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  1. I love that Petracca mentions he is practising his ball drop with Yze. Sometimes on set shots he used to drop it from chest height. Trent Rivers and James Jordon will be pushing depending on how long Max keeps it for. Rivers handles the media incredibly well in interviews.
  2. There is a correlation with sub-par players going well in the Bluey and the dees performance that year
  3. Wied looks like he's tanking when we are on top of the ladder. He is a good bloke and I wish him well. Just hope it's not at Melbourne
  4. I'm not sure The Age understand left and rights. Unless Bec Daniher has aged 30 years since her media commitments this week.
  5. I like Peta Credlin but I'm not sure how she got one. I'm more surprised how Bec Goddard got one ahead of Daisy Pearce. Daisy got the women's league going and is an icon.
  6. Let's hope we smash every single one of those jail stripe wearing scum including the sub like Jack Watts copped on debut.
  7. I'm not sure that's legal. Make sure you wear a fitted MND beanie.
  8. Carlton's biggest problem is their board. I know this with first hand dealings.
  9. Did anyone else watch the press conference with Merlino and Cheng during the week? Where they both said Dan Andrews would make a statement this week after he had spoken to his health team? I wish him well. The jungle drums are beating though.
  10. Melbourne is not unique in its hot spots. It's a world wide pandemic. Where Victoria is unique is we were doing contact tracing by fax machines at the beginning of the pandemic. India weren't even doing that. There are reports of Victorian buerecrats printing documents off their server and scanning them back into their "system" This would be a little less awkward if MIA Dan wasn't the health minister for 8 years before he became premier.
  11. I hope I get a record face palms here
  12. Anybody got a virtual dart board? I wouldn't mind throwing my dart.
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