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  1. Class player. Multiskilled and smart. Tougher than he looks. Better on a wing and - perhaps - an odd run on the ball (see him breaking away from the middle).
  2. Ludicrous. The author is an [censored] - and semi-literate.
  3. I always liked 11. Looks good on the back. At Melbourne, has had a series of top players (Paul Johnson excluded) going back to Tony Anderson in the 1960s.
  4. They never stopped complaining about Weidemann - until he apparently became a potentially champion ruckman (all of a sudden).
  5. 'More than happy'? You're easily pleased. Wouldn't have got the double chance if it wasn't for Hunt in those final minutes v Carlton.
  6. Spot on. Also - BB is being crucified by the game plan that doesn't suit him ... as has been pointed out elsewhere in this thread.
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