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  1. what is missing for our next premership? afl games
  2. I Feel sorry for Jess, hope he recoveres well and soon Can't help thinking it was the BEST thing for us to get rid of him when we did and the WORST thing for Jessie to leave us when he did...
  3. he said rule IN everyone mentioned in this thread
  4. If we don't get who ever it is I you will tell us who we were after right yokozuna?
  5. another one, although not footy. I always thought Alan Donald the cricketer looks like the guy who played Drake from Aliens (Mark Rolston)
  6. Personally, I always think Fritta and Brayshaw look alike...
  7. Jay Lockhart is the final p[lace on our 2019 list... 23 years old. Assume he will be # 41 ?
  8. If true, this is seriously [censored] up. need a public shaming campaign to make the afl how shitty an policy that is. All the Best Majak
  9. Me too, then I realised I was getting the masthead confused with the Demonland interviews banner...
  10. if you click on his name on the afl draft tracker page you can watch a video of him.
  11. B: C.Salem, S.May, N.Jetta HB: J.Lever, O.Macodnald, M.Hibberd 😄 N.Jones, J.Viney, A.Brayshaw HF: J.Melksham, T.Macdonald, C.Patracca F: A.vandenBERG, S.Weiderman, M.Hannan Foll: M.Gawn, j.Harmes, C.Oliver IC: B.Fritsch, A.neal-bullen, C.Spargo, S.Frost Emergency. K.Kolodjashnij, J.Hunt, Stretch, Lewis
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