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  1. I don't get why those Hawthorn players want to stay. They're going to spend years on the bottom.
  2. Yes. They did a Brisbane. They thought they could get one more premiership and topped up and now they don't have enough high draft picks coming through.
  3. Thanks for the information. I've always wondered about the MCC connection.
  4. Any reason as to why The MFC hasn't tried to sever it's ties with The MCC?
  5. So it's part of the MCC but not run by the MCC?
  6. Can someone explain to me why MFC has this strange relationship with MCC that other Victorian clubs don't have? I'm assuming there's no tick box for other clubs.
  7. This why winning a premiership was so important for our club, even if it's just one, it could transform the club
  8. Today, the joy and disbelief has morphed into simple satisfaction.
  9. The Dogs were strange in the third quarter, they started playing like Geelong
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