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  1. I’m told he will as well as Hibberd.
  2. It’s true. They first caught it in the final quarter of round 23. And only rears it’s head when heat was applied.
  3. What should we get in return. A 3rd round pick?
  4. Hard to argue with that. I agree. Against Sydney we played boring, predictable football. Against Brisbane the game before we were more daring, moved the ball quicker, which leaves space for our smalls to get to ground balls and apply the pressure that won us a premiership.
  5. The number 6 is signing for 2 years
  6. I think it’s meant to be a closed session, which would be why it’s not advertised.
  7. Pretty normal stuff then the day before the game. I’d be concerned if it was a high intensity training session.
  8. The ball was punched by the defender so Cripps wasn’t even contesting a mark.
  9. Wouldn’t believe them or the MCG?
  10. Its just what I’ve been told from people I believe.
  11. Yep I have heard the same. Got a pretty big rocket up the you know what.
  12. I think we’ve come in from about $1.82 from earlier in the week as well.
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