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  1. Risky at Essendon, probably flush out their best. Mind you it is a s4it club.
  2. Turner I agree. Who is the arbiter of behaviour? Exactly what behaviours are unacceptable? What are a players rights if the club misbehaves? (Essendon or Hawthorn maybe) I think all contracts should have the same behaviour clauses, it is then a matter of enforcement. And the problem is clubs have favourites.
  3. Had you not commented you wouldn't have either.
  4. Yes that would be the loading. Full to the brim!
  5. No I'm not Demonstone. I'm more concerned about the choice of v instead of an f than the apostrophe.
  6. LITD how many wives do you have?
  7. The media lie and make stuff up every day. And Robinson is at the lower end of scruples / intellect.
  8. I just confirmed to myself how much I hate Essendon. Just bought a car from a dealer in Essendon. I had a yucky feeling each time I walked past the car. The number plate surround had Essendon on it! After 5 minutes of black permanent marker Essendon is gone. Car is now much nicer! Essendon can rot in hell.
  9. International Roast cannot be confused with coffee on several levels. It is steaming brown and tastes like steaming brown. Edit. Or so I'm told. Enjoy the footy tonight, go deees!
  10. Is expresso love a euphemism for a quickie?
  11. I paid too much for a car, it only has a few years left in it at best. Currently un-driveable. I expect you to pay heaps for it because it was worth heaps when new. What do you reckon? I say Collingwood need a dump (salary) they can pay $300k we swap a 2nd round tip for 3rd round (to keep nuffies happy) and deal done if Richmond doctors say he's ok.
  12. Essendon do the right thing! That would be different!
  13. Can you imagine other clubs trying to deal with Max against their 2nd ruck? I see carnage. If cheap do it.
  14. I appointed a debt collector to collect some money years ago and he was at pains to chastise me saying, "if you sleep with dogs you will get fleas" . I countered with, I have one flea, but you deal with them daily. He was a real "dog"
  15. Chook my image of you, rigid, bleached and washed up. Some may say like driftwood!
  16. Yes I always thought Jeremy Howe had a disappointing face. However in this instance he also looked disappointed
  17. yhinking? Who knows if a Collingwood supporter is capable of anything.
  18. I wonder if that was because he had already signed?
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