problems queueing for any of our marquee games & pretty much always queue in the early hours especially for the GF. A pretty rubbish post YW
  11. Cannot possibly get off with umpire contact plus verbal abuse. Umpires are sacrosanct!!
  12. I never call into radio stations & seldom listen but have caught his own talkback maybe twice in the last 3 weeks & am so going to listen on Monday …so biased against Melb…
  13. Not sure I’d like to see McDonald miss 3 games & then have to go straight into a final ?
  14. Our destiny is in our hands . If we play to our capabilities & the opposition does the same ..we win. Quite simple really …
  15. Has to be a minimum of two weeks. Tackled the player ..drove his head into the ground ..free kick paid ..Saints player straight off with concussion. Pretty good Hawkins with shabby actions..Stephen May says hello 😏
  16. I would be the least scared person re Covid …you have obviously misread or not bothered to read my post …we are governed by fear ..does not mean I live in fear !!
  17. Really…seem to have forgotten that 802 people died here in Victoria… whose watch was that on. Don’t bother replying…there is absolutely no justification or excuses for the pain that 802 families went through & would be still going through. Now back to footy talk !!
  18. Interested to understand why you would post pics of 3rd world countries & compare them to a wealthy first world country like Australia. These type of posts are endemic of the “fear” factor we are currently living in & are not helpful or informative!!
  19. He was briefly but no Gatorade shower as there was another game later on
  20. We are building a team to play finals for hopefully the next 10years. A whole host of 19yr olds may not win us a flag this year (although I believe we are right in the mix )however all we lacked tonight was a little polish & finishing. Don’t care who the Bulldogs or any other team had missing …you play who you play. Appalling umpiring but again we can only blame ourselves for losing. I believe Brown had one of his better games even though conditions didn’t suit ..I’ll change my opinion if he doesn’t incrementally improve against the Suns. I’m actually happy we will slip from top 2..remove supporter expectations & let them roll on through the next few games. We’re ok…
  21. Thought it was interesting in Bradshaw’s after match interview that he alluded to playing the Bulldogs next week. Thought it was a slip of the tongue but maybe they had already been told it could be a possibility …if they were told before the game maybe that’s what they were thinking about ..
  22. Dunkley out ..14 day quarantine
  23. Always a lot different when you put these players in a side surrounded by top players
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