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  1. If we were to write a new "All time" Demons team 5 years from now, 3 of our current starting midfield group would probably be in it. If the sum is greater than the parts, we will win the next 3 flags.
  2. Was always stunned when I saw people on here posting that they would be happy to see him traded. Morons.
  3. Their fall will be epic. They may enter next season with the oldest list in AFL history and almost zero under 21 talent. 3-5 years from now Geelong will be asking for priority picks.
  4. Just retweeting so you cant chicken out and remove/edit your post. Thats gold. 😆
  5. hmmm, it's a bit like a participation award. Always been a fan of those.
  6. To be fair, Cordy needed to go back to have a chance at touching the ball anyway as it finished 3m or so over the line.
  7. That's a fair point. I think it will be Lever next. He just looks like he is (grooming himself) being prepared for the role. He throws himself in front of the camera at every opportunity. It's actually a bit of a laugh watching him wait for a bloke to finish an interview before he "randomly" walks past next to the journo, glancing sideways waiting to be asked to have a chat.
  8. Trac is too emotional to be a club captain. You need a steadying influence when times are tough, not tears. Just allow Trac to be himself and leave the media commitments to others.
  9. I wont be at all surprised if Port drop down the ladder next year. So many of their "top tier" players are getting quite long in the tooth and the youngsters don't have finals ready bodies yet. I'd be choosing Adelaide if I was a player or staff.
  10. Same. I just laughed. Couldnt have squeezed out a tear if i wanted to. Going back over the radio commentary may fix that
  11. Sparrow has come from nowhere to suddenly look like he can be more than a bottom 6 role player. A body like a Greek God, a leg like a mule, and a toughness that is rare for someone so young. And his delivery inside 50! Holy sheet! By God our recruiters have done a fantastic job over the past half dozen years.
  12. I did read somewhere (may have been on here? Not sure) that Goody was too emotional to speak on camera. From the scenes when the hugathon started it wouldn't surprise me if that was true. As for Embley, I think that was just Zempilas being a [censored] and hogging the limelight.
  13. Gees that Bigfooty thread was a beauty, apart from the [censored] Collingwood poster posting 1000+ whinges about it being a blowout. The Dogs supporters were great and the neutrals were 90%+ for us. Brilliant read. Best thing I read was from a Hawks supporter H2F who posted this. Looks like our dreams have come true. "Petracca and Oliver are like nothing I’ve seen. It’s like having Buckley and Voss together or Danger and Dusty. Amazing."
  14. After his G.F performance I agree wholeheartedly. Kid was brilliant.
  15. Would love to one day see the Saints jag one. Would love even more to maul Essedun, Collingwood or the Hawks in the big one.
  16. After 6 decades of humiliation, we have finally rediscovered the secret to being a power club. The Demons are about to explode I suspect. At least we will soon discover if all of the stories about our latent support are true. If you don't join up now you never will.
  17. Will be interesting to see the reception we get when we head back there next year. They certainly seem to love Max.
  18. The one I have noticed more and more each time is Sparrow. His inside 50 work was incredible. The kid is a beast and his foot skills have surprised the siht out of me.
  19. That's one of the things I liked about it. Both sides went hard at the ball, with no Michael Long or Dean Wallis thuggery. Although if you look at both lists it's hard to find a player who would do that kind of thing. Also I had a look at the Bulldogs supporter site. They are gutted but gracious. A classy lot. Oh, and apparently one guy has put in 8 grand over the past 2 years and is unhappy they couldn't provide him a flag. Now he knows how Joe Gutnick felt.
  20. Yeah fair enough, I was a bit harsh. I actually like the Dogs. Just can't stand the "poor us" narrative. They are too good a side to go with this garbage. They should be proud, and ditch the us against the world stuff. And don't feel sorry for them. They will be back at the top end next year also.
  21. I see a few showing a bit of pity for the Dogs. They have one of the most detestable players I have ever seen in Liberatore. He can suck a fat one, with his tough-guy garbage.
  22. Can someone explain what the "upgrade" option is for the signed guernsey? Why is it 5 times the price of the original?
  23. I saw a few Bulldogs supporters saying that this was going to the the greatest premiership win in history. They were probably right.
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