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  1. Please don't play Petracca if he has a corky. We need him cherry ripe for tougher games coming up.
  2. Lucky we didn't play McDonald in defence
  3. Is that the same Goodwin who's selections got us to 7-0?
  4. Isn't Weideman a better option than Melksham? Am I missing something?
  5. True. Players must feel that the chances of winning a premiership at Melbourne are slim so they leave early or before we get the full benefit which means we then can't win a premiership. Sort of self-fulfilling prophecy that we get trapped in.
  6. Very true. That's why I worry that Picket, Jackson and Rivers will all want to go home at some stage and we'll get pillaged again.
  7. Undefeated and on top of the ladder, but there's very little excitement on demonland. Have we all been so deeply scarred that we're expecting this bubble to burst in a spectacular way?
  8. Don't flirt with form! Keep McDonald forward and leave the forward line alone. They got us to 7-0.
  9. If he kicked that third goal, the ball would've gone back to the center and the future takes on a different path from that point onwards
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