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  1. Lots to unpack and I might get to it over the next couple of days, but over the interviews posted here a couple of things 1/ I’ll take him as a boss any day of the week. Hell I’ll even take a pay cut and love it 2/ How refreshing to hear things said as it was. He didn’t pot anyone or sell snake oil, just (as we well knew) the club had stuffed up almost every basic thing it had to do BUT it so many people crying out for leadership like his 3/ a bit of a weird one, and I should probably relook to see if I saw it right, but in the gig every time he mentioned culture or some such his eyes flicked to Roos. A sorta I’m not pissing in your pocket look. Maybe I read too much into it but I reckon the deal might have been shook on not long after that
  2. It’ll mean a hell of a lot more than losing it.
  3. 2 weeks? 12. The message had to be sent that under no circumstances is this acceptable. Lower leagues struggle to get umpires as it is without every [censored] 14 year old thinking it’s cool to act like that to an ump. Hell my dad got a week off in the VFA for calling an ump a white maggot. Harsh maybe but also necessary. Things like this are very thin of the wedge stuff. All that said I have zero faith in the AFL putting the good of the game over next weeks ratings
  4. As it should be - the two oldest clubs should have moments like that
  5. Dear God. Please stop our demonland supporters from committing suicide in a H and A game when we are finishing top 4 regardless
  6. We ain’t there yet, but yes, the ride so far is fun
  7. Can I have 5% for being long suffering?
  8. I’m not a gambler so I don’t cry over missed things coz I know I’d have given X 10 to get it, but anyway... I asked a mad gambling mate why and he said that the money on us would have been nothing to them but by doing that they can entice the big time gamblers to put big $$$ on the collingwood’s of this world, and that’s where they clean up
  9. They paid out weeks ago. After the Richmond win IIRC
  10. In 20 years of posting on many forums I’ve never ever had a ban. I got on last night on big footy for telling that scum what I think of them and their fans. its a badge of honour. What a bunch of [censored] the lot of them are
  11. Odd feeling but even down I thought we had another gear. And we did. The moment they went short and wide I knew it was game over. Brissy are sharp, and hit us hard. But it was unsustainable. Too strong. Too dedicated. Too talented. i love this team
  12. I never liked that pointy nosed bastard
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