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  1. I’ll be there to cheer on the boys for all you Victorian fans who can’t make it!
  2. I stopped coming onto this Forum a couple of years ago because I was sick of the demon flogging on here. Now we are 9-0 it seems like an exciting place to be.
  3. Changes have to be made at the club for the poor season we have had, it can’t always be the sacking of the head coach to make change.
  4. This bloke will make us fit enough to play finals next season! Great get!
  5. I think the couching staff is well aware after the preliminary final smashing that this group won’t take us all the way. I don’t think we are due for a full rebuild but we do need a little rebuild to get more depth with our playing group.
  6. I know there is another level we can play at because we saw it last year and we are not playing anything like we did last year. I just hope we get to that level again before it is to late. I'm Not panicking yet, just praying at the moment.
  7. This round one match is bringing back bad memories of 2013, watching the boy stand side by side for Jimmy at the start of the game then copping an absolute smashing by Port. Our season was over by the end of round one that year. ?
  8. I knew everyone would be talking doom and gloom on here after that game. Guys it’s a practice match and we played finals last season so we are going to have a slow start. All finals teams are like this at pre season time.
  9. I live in Perth and the demon army helped me out with tickets which is great as it is extremely hard to get a ticket here. I can't wait to support the boys this Saturday with my 4 year old son!! GO THE DEMONS!!
  10. Don't kill my buzz man. I'm just happy we made into the finals and won.
  11. This article is a joke. I think we all know he will move to WA as all players go home eventually but it will be on the terms of if the club starts to rebuild or we trade him because he is underperforming.
  12. Not every one is a robot like you Jude, some of us humans show emotions.
  13. I was at the game, I almost through my son into the crowd from excitement
  14. I've noticed something as well, all the comments are super positive. This site must have been hacked.
  15. Considering the amount of key injuries we had last year i think Goodwin is none to think outside the box to get the job done.
  16. We had Viney and McDonald out. Viney would have stoped Ablet and McDonald would have stuck a couple of marks in the 4th when we needed it.
  17. We were down by 26 points at half time, we found a way to get back into the game and put our selves into a position to win the game against a really good team. I think that shows this team is starting mature as a group, I'm look forward to the season ahead.
  18. Nothing has changed on this website! That was one of the best games I've seen us play in years and everyone on here is acting like we lost by 20 goals. We almost beat Geelong who placed 3rd last season.
  19. $39 a month??! I got them down to $35 a month last season because I threatened to cancel, then when I'm was actually going to cancel they offered me the same deal for $26 per month. PUSH THEM FOR A LOWER PRICE PEOPLE!!
  20. The younger players are starting to step up and lead this club!
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