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  1. 'The relapse has been creeping in for weeks.' You mean, in the weeks we beat the Bulldogs and Brisbane? Some crazy finger-pointing after a disappointing loss going on here.
  2. Sydney lost to Hawthorn - a worse side than Collingwood - by 7 goals, on their home ground. Does that make them 'fragile' mentally? Yes, Melbourne was below par - and Collingwood was fired up.. And I think we still have about 3/4 players of dubious ability. We're clearly a good side, maybe really good. That is yet to be determined. But we are currently on top of the ladder FFS. Might be time to give this thread a bit of a rest. Makes us look like a bunch of brittle whingers.
  3. Yes I guess Maynard would be handy. I wouldn't be cancelling Hibberd any time soon, though. He's a class player, an all-Australian, in terrific form. Lots of games left.
  4. Prediction time: Current captain Max Gawn. Next captain Christian Petracca (Lever a possibility.) Captain after him: Trent Rivers. Half backs make great leaders.
  5. Any hope of some acknowledgment of Goodwin's brilliant coaching performance? Completely out thought LB. Must be galling to those here who wanted him gone.
  6. A few moments thought brought up numerous candidates: Steve Johnson. More the 'Stevey J' moniker that annoyed me. Infantile - typical Geelong. Tom Hawkins - smug sniper. You know he likes to look at himself in the mirror. Aaron Naughton - the Michael Bolton mane of hair. Clearly an imbecile, though perhaps not as stupid as Josh Bruce. Nat Fyfe. Far too pleased with himself. The media - hard to go past Der-wayne Russell. Awful.
  7. Now you mention that prat Sam McClure, I'll throw him in to. Reports on the footy as if he's aiming for a Pulitzer Prize. Others in the media - Kane Cornes. I alternately despise and quite like him. Funny looking bloke. Jake Lever - appalling moustache, and a bloody boring interview subject. Was so negative in his club web site comments on the forthcoming clash with the Dogs, it makes me wonder why we will bother turning up.
  8. Cam Guthrie in a canter. Or in a trot in his case. Can't stand him. Horrible hair, though that Gryan creature is repulsive too.
  9. Don't say that too loudly around here. Wait till we lose.
  10. Yep. Move our best forward by far out of the forward line. Brilliant.
  11. Nice to read a sensible comment. Course it was a good win, against a dangerous opponent - one which was 5 goals up against the Bulldogs well into the third last week. So much woebegone whining on this site. The reality is this: we are 9 - 0. Be appreciative, for God's sake.
  12. Incredibly difficult, that second goal. Made it looks simple.
  13. CP strikes me as a rapidly maturing, well balanced guy from a strong family, Can play a bit too. He will succeed Gawn as captain. We had a pretty good (Swiss) Italian captain a while back, by the way.
  14. Correct. Goodwin doesn't get the credit he deserves. But Roos and Jackson were important in turning the club into a professional operation, on and off the field. And we had some overdue luck...St Kilda bizarrely overlooking Petracca for a start. Roos was on the radio when the news came through, and he couldn't believe it - sounded like a man who had just won the lottery.
  15. Yeah. Spot on. Pathetic whining. Also disrespecting North, who were beaten by the same margin by Geelong 2 weeks ago - at Geelong.
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