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  1. With people like Tomlinson and Hunt ready to step in to the backline, am I the only deluded soul that thinks it might be time to try Harrisob Petty in the forward line again for a few games?
  2. Max is carrying a nasty back injury. Doing well to be out there but will struggle for some time
  3. AFL Goalkickers Total Statistics for Season 2021 Name Team Games Goals Behinds Score Marks Shots % Last Game Harry McKay Carlton 19 58 33 381 113 91 63.7 1 v Gold Coast, Round 21 Tom Hawkins Geelong 21 50 33 333 111 83 60.2 3 v St Kilda, Round 22 Jack Riewoldt Richmond 21 48 29 317 103 77 62.3 1 v GWS, Round 22 Josh Bruce Western Bulldogs 20 48 21 309 100 69 69.6 3 v Essendon, Round 21 Taylor Walker Adelaide 17 48 29 317 90 77 62.3 2 v Western Bulldogs, Round 20 Bayley Fritsch Melbourne 20 46 18 294 96 64 71.9 7 v Adelaide, Round 22
  4. I’m 56, a Dees supporter, never seen a flag, Last night I broke, such hope, so close, how is it we’re this bad? Another season done and dusted, our dreams gone up in smoke, And yet I think of players past who’s dreams are mocked , a joke, They bled with pride, Stynes and Flower, Neitz, Lyon and Nath Jones, They’d run and tackle, spew, run more - some with shattered bones. And though I ache and yearn and grieve, then clinically assess, Now it’s time to analyse , dissect this football mess, What and why, who and when?, hard questions must be asked, Pre season promises of pending glory - deficiencies just masked. One looks into the eyes and hearts of players on the ground, It seems they really give their all, endeavor seen all round. Our skills need work, (but don’t most teams), our list is good, not best, It comes back to our game plan folks, it doesn’t stand the test, Balance and perspective lost, “Possess, Defend and Hold,” We seek OFFENSE and corridor running with risk and courage so bold. We fiddle on wings, in pockets and flanks, we travel far and wide, We rack up stats - opposition teams see how we run and hide. Napoleon never won a battle, defending, standing still, His warriors ATTACKED, direct with intent, clear guidelines and strong will. Even our recruiting screams of a huge defensive bent, Always backmen, never gun forwards to convey our offensive intent. Albert Einstein said it clearly – (Are our coaches thinking adults?) “What is insanity? Doing the same thing and expecting different results” My fellow supporters, I seek your support, I call you all to arms, “Nice coach”, “good bloke”……”my second team”…...these comments are ALARMS! I’ll never waiver in my faith, I’ll stay when on the brink, But Kennedy’s words are ringing loud, It’s time to DO….....DON’T THINK!!!!
  5. We continue to strengthen our back line, mature our midfield, add to our outside run and often lead the competition with inside 50's. But year after year after year our mids look up and see no viable or winning forward option. Weids "might" develop some consistency one day and while I love Tom, if his body fails him (as is now common), we are left with an enormous forward void. (Not a lot of TALL emerging options from the VFL either) Many successful teams now have a twin tower approach......Lynch / Reiwoldt.......Darling /Kennedy. Why oh why do I never see the Dees in the hunt for a gun forward? Am I obtuse? (feel free to feedback with a meaningful explanation that makes good football sense....or criticism if deemed appropriate)
  6. I think many here are missing the point. No team keeps all their best players on the paddock the whole year. The smart teams manage a list with talent in reserve. So say T Mac misses another 2 months with foot problems. Is Weid alone our power forward and path to a premiership? Hogan was contracted and agreed to play for at least another year (perhaps more). You don't let player like that go....ever, unless absolutely no alternative!
  7. So T Mac goes down with an injury. Who are our key forwards then? The Weid? Yeah that will win a premiership! For decades we have cried out for a power forward unit.....we get close and then we trade 'em. Good one Dees!
  8. A question for the masses. SHOULD we beat Sydney and KNOWING the team with the most fit list going in to finals often does best, should we, a) give Bailey Fritsch a week off and maybe play Mitch Hannan b) Jessie looks to be playing sore. Give him the other week off and play Pedro c) Others?
  9. Has anyone seen how our membership numbers are going this year yet?
  10. Anyone have any idea if we are paying some of his salary at Port? (still think we could have played him at Sandi as a useful fill in and if he had of gotten the message and played an improved style, he would have been a handy backup)
  11. At last!!! REVENGE. Those squawking crows have finally got their dues, A deep and angry voice inside has needed to abuse, The buggers took our Scotty Thompson in his very prime, We've had to watch him carve up teams and rip them down the spine. And so I hope they watch young Jake mature to a gun, Co's every intercepting mark will stick it up their bum, I hope they play him on that Tex with his Village People moe, Cos I for one will thoroughly enjoy the sound of suffering crow!!!!
  12. I would like to add another perspetite. Vince and Lewis have only another year or two left each. Jack is still only about 24. He has a solid year of football under his belt and his body has held up well and his form has been terrific. Rather than using good picks and lots of cash to replace those two, Jack is already part of our culture and on our list. He would be ideal to step in to their roles. While I suspect he is already on the bus to Adelaide, I think we should be going all out to keep him. There are not many 24 year old previous captains with engines and courage like Jack's for the picking.
  13. A pick is just a number. It doesn't kick the football. We want players to improve our list now, not numbers on a draft sheet. If the best forward (say) that pick 3 (say) can get this draft is McCartin who is 2-4 years away from producing (and then with little certainty of making it), then I vote to exchange the number on the draft page for an already established player NOW.
  14. Mitch Clarke was heading west when we stepped in and secured his transfer to Melbourne from Brisbane. While acknowledging Clarke didn't work out, might a chat to Ryder with pick three to Essendon work for all parties concerned if Patrick could be encouraged to consider Melbourne? Ryder with Garlett and Kennedy- Harris might produce a little magic and the addition of Dawes, Hogan, Watts, Howe and Kent all together might form the basis of a forward line our mids would be happy to kick quickly to. McCartin is a nice forward but not a long term game winner. This leaves pick two for a nice mid being one of Brayshaw or Petracca. Comments?
  15. While trying to remain optimistic and positive, there is a very real possibility that at the end of Paul Roos 3 years, we may not have improved significantly because of the time it takes to develop young players and significantly modify a list. This makes the successor to Roosy an absolutely critical decision. Could I have people's comments on the possible selecting of Michael Voss as a successor? He is a great communicator, has done an apprenticeship, is recently retired and very current and most of all, very personable and approachable for our younger players.
  16. Let's see. 1) It is generally agreed we need an experienced coach 2) We need a strong character and leader 3) We need someone who is clear thinking and a strong tactician. 4) We need someone who the players want to compete for I feel that we might be narrowing in too much on current candidates or recent retirees. Lets look further abroad, think outside the box and maybe even consider people who coached 3,4 or 5 years ago. I welcome suggestions but wonder how people feel about Grant Thomas? His weakness may be his PR skills but I can guarantee you all one thing. The players would never be in doubt as to what is required. Anyone else?
  17. ...so says The Age. http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/demons-miller-in-the-frame-for-suns-20100823-13ijf.html
  18. Hi gang, I remember early on in his career, Colin Garland made quite a handy forward. I note with interest how Cheney is continuing to play really solid defensive footy at Casey (he reminds me of Matty Whelan a bit). Given our lack of forward targets, how about Garland up forward and Cheney in to the defence. Whatdaya think?
  19. Thank-you to Goodvibes for posting the most intelligent and relevant comment to my original posting. Lets get a few facts straight. 1) McClean was careful and clinical in his SEN interview not to make any specific accusations or create any enemies. However, it was clear when you listen "between the lines" that our tactics during the last few weeks played a big part in his decision to leave. Put simply, we mismanaged him. 2) McClean left us. The MFC did not want him to leave and tried to convince him to stay. Five years of energy and development walked out the door just as he was about to pay a dividend. 3) McClean did virtually no preseason this year after ankle surgery and played at "60%" this year in his own words. He is about to embark on his first running preseason in several years. Even at 60% he provided more grunt and gut running than many in the mid field. 4) Trengove and Scully have done nothing yet. They MAY be terrific and I am delighted to have pick 1 and 2 but they may also take 3,4 or 5 years to establish themselves. Let us hope they also do not leave after we have invested in them as McClean and Scotty Thompson have. 5) Any premiership team probably needs 8-10 top midfielders at the club, competing for positions, covering 1 or 2 injured midfielders with half a dozon rotating off the bench on matchday. McClean would still have been in our top 5 for a few years in my humble opinion and would have created ample pressure on new boys to improve or hold their places. 6) This is without doubt a mismanagement issue. I do not expect 44 players and all the coaching staff to have a "love in". However, I do expect our coaches to manage young men more professionally than this. I have great respect for Dean and what he is "trying" to do. I have respect for the way he is educating our players in the skill and art and philosophy of football. But I am becoming extremelly frustrated with, (lets say) the MFC, and its ability to galvanise unbridled passion among the players so that there are no factions, no temptations to offers from other clubs and no surprise defections. 7) To Belzebub, it is not the players job to compete to their full ability while alternative agendas exist in the coaching box. It is the players right to expect 100% support from the coaching box as they persue excellence for anything less undermines the cultural fabric of the club and takes years to forget. 8) And finally to those who have posted messages saying that "in a few years these new boys will take us to a premiership", 1) there is no such certainty in football and your insipid and protracted philosophical optimism shows no real moral fibre to argue for more immediate success based outcomes and 2) there are times when we need to plan for the now and not just the future. We have been and are obsessed with the future to the point that we constantly chase it. I have read dozens of annual reports from the club over 30 years describing where our players are on the "Premiership clock" and if we are patient, the NEW crop will deliver in a couple of years. Brock was taken as pick 5 (I think) with great excitement and fanfare at his leadership, his passion and toughness (qualities we just must have) and yet we say, oops, sorry we let you down, off you go, good luck, we are planning for 3-5 years hence. ALL NONSENSE - Yes we stuffed it again. Oh and ps, when was the last player who walked out of (not was traded by) another AFL club at 23 and said, "yeh, I know you want me to stay but I want to play at the MIGHTY MELBOURNE FOOTBALL CLUB" ?
  20. Well there you have it boys. Brock McLean in his interview on SEN thismorning has basically declared that there were small factions within the team over the last few weeks over the issue of "manufacturing" outcomes to serve the teams better long term interest. How on earth can you send young men out there who have trained there guts out for months to try and win a game when there is an alternative agenda happening in the coaches box. Good one Melbourne. We have essentially disillusioned some of our own boys and smothered their passion. Just when Melbourne needs more MOJO, we hand it to other clubs. Had enough.
  21. I think a lot of people are being a bit hard on Wheatley too. With good players around hime and when he gets his body right, he can be very damaging for us.
  22. The only thing stupid about the thread Tess is the people who don't have the mental capacity to think deeper than the words on the screen in front of them! I did not propose that we sack Bailey. He is and will be a good coach. However, clearly there is a cultural discipline problem at the club (not to mention too many players who lack a killer instinct and REAL passion) which are the sorts of issues that are often handled best by an experienced campaigner - a coach who demands respect and tenacity by virtue of the years he has put in to the game and also the (premiership) results he has extracted from it. My question (to the intelligent members out there) asks would our players have played with a superior intensity for a living legend like Kevin Sheedy thus producing a better result than a 104 point loss! Personally I think they would have but I do not necessarily believe he was a long term coaching option for the Dees. Still, it is our 150th year!
  23. Melbourne apparently did not lose a game by 100 points plus in the entire 10 years Daners was coach. I pose the question for discussion, would we have lost by 104 points on Sunday if Sheeds had been coaching us?
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