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  1. By the way I can sense this thread getting derailed shortly. I don't mean to upset anyone or insight anything to extreme. Just wanted to voice my opinions.
  2. The great irony that his last decision as the president of Collingwood football club was to stand down early, a decision based solely on money. The financial loss from him staying and the left with theie victim mentality just constantly pushing until they got their way (mind you that won't be enough, it never is) outweighed the financial benefit of him staying and I would bet my mortgage on Eddie himself understanding and making that call. Even as he is personally attacked and called out for not being 100% perfect in his position in the public eye he still makes a call that benefits his f
  3. Absolute witch hunt claims another victim. Don't dare make a mistake or be imperfect. Sad day.
  4. Haha fantastic work. One of my wife's go to entrée's. Won't be hoping in the pool in north east Vic... Although if we make finals a cannonball may be on the cards much to the kids delight.
  5. That's the one. Any sort of juice will work though.
  6. Chicken thigh brined in pickled jalapeano juice. Half smoked and finished on the BBQ skewered with red onion and capsicum. Just finished 12 straight, 2 days off then back for 12 so going to relax with a cigar and watch the footy. Can't wait.
  7. Alas there will be no smoking meat for Josh today, I'll be farming the pig instead of eating it, but go the Dee's none the less. Do have a nice big brisket lined up for father's day morning though.
  8. Was on the could-a-beens last weekend, coaching North Fremantle in the WA amateurs. They didn't probe him too hard there didn't seem to be any issues. Was enormously thankful for the opportunity Melbourne gave him after missing on 2(?) drafts. Found out on holiday he was traded which he said he didn't see coming. But loved his time at both Melbourne and Collingwood. Seemed like a genuinely nice fella, most guests on the could-a-beens are down to earth they don't stuff around much with the egos. Paul Spargo was another good interview...
  9. No problem, Vsauce is another fantastic YouTube channel. And depending on your interests numberphile and 3 blue 1 brown are also amazing
  10. Interested on people's thoughts on slection "mistakes" and a win against a top 8 team. For what it's worth I agreed with the frustration with our selection pre game on terms of pace yet here we stand with a win. How much of this game of ours is skill? How much is endeavor? How much is structure? I watched a fantastic video from Veritasium about luck that really makes one question success in general. Can't wait for Joeboy's review and the changes thread.
  11. Oops, had some bad calls in my day but yeah, that's a mulligan
  12. Agreed, horrible can of worms to open. But it's the AFL they can just make it up as they go. I honestly believe I will be following soccer in my lifetime as the number 2 sport in this country
  13. In my opinion the fact we need a social media platform to out law this behavior speaks volumes. We as a species can't seem to get past this. Eddie Betts summed it up best I reckon, he said "it's no longer good enough to say 'Im not racist' and think that's ok, you have to be actively fighting this" or something along those lines I was in the " that's terrible but I'm not a racist so it's not my problem camp" for a long time but I realised if I don't teach my kids to stand against it nothing will change. The coon cheese argument is a perfect example of where we are at for mine. "Why s
  14. I wonder who he would replace from the weekend for example. Harmed? Spargo? Brayshaw? Not sure it's an improvement is it?
  15. Oh yes I've been waiting for this one, for years I've argued with the Footscray boys at work who's the better midfield. I think we might see an all out gun fight Oliver and Petracca vs Macrae and Bontempelli. Wow. I've got a rack of beef ribs, a cape from scotch fillet and 2 dinosaur size tomahawk ribeyes, fair to say the father in law and I are going to eat like kings... Time for a beer, photos to come.
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