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  1. Yes, she has a Facebook page Gold costs sons , or some such irrelevancy
  2. No need to be rude P2J, harsh words indeed!
  3. But I don't drive a Jaguar. Other than that you nailed it. PS. The snow is melting quickly.
  4. Leather, an option! It is compulsory my good man. Air-conditioned leather is the option.
  5. ? This says a lot about one of us, probably both.
  6. Are you really happy for 10% of the people you know to die because you are selfish? Edit-If the virus mutates and only affects people in your demographic would that change your mind? The world may be a better pace if they find that the virus causes sterility or impotence in the selfish.
  7. Just as it has always been! Not a fan of history? We have won 12 flags and never in a 22 round season.
  8. Robert Flower daylight Allen Jakovich
  9. Not our choice. Scott & family had a falling out with Neal Daniher - He went home for family reasons.
  10. Brand name cheese, you are a toff.
  11. Brayshaw, Brayshaw, BRAYSHAW!!!! FFS.
  12. So he has us winning 5 more matches losing one and dropping percentage. Must have been a bad loss!
  13. I am not agreeing with DrD. I was commenting on your post. You are quick to take a swing at other posters, but lack comprehension and the ability to provide a cogent and coherent argument. Keep swinging dmma. Back to the topic, I think Goodwin is doing a passable job, he is learning on the job and when he finally gets it we will be a force. I am not in favour of replacing the coach at this stage, but if he loses the players then sack him.
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