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  1. He was given his third, fourth, fifth chance? Took it for granted and can't be trusted. He's done, tear up what's remaining of his contract, rid him of his AFL privileged life, and delist him!
  2. Agreed. Plenty to work with. Unlike others on the list. Would be like watching Howe go to Collingwood again.
  3. Ridiculous suggestion. I don't see why he's the whipping boy, at least he gets us goals. I'd rather see Brayshaw put on the trade table.
  4. Preuss, Smith, Baker, Lever, Pickett, ANB all rubbish tonight
  5. Tell me, why does Goodwin move to the bench for the last 10 min? What purpose does it serve. Pick the box or pick the bench and stay there.
  6. Good to see VB pumped after that kick trying to lift the others. Shame so many are deflated and pea hearted.
  7. Good to see Rivers having a crack. That's one take home for me at least.
  8. Goodwin's idea of coaching is encouragement and speaking in riddles (we need to be brave). No an ounce of tactical ability.
  9. These umpires are paid off. How's that not front on contact? Right in front of him.
  10. That's right, get Brayshaw off the ground to tell him he's done a good job. FML
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