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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Don't forget we were the only club to visit the Kolt's family on their farm to meet them before the draft. Imagine the talk over the dinner table that night
  2. Don't forget we were the only club to visit the Kolt's family on their farm to meet them before the draft. Imagine the talk over the dinner table that night
  3. The fact that Viney in his recent interview with Maxy before his 200th and Brayshaw in his retirement talk both mentioned Nathan Jones mentoring them makes me realise what an impact Jones has had on the club. Viney role modelling and mentoring, Brayshaw with his new role at the club. * Kolt don't get suspended but when we play the pies let your mum know our feelings for Maynard she will sort it
  4. I don't think asking the question if it's sustainable to keep playing our best players when they have medical issues is thinking linearly
  5. He shouldn't have played then. We probably wouldn't have beat Port if he didn't dominate the last 1/4. Gawn went in to round 0 crook, Oliver playing with 1 hand and May is playing with cracked ribs. We look good but is it sustainable? Our best players are playing when they shouldn't.
  6. It's funny i have cracked my ribs and broken a finger that required surgery playing footy. I can assure everyone the cracked ribs inhibit you alot more. Unless Oliver has done more damage i doubt he would miss. He is obviously struggling with the hand but why rest him now after playing a couple of games? I'm amazed May is playing that is alot worse
  7. He is loved by the old Sheedy crew. There are ex-bombers who are life members that support him to the hilt. I thought Port were good against us and had really smart structures against us. The Port fans were filthy but they did alot right. Connor Rozee might be the best player in the league but he couldn't dominate against viney, petracca and clarry
  8. I got pretty good detailed mail on BrisVegas well before in media. Respect Demonland policies obviously. We should win by 10 goals.
  9. If anything Clarry has come back going after more body contact this year. Watch the Bulldogs game where he sprints 100m of gut busting running collects the ball, smashes the bloke who gets in his way and passes to ANB who dribbles in through. Anybody who goes after Clarry for click bait or publicity i write off. Dermie was tough but he is a moron.
  10. The AFL should "homenigize" the data like the BOM does with the historical weather. We could get a tallest and shortest player on record every month
  11. The AFL/VFL used to have a rule and suspension for it - undually rough play. I don't think either of Chol's would fall into that category but it would stop others getting off on technicalities
  12. There was no malice from Chol in either of them. The May one happened right in front of me and i watched the Geelong game. May was flying back courageously at an angle at a furious pace. Happened in an actual footballing act not like that [censored] from Collingwood
  13. Chol just took someone else out with a knee. Was fair like when he got May and no Toby Green Kick or Maynard torpedo smother but he has form now
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