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  1. I think Grundy would classify as a big fish given he's a two time all Australian ruckman. Other than arguably Taranto or Dunkley he's probably the most accomplished player in the trade/free agency period this year and he's coming to us.
  2. The AFL should really publish this 'formula' so people know wtf is going on. That pick seems petty fair for a play like Amon anyays.
  3. We would have to trade into the top 5 picks to have any chance of him or Cadman. Not sure how we will get that done, given Ashcroft will go 1 to Brisbane we will have to essentially get a top 4 pick off North, West Coast, GWS or Essendon. If we get pick 8 from Freo if they get it from Port, we will then have to talk one of these sides into swapping down. West Coast may be open to it given Jedd Busslinger from WA is expected to go around that pick, but they still need high quality midfielders so may not be willing to.
  4. I always enjoyed watching Hunty play and he seems like a ripper bloke, but the fact is we have the following as medium defenders: Salem, Hibberd, Rivers, Bowey, Joel Smith, Deakyn Smith and Judd McVee. We can only pay so much in our salary cap, so if he is going to earn an extra $100k or whatever a year then good on him.
  5. If we get Freo's future first I'd rather keep that as I think they may drop slightly next year. Risk v reward but it could end up netting us two top 10 picks if that happens.
  6. It is the worst I've ever seen it. They seem to be making up stuff to try and get people listening rather than reporting on facts.
  7. I would be ecstatic if this happened, but I just can't see why the Dogs would be willing to trade him while contracted. Unless there's been a falling out between him and Beveridge...
  8. Are you sure? Haven't seen him on any lists. An article I read says he's contracted for 2 years.
  9. Former top 10 pick and ready to go. Would happily give up a pick between 10-20 for him.
  10. Given my track record of players leaving I'm going completely left field next time. Too much of an emotional toll changing my name every time....
  11. Not winning a flag a year after winning a flag has fried some people's brains. We are either the greatest team ever or we need to cut everyone and start over.... there's no inbetween
  12. I'd like to see us identify the areas we aren't strong at and look to bolster these. We all know we have an outstanding contested possession side and midfield. In my mind we lack in areas such as speed, skill and ball movement. A fit Salem and year older Bowey will go someway to fixing this, but I would like to see us try find some additional players either through the draft or trades with elite foot skills. Obviously a KPF is an area of weakness, though there doesn't seem to be many on the market so we may have to make due with JVR and whatever we have. Gunston is obviously another that could be a good option for further forward depth, plus he has worked in high performing forward lines in the past so could bring some great ideas.
  13. He's contracted isn't he? So we don't have to trade him if we don't want to. Potentially we will be happy to get his contract off the books, but it might leave us thin on KPP.
  14. I saw Rivers and Neita there as well.
  15. The other thing that's exciting is how much size he has put on in his first season. Can't wait to see what he looks like after his second pre-season.
  16. I was just about to post that I wouldn't mind if we gave him a rookie spot
  17. After watching that documentary on the trade period, that Colin Young bloke looked like a complete nuffie. All the other agents were much more professional and actually got things done.
  18. Very true. If we take out his first two years when he was only young and starting out, he has averaged 19.37 games per year and that includes his 6 this year. If we remove this year then it is an average of 21.28 over 7 years. That is impressive.
  19. As long as we can get a pick around number 5, would be happy with either Cadman or Sheezel as both fill a need. A KPF or a classy half forward/winger.
  20. Have they discussed the machinations of the trades yet? Can't wait to hear Damian Barrett break that down for 7 hours straight.
  21. haha wow. If he leaves as well our amazing 2019 draft will be a distant memory.
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