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  1. Disappointed but not surprised. Brisbane with plenty to play for and we just weren't quite at our best. More of a vent than a question. 5 day breaks. We have 2. I did a bit of research and there are 9 teams who have one 5 day break through their season. 5 teams have zero 5 day breaks and we are one of 4 unlucky ones with 2. Is there any rhyme or reason to how these are given out? They are a blight on the game and without going overboard, I feel like they are dangerous. These guys aren't playing lawn bowls, it's an extremely intense, rough and unforgiving sport and the AFL are playing with players wellbeing, not to mention the quality of the game, purely for tv viewers and Ad revenue. We weren't at our best tonight and I certainly don't believe that was purely fatigue. There are areas we need to work on but 3 games in 13 days is less than ideal scheduling to put it mildly. The boys had to be feeling the effects of that. I think this bye will be great for us.
  2. Temperature, humidity, skill, fitness, personnel, injuries or gameplay? What is the problem? Feel like Sydney beat us handily at our own game. Hoping for a better showing next week before the MFCSS kicks in.
  3. I actually saw that one. Kozzie gave him a decent bump VERY late. I must admit I did think something similar, that's dumb. Love Kozzie but just needs to reign it in occasionally. Especially when the ball is 50m away and the umpire is right next to you.
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    Nothing. Everything is fine, nothing to see here. Go Dee's!
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    I tried. It is disheartening to see the attitude of our fanbase has turned mostly negative. Whilst I thank the ones who took the post the right way, there are quite a few who just took it as another excuse to take pot shots. The main point of it was just to encourage people to just focus on the footy. Good or bad. I'm not asking for censorship of people's opinions if they happen to speak badly about certain players or staff, with the exception of personal attacks. A few people seemed to take it that way. I'm all for a good back and forth. Just don't get all down in the dumps over things we can't control. Off field and off season is all stuff we cannot control. Let's just cheer the red and blue when they run out for real in a few weeks. Just heard about Gus and that situation just drives the point home. It's just footy. There is more important things to worry about. Enough with the personal attacks on players and staff. Keep it constructive. If any of us genuinely know more than them then I encourage you to show up at the club and let them know. Put yourself to use at the club rather than talking down to everyone here.
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    Absolutely. The players aren't in a complete bubble. They know when the fan base isn't behind them, that's not to say that we aren't behind them now but there is so much division. Let's just watch some footy and get behind our team.
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    Haven't spent much time on Demonland over the offseason, or at all in the big scheme of things. I came back here the other day to see what others thought of a few things I noticed watching the scratch match against Richmond. Good Lord people, what's happened to us? By "Us" I mean Demon supporters as a whole, on every platform. I truly believe it's never been this bad. The infighting, gossip, completely unfounded rumours and trash talk is completely ruining what used to be a few different places to dribble a bit of [censored] about the footy no matter the result. Yes we whinged, moaned and lamented but it was fairly good natured (for the most part) and the team still had our full backing. Offseason was rough, agreed? It's been a pile on of monumental proportions. Coming at the club from every angle. It's been hard to listen to. From the 24/7 media cycle blaring it into our skulls to opposition supporters gleefully rubbing it in our faces. Well, I'm sorry but it's not going away soon, get used to it. The more we react the louder they become. Why do you think the club doesn't say much? Anything they say is twisted and turned and dissected on radio shows endlessly. It's easier to just say nothing. We are already arguing about how [censored] the 2024 season is going to be! WTF!? WE HAVEN'T PLAYED A GAME YET! Guess what? We are going to lose games. Unfortunately that is just the reality. We will lose games. Some honourable losses but also some horrible losses to teams that have no right to play as good as they do against us. But, we will win some as well. The boys will dig deep and get us across the line in spectacular fashion and make us leap out of our chairs and scream with joy. There will be horrible wins as well, just scraping across the line against someone that we were all confident we could relax for. That's footy. Highs and lows, the agony and ecstasy of sport in general. We achieve nothing by fighting amongst ourselves. By all means, let's have constructive debate over how we can make the team better, who belongs where on the field, who's played well or not. Let's not get too carried away with the off field stuff. That's for the club and players to worry about. We are supporters, our job is to support. We cannot do that when we are spending our time endlessly and viciously arguing over things we cannot control. Let's unite, support our boys (and girls), let them know that we are still here, despite all the outside noise. Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Had an hour up my sleeve before the boss came in. Probably just screaming into the void. I love you all. I love this team. C'mon Dee's.
  8. I'll keep it short and ask the question that is really the only one that matters. Can we beat Carlton with the team we have? Thanks guys.
  9. I love the guy. Doesn't always get it right but does anyone? Effort and grit in spades.
  10. Just my 2 cents. I don't know what game a lot of people were watching? Melbournes defence was superb, no one else in the comp withstands that first quarter. Carlton would have been 8 goals up. They had it locked in but couldn't get through. A lot of people saying all we did is bomb it long into the 50? That's because Carlton was set up brilliantly and that's all we could do. Did you all miss the 100 times they did the same because we blocked them off? There's a reason it was a low scoring game and that's because both teams defence was on point. No leads in the last 2 mins someone said? How do you lead when there is 28 players in the 50? Lead to where? What space? Melbourne actually played very well, unfortunately for us, so did Carlton. Best 2 teams going at the moment for mine. Skill errors and possibly selection are what lost us the game but not much they can do when the best forward we've had for a while breaks his foot the week before. Keep tinkering Goody. C'mon boys, you've got this!
  11. I thought we actually played very well for large periods of the game. Our defence held up to that first quarter onslaught brilliantly. As much as it sucks we were very narrowly beaten by the in form team in the comp at the moment and had plenty of chances to put it away. Definitely missed Petty's abilities and I think Oliver will be better for the run. I actually think Grundy performed well in the ruck but as a forward target I don't think it's there and to keep pushing it will be to our detriment. No question other than the usual forward line setup ones but I'm sure that will be covered. Just a bit of a rant and possibly a counterpoint to all those doomsayers saying that we were terrible.
  12. Not a question but could we get some love for Nibbler. So often everyones punching bag for whatever reason but he was excellent and has been for the last few games. Also so good to see Kozzy nail some of those trick shots. My kids absolutely love him because of these sorts of things. Our house erupts with a giant yell of "KOZZY" any time he looks like he's about to go for goal.
  13. Hi guys. Love the podcast. Quick question for you. Our normally stingy defence has conceded quite large scores in the last few games. Is that directly related to our re found scoring ability? Is there something structurally the Dee's are doing that enables more scoring that takes away from defence or have the last couple of teams just picked apart our backline? Thanks
  14. I need Binman to make me feel better. Tell me it's all going to be ok. A domination everywhere but in front of goals. Surely we see the Melbourne we know is buried in there somewhere next weekend. No rain at Marvel.
  15. Like Binman I tipped a loss this week. So far every team bar the Saints have lost coming out of the bye. It's painfully obvious that there were some tired legs there. 4th quarter shows it, just couldn't quite keep up anymore. Not to mention rain and a fresher Geelong who I believe will start to hit their straps now. I think we showed a good amount of fight up until 3 quarter time. Question for you guys is. Do you think dropping Tommo for Petty was a good idea? I actually see room in the team for both. The Petty forward experiment was just starting to bear fruit before his unfortunate injury. I think we need to land on our finals forward line now and give them a chance to really gel and work together before the sharp end of the season. Also do you think once Clarry comes in we give Viney and Petracca (at different times) a game off to have them cherry ripe for finals?
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