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  1. I thought monogamousty was illegal. Do you require the mouse's consent?
  2. Current life partner sounds very temporary, or perhaps one in a series.
  3. I shall assume you are not taking a swing. I do like to provide the odd left field answer, it is almost a sport for me.
  4. When I fill in occupation as Jedi Knight I assume the researchers have a category for smartarz.
  5. I did posit 4 questions. However in reference to set up. Melbourne supporters see racism amongst supporters at their games, according to survey. Melbourne supporters deny racism amongst supporters at their games according to survey. Have all clubs been surveyed? I shall maintain my scepticism.
  6. Older Australians have to have the 2nd grade AZ vaccine. As a younger Australian you can have the premium. AZ has a longer wait between doses.
  7. I would like to know why ask us? Have all clubs been asked the same questions? Have other sports been surveyed? Are we being set up? Okay call me a suspicious sceptic. I will abstain.
  8. I count 10 question marks. I demand a recount!
  9. Bob you talk about odds as if they are based in fact. They are are simply the number of dollars that guess an outcome. They are not factual, logically over time due to their nature (losers run out of money and a side that normally wins normally wins)they are more accurate than a dart board. One chance in four does not mean you will win one in four. I know you know this, but your language suggests odds as fact. Yes I would rather be the favourite but as we know it is not a guarantee.
  10. This year we are like a V12 engine running on 9 or 10 cylinders. Past teams have been like V8's . This team has the potential to be one of the best, win a flag or four then we will know.
  11. Josh Fraser, pick 1 lucky to weigh 80kg carrying a bag of wet cement when drafted.
  12. I'm feeling it. I believe! We can do it.
  13. I cannot understand why teams playing in these blockbusters don't do a split 70-30 one year and 30-70 the next. Reduces risk for both sides and helps to even cash flow. Note. Could be 60-40 whatever works.
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