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  1. Very proud of the club for not rolling over and taking in on the chin like the AFL wanted.
  2. How does White get in the best players considering a lot of his disposals went to oppo
  3. Maybe he can do a Chandler bide his time and improve
  4. Joel would make the perfect sub can play forward/back.
  5. If he has sustained form, he'd be a great 3rd/4th forward or swingman down back or the ideal sub
  6. What Petty gives us that Brown doesn't is second efforts and strength in the contests.
  7. Dumb rule how does it disadvantage the kicker.
  8. Had me shaking my head, thought Richmond got the benefit of the doubt every time two examples out of many were taking the ball off Fritsch when he could've had a goal and Rioli not being penalised for a 50m in the centre of the ground and them getting a goal as a result. In other words the umpires had yellow and black bias. Also why does Martin always get more time to dispose of the ball.
  9. I reckon Bedford and Chandler were fighting for the same position.
  10. The sub needs to be someone like a Smith who can play on a tall/short. Melksham whilst a great kick, doesn't get involved enough. He's the icing on the cake type of player. He plays okay when we are on top, but not so much when we aren't switched on. I was hoping that either JVR/Smith would've be given the vest last night as I wasn't confident Tom would play well and with Fritter playing first game back. The only positive is that Melks is 2 games closer to getting 100 games with us. I reckon he'll get there, but I'd be selecting a different sub for the Syd game.
  11. Shrewd recruiting by us. Imagine how we'd be without Grundy now that Max is out
  12. I'd love him at Melb, Choco could teach him to kick.
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