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  1. Thank god. Someone who has a brain. Thank you DR
  2. If Ben Brown kicks straight and turns the 2.2 and one out on the full to 5 goals straight or even 4.1 it’s a different story. McDonald had a quiet game but that won’t happen every week. Conditions weren’t great for either of them and if some of the umpiring decisions were called the same way for both teams, then it’s a different story. Let’s just stay calm. There were a lot of positives to come from the game, and the negatives are easy fixes.
  3. Although I was [censored] off last night with the result, I’ve woken up feeling quite optimistic. We had our chances early. If we can start converting we’ll be hard to stop. With everything that went against us and some lapses of concentration around stoppages in our D50 which can easily be fixed, I think this was the first step to being back to where we were at the start of the year.
  4. Yeah that it. If they continue and knock off Brisbane, the less likely we are to take them lightly
  5. Yeah he might not last the week. They were still a chance for the 8 and they’ve produced this.
  6. I like the fake crowd noise but I think an apprentice is operating it tonight.
  7. That’s exactly my thinking. Last week I was nervous every time the ball went long into our D50 only because every time the hawks talls bought the ball to ground, their smalls were first at the ground ball. I worry about Weightman, Hunter, Smith swooping in the ground ball. Midfield pressure has to ramp up so their F50 entries come from dump kicks. That’s where our intercept marking comes into play
  8. Perfect weather for getting away with throwing the ball.
  9. I’m not sure what I’m more confused about. Your selections above or which emoji to select to this post.
  10. https://twitter.com/ralphyheraldsun/status/1416614077086851077?s=21 change thread title to Changes: Round 19 v WB
  11. Haha that’s brilliant. I actually laughed out loud.
  12. Did I just hear Ralphy correctly? Are we now scheduled to play Bulldogs next week instead of GC?
  13. Give me one reason why it’s a complete joke? Their home game and no crowds. Makes sense to me, especially if we can move our game against them to the G when crowds are back 😉
  14. That was James Brayshaw. His quote was ‘he slipped so it doesn’t matter’. I chocked on my whisky when he said that. Couldn’t believe what I heard.
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