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  1. Loved the first half, we were like a boa constrictor on its prey. Fantastic pressure, finals like pressure. This side is good, very good. Five kids under ten games, wow! Go Dees!
  2. Kudos @kev martin & @binman I support your views, this is a men's issue and we must step up to help make women safe. In the past few weeks I have reinforced to my sons that violence to women is unacceptable (they heard this from me many times before) however this time I challenged them to do something about it. My wife had worked in the field in the 80's and 90's. Some of the stories are horrendous. I also understand that this conversation could trigger some people so agree that it be a separate thread, unfortunately.
  3. Apparently domestic violence is a footy topic after all. It is a societal problem, we need to do better. Grown-ups can multi task after all. The AFL is taking this on, we should too. @kev martin
  4. Amateurs! The jug is the only size for a decent beer, however they do look at you funny when you order six!
  5. Sue I took the best spekky ever in a basketball match, not paid and sent off! I prefer footy 😄
  6. In Raglan NZ at the moment. How are you watching? VPN?
  7. Statistically we should not have won! I say BS The most important statistic is the score board. Unless I am very much mistaken we won that one. Who cares about kicks marks and forward entries? Give me scoreboard superiority any day.
  8. Have some spares here, do they fit anyone? Hillbilly Fwyty Teef Yermuthersa Marc Smakka Slick Volksie
  9. I have noticed that finally our kickins are more random. In fact we appear to be kicking less to the left. Hoo[censored]ray!
  10. Kayo, excellent picture quality and no buffering! I am truly surprised.
  11. Not only have you modified SL's quote you have made a fool of yourself. These antiquated views are boring, grow up.
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