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  1. Yes he did play well, all game, and its good to see at least a few posters here recognise it. He is still just 20. If he goes, it will be a huge loss, make no mistake - especially with a no 1 ruckman much closer to the end than the beginning. The club well understands this.
  2. Saturday night he botched a simple kick to Salem - went over his head - when under no pressure at all. Led soon after to a Carlton goal. Terrific player - yes. But he undoes a lot of his good work.
  3. No suggestion or evidence that it was Carlton supporters. (Also, I have to say I was impressed at how Carlton supporters at the game last night took what must have a shattering loss.) More generally, it is a dangerous assumption that the supporters of one team are more racist than those of another - and that includes Melbourne. I've known some Dees supporters who are shocking bigots.
  4. Agree Harmes has to be in. Sparrow has been very disappointing. Added little to the centre clearances when he was used in the middle. Dunstan would be better. Gets more possessions and his disposal is no worse.I like Charlie Spargo but he was very very poor today. That weak effort on the wing when he was contemptuously brushed aside...leading to a Carlton goal...was the low point of the game for me. Ben Brown was awful but who else is there? Good mark in the 4th will save his skin. Jordan? Dunno about him. Dour. .
  5. Bit mystified by the praise heaped on Petty. May was much better. And I thought Gawn was outstanding. Brayshaw had a heap of disposals, but many of them were terrible.
  6. Disagree. Jackson 'just a game'? A terrific game. Brayshaw...disposal is atrocious .
  7. We have won just 4 of our last 10 games and lost 4 out of our last 5 games at the MCG. Its not a little slump; its the record of a struggler. In this context, thinking about the flag is fantasy.
  8. Take out a good 10 minutes in the GF and he's nothing to write home about.
  9. 'Body of work from rounds 1-10'? I don't think we played particularly well in the first 10 rounds - mainly scrappy wins against weak or mediocre teams. In fact, we arguably played better last Friday night than most of our earlier wins.
  10. Yes, i am afraid Langdon's loose words have already come back to haunt us. (Predictably.) We have been thoroughly exposed. 4 wins from our last 10 matches. This isn't the performance of even a marginal contender. We have some great players, but too many mediocrities and/or players with serious limitations. And the great players have had relatively injury free years. What would Melb be without Oliver and Petracca? Shudder to think.
  11. Ludicrous that he finished in the votes. And ludicrous that Fritsch scored one.
  12. Maybe that's the coaches' job.
  13. According to Fox? Have things come to that? Sitting in front of a laptop and calling himself an 'analyst' doesn't make David King a blinding genius. Unfortunately in his job he occasionally has to speak - that's when his problems begin.
  14. I'll go out on a limb. Oliver might sneak back in.
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