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  2. Harmes has a minimum 5 fend offs per game and he’s not holding his side of the bargain, only averaging 4.5
  3. When the combatants that are due to face off on Monday night at Optus Stadium last met, it was 11 days after the World Health Organization had declared the Covid19 outbreak a global pandemic. In Australia, the first cases had just come to light, including visiting US actors Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson, the toilet paper panic was in full flight and the world was starting to reel in anticipation of impending disaster. Half an hour before this last game of the opening round was due to commence, the AFL season was postponed, effective from the final siren. Not for the only time during the plague, was Melbourne to be shunted across the country under difficult circumstances. Despite a solid fight back after a slow start, they capitulated. When the season resumed after a break of one and a half months, the Demons went through their share of ups and downs and in the end they just missed out on making the finals. Things have been turned around on their head since that day almost 1½ years ago. Millions have died, world leaders have come and gone and the delayed Tokyo Summer Olympics will have come to an end before the opening bounce of this match. The Eagles are no longer a force to be feared, even on their home turf. In the Bizarro World of today, the Demons are still accumulating frequent flyer points but their arrival and stay in Perth is expected to be more comfortable than last time when a late evening hotel switch was said to be one of many disruptions they faced in their match preparation. The Demons are on the home stretch of their most successful season in decades after a fantastic start, a few hiccups along the way but fresh from a strong showing in their last outing against the hapless Suns. They face an out of form Eagles who are struggling for consistency and are low on confidence but Melbourne knows only full too well that such a situation must not be taken lightly. This however, is a different West Coast, one so very long ago and far away from the powerful combination that strangled Melbourne at this ground in the preliminary final of 2018, in May 2019 and again in March 2020. The Demons overcame a listless month or so with a return of their early season high pressure game against the Gold Coast Suns last week. Admittedly, the opposition were in disarray from the start and appeared to be a young, tiring team nearing the end of a tough season but the Demons were relentless in their attack on the ball throughout the game. There’s no reason why they can’t repeat the dose on the Eagles and return in kind the treatment that West Coast meted out to them in the faraway past before the world took its dramatic turn in mid Autumn of last year. The Demons solid defence and dominant midfield were in their element as they cut a swathe through the Suns’ resistance. As a consequence, the forwards looked irresistible as they took advantage of the constant supply and kicked their highest score for the season. We can expect more of the same this week against the Eagles who are looking old, frail and well past their use by date. Melbourne to win by 29 points. THE GAME West Coast v Melbourne at Optus Stadium Monday 9 August, 2021 at 8.10 pm. HEAD TO HEAD Overall West Coast 37 wins Melbourne 17 wins At Optus Stadium West Coast 3 wins Melbourne 1 win Past five meetings West Coast 4 wins Melbourne 1 win The Coaches Simpson 4 wins Goodwin 1 win MEDIA TV - live and on demand on Kayo and live on Foxtel. Check your local guides Radio - check your local guides THE LAST TIME THEY MET West Coast Eagles 12.6.78 defeated Melbourne 7.9.51 at Optus Stadium in Round 1, 2020 Melbourne went into the game with five new faces - Mitch Brown, Ed Langdon and Adam Tomlinson along with youngsters Toby Bedford and Kysaiah Pickett but the team failed to overcome five unanswered goals in the opening term and went down by 27 points. THE TEAMS WEST COAST EAGLES B: HB: C: HF: F: Foll: I/C: Emerg: In: Out: MELBOURNE B: HB: C: HF: F: Foll: I/C: Emerg: In: Out: J. Viney (suspended) Injury and Suspension List: Round 21 Tom McDonald (back spasms) — Test Mitch Brown (heel) — Test Deakyn Smith (concussion) — 1 Week Jack Viney (suspension) — 2 Weeks Marty Hore (knee) — 4 to 6 Weeks Aaron Nietschke (knee) — Season Adam Tomlinson (knee) — Season
  4. Would’ve thought Footscray would have way more members. Recent premiership, and seemingly huge support in the western suburbs.
  5. The Suns are the AFL's baby/problem child. Can't see the AFL giving them up for adoption.
  6. Well today’s news is anything but good. Now 5 cases in melbourne. I think we can forget about crowds at games this weekend or any for the next couple of weeks at best. Finals / GF crowd? Looks slim chance to me.
  7. Interesting that the glamour club of the AFL has 7,000 less members than the Dees and just 4 more members than the side that was expected to go winless this year.
  8. 12 years of AFL money being thrown at Gold Coast and all they can show is 19K members. Just locate to Tasmania, and they would have more members from day 1.
  9. Dangerfield and Riewoldt both gobbing off, absolutely wankers the both of them.
  10. Without going too hard, I would say one of Harmes' greatest issues is that he is a bit wrapped up in himself. He's not a match winner, so he's a role player. If he doesn't want to play a role, he has no place
  11. reckon a lot of those are mythical numbers no way gw$ has 30k or gc17 20k
  12. The Carlton figure has to be a furphy!
  13. The Age has written: Patrick Dangerfield said Viney’s suspension was “probably about right” but admitted it reflected poorly on the game. “I’m sure Jack would admit this – it’s not something we want to see in our game. It’s certainly something that we want to stamp out,” Dangerfield said on SEN. “It’s an ugly look, there’s no doubt about it. Jack plays on the edge, he’s an aggressive player, but I also believe him to be a fair player as well. I don’t think we should hang him out to dry. “He’s copped his whack, he’ll no doubt be disappointed and we all move on and learn from it as a code and individually, and we get better from it.” I dislike Danger intensely but I don't have much of a problem with his comments in this instance. Jack did say at the Tribunal that it wasn't a good look for the game so no problem with that part of Dangers' comment. Yes, he said 2 weeks was about right and we would all disagree. But, I like what seems to be genuine praise for Jack, which I have bolded. Hopefully, that quietens the idiots saying it should be 3 or 4 weeks.
  14. Absolute Gun with a capital G! Not sure his numbers last year but in a 17 game season he was probably on his way to another 400 in a normal season. We are lucky to have Petracca and Oliver together, both stars! Add Maxy, May, Lever, Salem before injury slowed him, and look forward to Pickett and Jackson, our future is bright!!
  15. ‘Not a good look’- the lowest common denominator statement about JV atm. Spot on - where was the commentary re Selwood? Shouldn’t he comment on behalf of the players, not sink the boot?
  16. I’m intrigued Nev, what moments do you know they’ve had?
  17. Was Dangerfield just as vocal with respect to Selwood's eye gouging? #lookafteryourmates
  18. It would be disappointing if Harmes has not accepted his role especially as so many others have accepted changes. The most obvious example is Gus. Not only has he accepted the wing role he has embraced it and is a real asset to the team. Viney is spending time fwd, Oliver is playing a bit more outside etc. The irony is that all those role tweaks/changes enable Harmes to spend more time in the middle. Harmes came as a life long dees fan, a rookie, made a real go of it and earnt a long term contract. It would be sad for him to go. He still has a few years to go on his contract so I guess it is his choice to play the team game or to move on.
  19. Patrick Dangerfield should shut his pie hole on this one.
  20. Today
  21. Excellent again gents, ta. Very calming, informative interview.
  22. Yep. Reduces risk of death, and even hospitalisation to something like the level of the common cold. If, and it’s an almighty ‘if’, given the level of selfish ignorance out there as fertilised by Sky News (thank you YouTube), we get to 80% vaccination and open up completely, the virus will duly run through us all, like the cold. Most of us won’t know we’ve got it or get symptoms, but we will be infectious (to varying levels). Those unvaccinated will remain of course as ‘at risk’ as they are now - fit young people can and do die from COVID. Future boosters will be mandatory (the talk is currently 6 monthly). As the months and years tick by, both treatment methods and vaccine efficacy will improve (though the virus evolve, so this remains a challenge, like flu vaccines), but the world from now until ever will simply ‘live with the virus’. It’s important for people to realise its NEVER going to go away, just like the flu, the current version of which is of course a generational relation to the ‘Spanish Flu’. I would’ve hoped a responsible, apolitical government during a crisis would start informing its people of these truths, at least to create vaccine compliance and understanding. Oh well…..
  23. Great Intel mate. Unfortunately his old man passed away back in March. Huge get for the Swans..
  24. I'm a cryptic fan... but more clues please
  25. Hell no! This is not a game to rest players!
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