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  1. Should I have put it in a riddle? 😄 Take it as you will it is just that, a rumour. But considering the Hardwick side came to light, I won't be suprised if something surfaces here. As for the unsubstantiated side, did you want photographic evidence? Otherwise, don't shoot the messenger. Again, take it as you will.
  2. I heard a week or so ago that Damien Hardwick had an affair and separated from his wife as a result of time spent in their sports hub. This coincided with Nathan Buckley's "table tennis match" affair with club physio during his time in the Collingwood hub. Unfortunately, I also heard there was a third being our own Simon Goodwin. With Dimma's coming out today it's only a matter of time if true. I don't know any further details but I hope it doesn't bring our club into disrepute, or alternatively impact the coaching and development of our list.
  3. Found this from a few years back. I hope we can put a case forward to expand into Traralgon, Sale, and Bairnsdale. Some good country footy out that way. We've done a heck of a lot of work promoting the AFL in NT. However, the problem is the AFL love child being Hawthorn.
  4. A bit late to the party once again, but... This is a FANTASTIC initiative from the club and my hat goes off to all those decision makers involved. In what was a compromised lottery-based draft where the young men truly lacked the ability to show their worth at the interstate level, this does wonders for our culture and ongoing support to those in the Melbourne family. Of course, no one is going to get a free ride but we know that Kobe has some skill and I hope he puts his best foot forward and earns himself a spot and subsequent chance for a long career in the red and blue. On t
  5. Curious how did he nominate for this years draft? The news article (video) on the previous page said he'd be eligible in the 2021 draft. Was there some for of change that allowed him to nominate a year earlier?
  6. Those stats are to be expected when developed by Fremantle ;)
  7. More fiscal stimulus in the way of an unbacked dollar to "boost jobs and the economy". Watch the cost of living rise (inflation) as we all secretly pay for it.
  8. Petty has a lot of potential and I hope we can more games into him but if we're targeting Brown and another wingman (previously Smith) the club is gunning for a premiership with with the list we've got. Tarrant could fill the void if May or Lever goes down, could Petty or Smith? Unlikely at this stage.
  9. Can we target Robbie Tarrant for added depth? Better than Oscar and would come cheap. Would settle nerves regarding depth.
  10. Great to hear, just wish Hore got a little more. He was sensational last year, but I understand based off his injury.
  11. Sorry ladies and gents, late to the party and just caught up on the news. Great to see we're front runners to secure his services. Having him on the list would without doubt improve are premiership potential for the coming years. Regarding trade currency, pick 23 is a no brainer and certainly not overs. The one major thing I'd hope to see from the coaching staff is an alteration of the game plan. Brown is an old-school forward and when provided a paddock (space in F50) he leads and marks superbly. I hope Goodwin and co. realise this and stop flooding our forward 50. Instead leav
  12. I'd happily see him go, he's slowed down the last two years and can't see him getting much more out of himself. With that, I'd hate to see him let go for silverware. If they want him make them pay overs, a late second round pick no less.
  13. Good to see him nominate GWS. Considering Mumford's position, whether he signs on for one more year or not, their clear need for another developed ruckman only improves our negotiating power.
  14. Have you watched Brown play? and I mean more than once and in games not against the Dees? He is both excellent and highly underrated. One of the better tall forward in the competition. Tom, at best, is the Chris Dawes to Travis Cloak. Interpret that how you will.
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