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  1. Will watch his game tomorrow with added interest. He doesn't look like he wants it too much. I hope to be pleasantly surprised.
  2. That is because one of them is wrong.
  3. Optimism not exactly flowing on here at the moment. Southport have had an easier draw than Casey. Notwithstanding some listed names missing, I'm hoping for a lift from some very modest individual performances and a win.
  4. I don't think it is the strongest comp in the country. I watched st Pat's Ballarat get beaten by st Bede's in the Herald Sun championship a couple of years ago. St Bede's had its first win...I enquired...st Bede's had 17 TAC cup ( nab ) players in its team. No scholarships players. I had a son at APS school at the time and nephews at 2 others. I found the aps teams to have a couple scholarship boys, some with talent and most would never make tac cup. I think that is why they duck Herald Sun playoff to find best school team. Just my opinion.
  5. That school comp is not a suitable barometer. Who was he playing on? Some kid making up numbers ?
  6. I hate being critical of umpires as it is such a hard game to umpire...but there were some remarkable free kicks Werribee's way in the last quarter...including the Steele one you mention. Your description is accurate. There were others. Jefferson is a worry...never seen a less imposing player. Woewodin has some class...but not quite ready yet, in my amateur opinion. Moniz-wakefield has ability but will need to do a lot more to warrant promotion. Sestan has some good attributes, but I think you can pick the absence of the usual pathway in his game...another year of professional coaching may fix. Ben Brown gave at least one goal away.
  7. Would be a shame if 2 players don't get a run at all.
  8. Do the emergencies not used go to Casey game at Werribee, which is starting at same time?
  9. I'm confused. I'm pretty certain he didn't play in the Melbourne or Casey premiership team.
  10. With both games starting at same time, does that mean there will be a couple of players stuck in no man's land ?
  11. Personally, I will tend not to trust indigenous people chosen by a socialist government. As far as I am aware we haven't been told who will be eligible to be on the voice, who will choose them, or vote for them, ( 2 electoral rolls? ) what the term of the appointment will be. Will bureaucrats be obliged to inform the voice if a forthcoming decision may affect indigenous people? Don't all decisions? It will be a brave bureaucrat who rejects the Voice's submission. He/she will be at risk of being labelled a racist. That will happen. Some advocates for the voice have already said that all government decisions are covered. The Federal Court website already has a wildly inappropriate kowtow to indigenous on its website - despite being the arbiter. In a recent Tiwi island case, the Judge unnecessarily went to the Island and partook of hospitality of the locals...imagine if he was treated to hospitality by the other side - a mining company. The right that is being bestowed will be litigated on the basis that proper consideration was not given to the Voice's view. That just will happen. Projects will be delayed and costs go up or projects abandoned. The above is being hidden behind platitudes and fear of being labelled racist. Finally, I hate mixing politics and sport. But Russia should be banned from the Olympics. Oh.
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