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  1. There was word that he wanted to come back and we said no
  2. If Jackson, Pickett and Rivers progress and Brown plays and the rest show a bit we are a real chance. We just ned to play smarter and not bomb the ball but lower the eyes.
  3. It's only a rookie spot, so it's worth a crack. If he doesn't improve then we part ways. But I'd like him to have the year to prove his worth. Next year Woey's son is in the draft and I hope we take him too. He's supposed to be very good.
  4. It shouldn't affect them as Hore will be placed on long term injury list and his replacement will cover him, if we choose to.
  5. I agree he'd be better value as a HFF or midfield player with his gr8 kicking skills.
  6. Ox was a very skilled big man. He could sidestep an opponent and a great kick.
  7. Not sure how often Lewis can help out he'll probably be on commentating duties with 7.
  8. "Under AFL rules clubs are allowed to invite a maximum of six players to train with the squad from January 6 to trial for a spot on the rookie list during the pre-season supplemental selection period which ends on March 9. They need to submit their list to the AFL by December 18.“ Apart from Deakyn Smith and Taj Woewodin (possible f/s 2021) and maybe fingers crossed Wiz junior ... who else anyone got any info?
  9. Hope he is given a crack over the praccie matches
  10. Did some research apparently Taj is not eligible for this year's intake.
  11. Is Tay eligible for this year or is it more for 2021. So if Deakyn, Taj and maybe Kobe, any idea who the other 3 might be...?
  12. Anyone can pick him hopefully we do as a rookie. It would be a great marketing tool to have the son of Wiz at the Dees.
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