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  1. So that is the edited version, how incomprehensible was the original?
  2. But more in the stands. Plenty here too.
  3. You said nothing of current coaches. There are plenty of assistant coaches, we even have one. Forwards are over represented in the media which may keep some away from coaching.
  4. And so he did, I typed his name during an edit, must have forgotten to save.
  5. Norm Smith was handy. John Longmire, Leigh Mathews, Robert Walls, they even named a medal after Coleman. Edit, And they are premiership coaches. There are others.
  6. They are not allowed to! They roll their eyes and put it in the mailbag going to Melbourne. If I pay extra ($1 per letter) they can put it straight in.
  7. Australia Post must spend a fortune on storage and freight. I would have thought it cheaper to deliver the mail rather than store and move it. I have posted a letter in the Mansfield post office addressed to a Mansfield Post Office Box. It is sent to Melbourne for sorting then sent back to Mansfield mail centre where they resort and send to the Post Office where they put it in the post box just 4 metres from where I posted it in the first place! You have to wonder.
  8. There is no reason that you know does not mean there is no reason. I have done many deals that are secret until they are done. Why announce something that may allow others to scuttle?
  9. Just because you cannot see a reason for the lack of clarity, does not mean there isn't one.
  10. Or would that be a small minority or small majority? I prefer percentages. 75% of people know that 38% of statistics are 90% bovine excrement. See, clear as mud.
  11. Good investment, good luck to the big fella
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