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  1. You realise percentage is calculated on total for and total against. Edit . Redo your calcs. with opponent scoring 1 point and then 100 with the same winning margin
  2. Wow, you certainly have some anger management issues. Probably best that you put me on ignore. By contrast I have no one on ignore, I value others opinions even when they disagree or are simply wrong. Sometimes I am wrong but I wear it and move on. This post is probably pointless because if you are a man of your word you won't read it.
  3. Touchy. I simply pointed out the error in your statement. If you can't handle being corrected I think I know who needs to grow up.
  4. 2 talks a medium and 3 stalls.. we should read before we post 🙂
  5. I get pleasure pointing out mistakes. You make it easy.
  6. No argument from me providing they wear white & black vertical stripes.(not black & white). What do you think Eddie?
  7. Who's bragging? Look at the ladder, are we in the top 4? You made the statement. You didn't say a final 4 side, but there is no disputing we are currently top 4
  8. So you take your foot of the accelerator and it shows the worst fuel economy? I could understand if it showed a really low number. Something wrong there.
  9. Maybe you should check the ladder and your own eyes faulty.
  10. You got it wrong. Goodwin just farted and said, "you stink Jonesy" Ollie says " you got him Goodie"
  11. May to Greene. Fast enough and tough enough.
  12. Kent, percentage is not just about winning margin. For example in round 1 you could score 3 points and your opponent 1 and you would have a percentage of 300. The next week you could win by 6 goals (72 to 36) and have your percentage drop. You would have a total of 75 for and 37 against roughly 200%. So the margin we require varies depending on how much our opponent scores. Generally speaking keeping an opponent to low scores is beneficial to percentage.
  13. My point Nev is that if the clubs were forced to name teams 3 or 4 days before a match they would be a work of fiction, probably given to the office boy to make up. The real teams would still be decided a day before a match. So fans would be none the wiser.
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