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  1. I live in Mansfield and that was very interesting. Noise was the most amazing thing, very loud. Have had one aftershock, just a window rattler. No damage that I can see. On the positive side in 1964 there was a big earthquake in Alaska
  2. My take is that the Norm Smith curse applies to the MCG. Once broken (this week) we will enter a new golden age. We will go on a spree of flags never to be equalled. Covid will be seen as a blessing for allowing us to break the curse. I know it's hard to believe but some people think I see the positive in everything. Over 80,000 at the G next season round 1 for the flag unfurling. I will be there, I will be the one with tears in my eyes.
  3. I particularly like the tribute to the great Robbie Flower
  4. Why do they say Age when they men DOB ?
  5. How about that bench in the last quarter. 5 all Australians
  6. Is that the Lots Of Money But ..... LOMBARDS?
  7. "Never fail to miss". Ok you got me, what does that mean? Hang on, double and triple negatives get my neurons firing. You intentionally don't listen? Am I correct? Or for you, am I not right? 🙂
  8. I like the idea of each subsequent guilty verdict leading to double the previous penalty. 1st offence 2 weeks. 2nd offence 4, 3rd 8, 4th 16 weeks and so on. Players like Toby Greene would learn or never play again. They can be malevolent cancers that need to grow up.
  9. Two weeks for Greene plus a suspended sentence of 10 weeks for any offence. When 1diots refuse to learn you need to make it very clear.
  10. Exactly how do you gain wisdom? Surely it is through learning.
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