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  1. Odd feeling but even down I thought we had another gear. And we did. The moment they went short and wide I knew it was game over. Brissy are sharp, and hit us hard. But it was unsustainable. Too strong. Too dedicated. Too talented. i love this team
  2. I never liked that pointy nosed bastard
  3. I think it’s a travesty when an honest hard working Demon can’t whack a scummy Roo in the chops without getting in trouble
  4. Don’t forget that they traded out their first round pick for a mars bar and some loose change
  5. Good on them for the win but that song is appalling
  6. Offer him a 3 year godfather deal, wait until he burns bridges at Collingwood telling them so long suckers I’m going to play in a successful team, then rip it up before he signs with a ‘just kidding’. But seriously no. We are past being a retirement home. And he has what he wants - big crowds that can boo his increasingly dysfunctional club each week
  7. I hope we put them to the sword. Not coz I have a particular issue with them (in fact I barely notice them and when I do I find them boring and soulless), but because I want us to be ruthless against all teams, especially those on the ropes like North is.
  8. I drive a 4WD, I quite like skiing and (no [censored]) I make cheese for a living. I can make better jokes about me than the 5th rate hacks at the Hun could ever hope to do
  9. What an odd feeling. Instead of worrying that Richmond would come back I was expecting more demon goals. Very very odd
  10. We could be 30 goals up with 2 minutes to go in a grand final and I’ll still expect them to [censored] it up. Trust- not yet but I’m sure enjoying the ride so far
  11. Thommo is incredibly underrated. He isn’t flashy but geez he does the basics well. Solid. Very very solid
  12. I think you’ll find we own 190 And poo. He’d finally started getting his aim straight
  13. Anyone that embarrasses WC like that is alright in my book
  14. Agree with most but Spargo was very effective. Always busy and always good vision
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