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  1. Good analysis - hope coaching team take note
  2. Bedford doesn't get involved enough, never has even at junior level - he's a bit player at the moment and will be till he gets more of the ball.
  3. Not sure about Bedford, yes he's quick but doesn't do much at all.
  4. I agree Pig needs a rest, he does fumble when he is in the clear a lot. There was an example late in the last quarter near boundary in the forward pocket when had he picked it up we were away instead he fumbled it over the boundary.
  5. I have telly on mute so I don't have to listen to the commentators barracking for the opposition.
  6. Hope he stays in their side because when the heat is on in Sept he'll go awol.
  7. Maybe even Jordon - rest for Smith/Jones if he plays to his strengths and not try to break tackles etc
  8. Like to see Bowey and Weed in. Rest ANB and Harmes who handballs to noone/oppo
  9. Have to bring some players who can kick - Bowey for ANB/whoever. We need to recruit players who can kick and find the ball.
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