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  1. Sorry, no info. Didn't get to any footy this year too busy. GVFL is a good standard as is APS. He looks interesting, I like the Jakovich comparison, we should be so lucky!
  2. I must be stronger than I think
  3. I loved Pampered Menial a lifetime ago.
  4. All this grief about sharing data! Surely the club could facilitate sending emails on behalf of people like Lawrence. No need to share the data. Have an independent body check the correspondence for legality first (At the cost of the sender). Then the club sends it out clearly stating the situation.
  5. "Never should not". I think that means we should. Double negatives do my head in, waste of words really.
  6. I think Jack Dyer famously said, "retaliate first".
  7. Surely Bi ma it must be Bag Bag Bag
  8. Near Vietnam I believe. PS. ManDee boring, Mansfield Demon. DeeMan was taken
  9. That's outrageous. So coaches of assisted club have less rights. I call BS! Not you Clint, but the Coaches association should take this on.
  10. Why would any coach sign a multi year contract if 6 months is the maximum payout. Coaches should only sign 6 month contracts and jump ship if there is a better offer. I suggest that the 6 month payout on a multi year contract is illegal.
  11. Probably not counter-intuitive at all. There is a very strong French influence in Vietnam, particularly the North. The best thing the French did for Vietnam was to leave, but the food influence is fantastic. Now what are we supposed to be discussing?
  12. I agree RSM, I'd have Max one kick behind play and Grundy on ball and running forward
  13. I remember Strawbs sitting on photographers chair hiding for a kick out one day, sprinted onto the ground and was 25 metres from anyone. He also used to hide behind umpires for kick outs. Bloody good player, I think better than Stynes, detached retina (I think) ruined his career. Hard as nails and happy to swing his big arms around.
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