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  1. Love crumbing goal by Charlie and the long kick by Clarry
  2. Yep and Fritsch needs to lift and do the basics right. The kick into the man on the mark shows he's not switched on. Hunt playing well as is Langdon....
  3. I thought that game was postponed - hopefully they do play and Weed plays a blinder
  4. It has to Kozzie by a country mile. The old footy adage applies - you're only as good as your next game and Cyril doesn't have a next game.
  5. I reckon Tmac can play up the ground on the wing opp Langdon and play the twin towers in Weed and Brown, alongside our 3rd forward Bailey Fritsch and pletora of smalls pickett etc Jackson can ruck rove. We can get away with being tall because Jacko is so good below his knees, Tmac has an engine and Weed can crash packs whilst Brown won't harass etc...
  6. He's been Collingwooded. The only good players we ever got from them were Peter Moore, Henry Coles and RIP Flash Gordon.
  7. 4 possible outs Jordon, Jones, Melks & Rivers. Maybe Brown, Weed, Sparrow etc
  8. I reckon we could bring in both Brown and Weed and keep playing Jacko in ruck with Max and Tommy as a winger and occassional foray into the forward line with Kossie and Spargo as our smalls.
  9. Genius recruiting in 2019, I wondered at the time why we didn't protest having our pick 2 taken away from us. Now in hindsight I realise it's because we were always going to select Luke Jackson.
  10. Is that because our first pick is in round 2. I thought we only had to match the pick with our next available or match the points.
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