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  1. LDVC, one option is like soccer if it goes in the net it's a goal doesn't matter how it gets there, or it has to be kicked. Either way it is much easier to umpire and expensive sub standard inaccurate systems are not required.
  2. Change the rules. Between the goal posts is a goal, doesn't matter if touched or rushed. Fixed
  3. I have a solution. Get rid of the cameras and review system. If it goes between the goal posts even if it touches post or player, it is a goal. Even if rushed. If it hits the post and bounces back into play, it's play on. No more review madness.
  4. Is that a long or a short wind? 🙂
  5. Make the clubs pay the AFL for independent doctors at each game to adjudicate concussion protocols.
  6. Not should of! Should've is the contraction of should have. We'd (we had, we should or we would) not we'd of it's we'd have I need a coffee. Yes I know people will say it doesn't matter, but it does. There, their or they're is another. It makes a difference! Sorry, I'm grumpy this morning.
  7. Petty recovered well. Petty Foot! 3-5 weeks Please explain.
  8. Expressing one's opinions does not necessarily mean communicating. Sometimes I simply give up after reading a sentence two or three times trying to decipher what someone is trying to say. "I take for granite some people's poor grammer. More pacifically how there always thinking "for all intensive purposes" is supposably correct. Buy the way lets eat Fred." There cutting homeless people in half!":
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