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  1. Anyone that embarrasses WC like that is alright in my book
  2. Agree with most but Spargo was very effective. Always busy and always good vision
  3. If we ever learn to hit targets - players or the scoreboard we’ll be a bloody good team... until then yuk
  4. Why tackle? It’s either unrewarded or punished
  5. Probably not, but last year was as odd as it gets, and 2019 was a year where we had a terrible preseason where a large part of the team had no miles in their legs. Not excuses, but definitely reasons. I don’t think he’s a bad coach, rather a limited one that thinks tricks that would baffle opponents in the lower league would work at AFL level. If he sticks at the process he might make it, but I don’t think he’s close to being a write off- yet
  6. Robbo does his stuff to sell papers and advertising. He’s a [censored] but he is doing his job. Anyway who cares how high or low he rates Clarry- WE rate him. And so do the other 17 teams that will be making enquires. That’s all that matters
  7. Ben Brown has a sore knee and therefore we need to look at axing Goodwin if TMac doesn’t kick a million goals. FMD! Do you ever read what rubbish you write before you hit send?
  8. Grow the game... grow the game... grow the game... [censored] growing the game. How about giving it back to the people that love it before they get bored and wander off, rather than spend millions on teams that bore us real footy fans and bore those that are meant to join in?
  9. Nah a flag is a flag. I left one club where I played in a flag, to another where I won back to back. All three are as good as each other
  10. Let’s face it Mr Bitters - we are the only two here worth reading... and you’ve been off the boil lately.
  11. Just a thought- if we get to draft night with them,and the ones we are chasing are gone, maybe, just maybe, we might package them for a future 1st round for a club we think is on the slide. As I said... just a thought
  12. 31 means nothing unless it is used wisely. I’ll celebrate if it’s used in a player trade, bundled up for better, or used to pick a kid that will become best 22. Otherwise it means nothing
  13. Please do. It’s easy to throw rocks from the boundary line, but put your balls on the line and make some calls. It’ll be interesting to revisit your rubbish 2 years from now
  14. Oh god no. He’s a squib. Goes completely missing in big games. I’d rather us play one short
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