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  1. The commentators keep saying we’re goalless for 7 consecutive qtrs. I thought we kicked one last week?
  2. You’re right. It’s not terrible, but horrendous.
  3. We will be getting nothing for Jordan. He’s a free agent.
  4. That free kick to McKay happens to Max about 20 times a game and he never gets them
  5. Embrace it. Make their life like hell for the next 3 hrs. Make them wish they regret the decision.
  6. It’s a good move. No point bring in another tall if we just play the same way. May as well bring in someone who can hit a target inside 50.
  7. That’s crazy. They will always be the no. 2 code with that type of thinking. I love that you’re flying over for it. I’m driving 5 hours for the game myself. Can’t bloody wait.
  8. Couldn’t get what? Flying over for the game? If so I can’t get what they couldn’t get…
  9. I’m pumped now. I hope the Melbourne fans rock up with full voice like we did in 2018 because that was crazy. I was at the Sydney game and I just felt as though the fans were a bit timid. Different feel to it this year.
  10. Yep. I’ll have to take 2 days off work to go.
  11. Nah we played on a Saturday night at Adelaide oval.
  12. Thomas has been know to float around the club a bit.
  13. He’s going to be our secret weapon come finals. I have a feeling Goody and the coaching staff will release him once finals start. Play him up the ground more, in Centre bounces etc.
  14. You watched a different game to me. It’ll be Tomo’s last game with us. Not surprised he got subbed.
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