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  1. Not sure he knows it as fact but I’d be completely shocked if the club isn’t looking to lock him up long term.
  2. That could’ve been done behind closed doors. Only adding that to the media would only increase negative media attention. I’m sure Goodwin would’ve pulled them aside and had a nice chat about it.
  3. What do you mean? Disgraceful by Ellis or the call by the umpire?
  4. He’s as frustrated as we are. You can see he’s hurting too.
  5. I agree Fritsch for Hannan but that’s about it. Gotta keep Spargo and Vanders in. Omac fees up Lever to intercept but makes me nervous when he has the ball in hand
  6. Totally agree about Spargo. He nailed some tackles at time where if they got through or broke the tackle they would’ve scored. He’s always buzzing around. His opportunity to score will come.
  7. 2020 could mirror 2018 in some ways. Remember it took us until round 22 in 2018 until we beat a team in the 8. Then we went on a roll. Let’s hope it starts against St Kilda
  8. Slightly off topic but is it just me that a week feels like an eternity now given we’ve had 4 and 5 day breaks. Feel like forever for this game to come around. But can’t wait 😊
  9. Took the player on and lost. Didn’t correctly dispose of the ball. Pretty simple
  10. Meanwhile they’ll get Pendlebury, Elliott, Hoskin-Elliott, Moore and Reid back. This game has become even more important
  11. It’s a tendon according to Burgo on the website. 4-6 weeks
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