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  1. I got my positive result last night. Apart from 1 really awful day at the start, it was easier than the hangover I have right now, although I mowed the lawn yesterday and was quite surprised at how hard it was to get enough oxygen in the lungs.
  2. I'm a 40 year plus supporter who suffered through the horrible 70's 80's .......yeah, until now, and thought I was a broken, negative viewer, but this list and its MFC support staff have convinced me that we are about to enjoy the success that only a power club can bring. We have been set up brilliantly by our recruiters and developed perfectly by our coaches. It's been said that when the Dees win flags, it is in multiples, and I see absolutely zero reason to doubt that this will be the case with our current list, provided the hunger remains as consistent as our injury list. I'm looking forward to a few more flags before this bunch begins to disband.
  3. I'm hoping it will make people like the Bulldogs Hunter and Bears Mathieson unplayable. And Spargo will want to watch himself also. It's great news. Removing a blight on the game
  4. https://www.afl.com.au/news/696861/afl-to-crack-down-on-holding-the-ball-time-wasting Will be wonderful to see the head-duckers get pinged. About time.
  5. That's a very grounded and reasonable assessment of all of those players. Well done.
  6. Spending money for a slightly discounted 3rd round pick? Nah, spend the money on facilities instead and let the AFL foot the bill for the feel-good exercise.
  7. The AFL should be paying for these pointless academies if this is the case.
  8. I could not have summed up my own thoughts any better than you just did. Why spend a cent on developing talent for another team?
  9. Im currently at home isolating after a Covid test having worked in very close proximity to a bloke who tested positive the day after I worked with him. I was masked when we were in the vehicle together while (mostly) he was not. If it turns out to be Covid, its like a hybrid cold/flu. No sore throat at all, and severe fever for approx 12hrs on the first full day of symptoms, followed by a flick-of-the-switch cessation of fever, replaced by cold sweats, headache and annoying cough with phlegm. Now, on day 4, i just have the phlegm cough and feel a bit pizzy after several Rum and Cokes. Hoping it is Covid, but feel it isn't.
  10. *sigh* I commented on ONE Mark, not his entire career. He might be a champ. Let's hope he is. But I did not write him off over a single mark at training. Why can't people see that?
  11. The post from the MFC was swooning over his one handed mark. I simply didn't think it was anything remarkable. Fair dinkum, some of you get hysterical when someone douses your flames.
  12. People who go up one handed are often protecting themselves. I didn't think it was that impressive at all to be honest. A bit like the Jack Watts goal early on at Casey that fluked through and people immediately thought we had a freak goal kicker on the list. Looks a good size though.
  13. Was thinking the same thing as I came across your post. Bennell has had his share of demons to deal with. I'd be confident that we have enough compassion for our former players to make sure we at least politely enquire as to how he is coping. As for Harley Balic, R.I.P young man. And thoughts to your family.
  14. He'll probably fail yet again and be dropped, just like has has several times already. Did you actually have a point to make? Do you think he will suddenly be able to do things that up until now he hasn't been able to? If he does, wonderful. But I think it's far more likely that he wont based on what we've seen so far.
  15. If Essedon win those first 2 games, their arrogant and aggressive supporters will turn up thinking the flag is theirs. Watch your backs in the crowd. Jesus I detest Essedon supporters.
  16. Without bothering to open the story up to read it, I'm betting it will be just like pre-season videos of Ben Simmons making 3 pointers and jump shots.
  17. What can one say about a man who pulls stuff out of his arz and proclaims it as fact? I've never said opening will make the virus disappear. I have said I don't like the hysteria that many on here show, and that it's past time that all restrictions on movement and freedoms were lifted. I mean banning dancing and singing for Christ sake...... Don't make siht up please.
  18. Yep, he went at a run rate of 200 that delivery. Not good enough.
  19. There are some on this site who I suspect would be satisfied with just that approach.
  20. You guys don't have any actual flesh and blood friends do you? Posting on a fan forum instead of hanging out with real people on Christmas day? pffft, I'm far too busy and popular to waste my time doing something like that...... Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you enjoy the day with your loved ones, and survive the day if you are with the in-laws.
  21. https://www.dfat.gov.au/geo/solomon-islands/development-assistance/development-assistance-in-solomon-islands We already are helping the Solomon Islands. Problem is we can't give them money to help themselves as Solomon Island politicians are world renowned for their epic levels of corruption when handling public funds. Lived there for 4 years and witnessed it first hand. We are doing enough for the Solomons and I suspect PNG also.
  22. Thanks for posting. They can't be celebrating Christmas as Jesus was not born yet, so they must be celebrating Santa. Demonstone was correct! I never realised that the Flinstones were a symbol of western excess and greedy capitalism. Will burn all of my old VHS collection forthwith!
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