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  1. well none of what you just said is in the official AFL rules so idfk
  2. mate.. the rule clearly states that you’re allowed to rush a behind if you under immediate pressure. The mark has nothing to do with it.
  3. Worst umpiring decision of the year. First it was paid a mark, pie player runs over the mark, umpire calls play on, mccartin under immediate pressure & rushes a behind. NOT A FREEKICK! That umpire should be SACKED!
  4. they just watched him have a shot from a meter away
  5. No dash, no dare, no idea.. So far from it it’s not funny..
  6. sounds like they are trying to protect the ‘protected species’. Looked crude to me, even Cripps looked a bit shaken after the incident.
  7. Could lose all 3. They lost to Norf don’t forget
  8. FMD they are the worst top 4 side ever.
  9. The 5 goal lead go to sleep mode has been activated
  10. Followed on from last week. Very concerning
  11. meh. we were off almost alll game. Not even slightly worried when we come up against them at the G in september.
  12. Geelong are gonna get “north melbourne’d” a theory of mine that has happened 75% of times this year. Team who plays norf goes on to lose the next week.
  13. This reminds me of 2019 but with a 10-0 headstart
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