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  1. Last year we would've loved to lose to a bottom team and be on top of the ladder
  2. This is one my frustrations with Channel Seven. They never talk about what tactics are being employed, what strategies are working or not working, why Team A is leading. Instead they interview a five-year old at half-time to try and get a cheap laugh.
  3. Yeah, It looked liked a VFL match
  4. Accept it knowing that football can never provide true happiness
  5. Don't worry, soon it won't be a problem
  6. Relax. Every team has a slump at some stage during the season. Better to have the slump now than at finals time.
  7. Won't some of that be used to pay off the debt we'll most likely accumulate this year?
  8. When you're chasing a premiership that's exactly what you want. You don't want hype.
  9. Excellent point. We need to know what our forward setup is but I think even the coaches aren't sure yet
  10. This year is the first time that I've trusted the team in over ten years. The Collingwood game changes nothing for me. Some days I go to work and I'm flat for some reason. We all do. Why should footballers be any different?
  11. Correct. He's played two good games for us. Every year people say "This will be he's year". Not going to happen.
  12. Hard to argue with you there considering we have a bye next week
  13. Damn! That all but guarantees we will lose
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