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  1. YES! McDonald back and Weideman in!
  2. It was in either the Richmond or Hawthorn game that the commentators were saying Fritsch's younger brother kicked 20-goals for the Coldstream Football Club that weekend (their hometown). Richo had a chuckle and stated it doesn't really count in the juniors (or at least to that effect). I'm curious if any of you local footy diehards know any more about him (name, age, height etc) or this game (and division)? Is he worth keeping an eye and and inviting him to train with the VFL side?
  3. I've been thinking of this for a couple weeks now, with particular emphasis on Sam Weideman. I'll lay my mixed bag of thoughts in bullet points for discussion. - Prior to the season starting I saw Brown and Weideman as our two best tall forwards. Injury set both of them back. - Jackson has been v.impressive as a mobile tall. - McDonald's form has also been surprisingly good and vastly improved from prior seasons (ah la 2018). - Prior to today's match against the Roos, I was going to call out on here to bring Weideman in for McDonald. Despite the winning streak I thin
  4. I don't think so. Fine at most. He was defending off a tackle, the north bloke came in low. I'm curious what Zieball did to Fritsch in the first off the ball. Does anyone know what happened there?
  5. The joke will never go, the cheese platter one is merely an addition. The best we can do it embrace it. I do in amongst the banter with colleagues and non-colleagues alike. If I'm the one to raise it, or elaborate on it in response, they've got nothing. I'd rather be the posh wealthy club full of toff than say a toothless and brainless collingwood or drug-doping essendon. These too will never go. But as above, a few premierships will make them subside.
  6. The lack of spread and self flooding is like watching Melbourne 2019-20 football.
  7. We lack a forward line. While In our defensive 50, everyone is back there. Our most offensive player is in the centre circle. I miss seeing Fritsch already just floating on our forward 50 line or deep in the square. Then while in our forward 50 we flood ourselves with every midfielder in every pocket for a forward to lead to. I've seen McDonald and Petty at both ends of the ground. We're missing a dedicated forward.
  8. Should I have put it in a riddle? 😄 Take it as you will it is just that, a rumour. But considering the Hardwick side came to light, I won't be suprised if something surfaces here. As for the unsubstantiated side, did you want photographic evidence? Otherwise, don't shoot the messenger. Again, take it as you will.
  9. I heard a week or so ago that Damien Hardwick had an affair and separated from his wife as a result of time spent in their sports hub. This coincided with Nathan Buckley's "table tennis match" affair with club physio during his time in the Collingwood hub. Unfortunately, I also heard there was a third being our own Simon Goodwin. With Dimma's coming out today it's only a matter of time if true. I don't know any further details but I hope it doesn't bring our club into disrepute, or alternatively impact the coaching and development of our list.
  10. Found this from a few years back. I hope we can put a case forward to expand into Traralgon, Sale, and Bairnsdale. Some good country footy out that way. We've done a heck of a lot of work promoting the AFL in NT. However, the problem is the AFL love child being Hawthorn.
  11. A bit late to the party once again, but... This is a FANTASTIC initiative from the club and my hat goes off to all those decision makers involved. In what was a compromised lottery-based draft where the young men truly lacked the ability to show their worth at the interstate level, this does wonders for our culture and ongoing support to those in the Melbourne family. Of course, no one is going to get a free ride but we know that Kobe has some skill and I hope he puts his best foot forward and earns himself a spot and subsequent chance for a long career in the red and blue. On t
  12. Curious how did he nominate for this years draft? The news article (video) on the previous page said he'd be eligible in the 2021 draft. Was there some for of change that allowed him to nominate a year earlier?
  13. Those stats are to be expected when developed by Fremantle ;)
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