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  1. It depends which side Smith and Hunter play on. Langdon always plays on the opposite side to the bench because we don't take him off.
  2. On the Gus and Gawny podcast Gawny said he thinks McCrae will go head to head with Oliver. There is not a single player in my lifetime in 40 years supporting Melbourne their is a player I have more confidence in than Oliver. Let them go head to head.
  3. Hunt wont be the sub. He will either be in for Hibbert or miss. This is not a guess.
  4. Who the [censored] was wearing number 2 for Victoria when Robbie F was representing the big V? At least he was wearing 9. Neitz and Alan Johnsons number.
  5. Why is everyone so keen to blame right wing extremists? I live on Collins St, have no social media or decrippted apps and shop at Aldi's on Franklin St in the CBD. I went to my Aldi's supermarket around the corner to my home and came across the first protest. Anybody who says the protesters are far right extremists could be correct but they are still union members and they are not mutually exclusive. The crowd didn't magically get CFMEU branded high vis wear and steel capped boots by click and collect within hours of the initial protest. It was the CFMEU members protesting against the CFMEU. Dan Andrews didn't shut down the construction industry because it was far right extremists protesting. He knows it was the CFMEU. Far right extremists wouldn't walk to the Westgate to shut down the city claiming they built it. There is desperation by slow plan Dan to pretend it's not his supporter base destroying our city.
  6. I disagree with the order. Clarry for mine is number 1. We will find out on Saturday. Hopefully it's not Bont!
  7. We have over 600 new covid cases today. An earthquake and the CFMEU taking over the city in Melbourne today. Watch out Perth, Oliver is bringing a hurricane on Saturday.
  8. Melbourne wrote the rules and in Daisy's words are pioneers. Jack Viney could pioneer the sin bin or sent off rule this GF.
  9. I don't think Libba is going to fair too well this week. When he gets carried off Bont will cop it.
  10. The bigger the downfall the greater the comeback.
  11. Having listened to the Peter Jackson radio interview posted her during the week, he, Roos and Goodwin believe culture is everything. I used to think picking best available in every draft was the most important thing and team position needs in drafting was secondary and nothing else mattered. In between all these lockdowns Choko got alot of past players going for a weekly jog with the current team. That is building a culture. I would take Jurrah's son if we think he is good enough to play AFL, even if we have to go early on him. He will have alot better support around him than his old man did.
  12. Great to see Ben Counsins there last night. His roadmap to recovery is on a better trajectory than slow plan Dan.
  13. I'd get an 11 tattoo but if looks too much like Collingwood's jail stripes.
  14. After the GF I am hoping for a reshuffle.
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