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  1. I enjoy our players getting booed by collingwood supporters.... it means we have [censored] them off
  2. I know May initiated the incident with saying what he did... but how is Melksham not also suspended for punching a teammate? That strong a reaction from Melk makes me assume he was also indulging rather heavily that night..
  3. I assume this huge marble table is not the one they are being accused of breaking
  4. my hat, scarf and keyring arrived finally!! quite happy with the quality of them !
  5. all i have received from both Melbourne and afl orders are delay notices :( i ordered a t-shirt from mfc, was supposed to arrive last week. but got a notice it has been further delayed. scarf keyring and hat from afl. not a note yesterday saying they haven't forgotten me. but it will be a while before i get my order...
  6. me either,but there is a nice hat on the afl site instead of the melbourne site
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