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  1. Brad Johnson doesnt know where Uluru is. D grade commentary team today
  2. We had 15 of centre clearances and Viney had 8 of them. The next best on the ground was Blair with 3. i don't recall Oliver being at too many centre bounces and even at the stoppages around the ground, he appeared to be holding back, rather than crashing through. He still managed 8 tackles though, so not a bad effort for his fourth game.
  3. It appeared that Oliver was given a different role this week and was used in fewer centre bounces. Perhaps they are trying to teach him a defensive role, or manage his workload (given that he still hasn't got to 70% game time). I'm in Qld so watching on tele. Does this fit with what you could see at the ground?
  4. Rumours of Dawes' demise have been grossly exaggerated. If he's fully fit, he will be one of the first names on the team sheet.
  5. We actually won the centre clearances against the Bombers quite handsomely and broke even around the ground. Our clearance work has improved dramatically this year, precisely because we don't depend on any one player to do the job (though heaven help us if maximum goes down). It's the inconsistency of our ball movement that has meant we have only won four quarters so far. Move the ball well and we will win. Our kicking has to be good.
  6. I'm looking for a four quarter effort. It's a cliche but we haven't done it yet this year. I'd prefer to win each quarter by a goal or two than have one eight goal quarter. Also, I think we need to get more out of Salem. He isn't getting enough of the ball; perhaps we can unleash him on a wing for a quarter or two.
  7. Defence (with TMac) fantastic that half. Inside 50 count is only 24-18. Dunn and Jetta outstanding.
  8. Incidentally, I've read on Bomberblitz a few times that this is EFC's 'Norm Smith moment'. The suggestion is that sacking HIrd would be as much a travesty as Smith's sacking and that it would have the same effect on EFC's future that Smith's sacking had on MFC. I've even seen the phrase 'Hird curse' used as a potential mirror of our own Norm Smith curse.
  9. Sounds like one of my best friends. Very intelligent, very successful. Calm and level-headed. I regularly call on his advice and support. We have gone to many EFC-MFC games and he is a good sport: he can cope with me if MFC win and he's fine to be around if EFC win. But this situation...
  10. Blitz has its share of nuts but it also has a few eloquent writers and the other threads have quite a variety of discussion. I think one of the really interesting features of Blitz is that posters who would otherwise appear to be intelligent are adamant that the players haven't done anything wrong and that Hird has conducted himself in an admirable manner. I'll be interested in the response on Blitz to the tribunal's decision, regardless of the result.
  11. I have a confession to make: I'm fascinated by the 'Sorry Saga' thread on Bomberblitz. You have to join the site to read it (or even see it listed), which doesn't feel right, but for some reason it's captured my attention. It's entertaining to read that thread and then to return to D'land to read this thread. A few points of contrast with D'land: 1. Bomberblitz is convinced that the media is against EFC. Chip LG seems to be the one exception. 2. 'Stand by Hird' is still a very strong sentiment. I don't think that MFC has ever had anyone that supporters would unconditionally back like HIrd. 3.
  12. Did any of the players keep a record of the injections? I can account for every injection into my body for the past ten years. Granted, there haven't been many but I would think that if I were a professional athlete, I would be keeping a record. I know that the team environment accounts for a large number of players... But surely one out of 34 kept notes.
  13. I don't expect the new draftees to play much this year. I hope to see them in small doses. So in the spirit of draft-bred exuberance, here is my 2016 team: FB: Jetta Frost Dunn HB: Lumumba McDonald Grimes C: Watts Jones Toumpas HF: Salem Dawes Vince FF: Garlett Hogan Petracca Foll: Gawn Tyson Viney Int: Scintillating-Recruit, Howe, Brayshaw, JKH Emergency: Shrewd-Acquisition, Stretch, Trengove 2015 Draft Picks 18, 36 and 54
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