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  1. Comparing with most other coaches on body language and media comments post match - I have never been inspired. I'd be willing to try anything now at the Dees even if it means going backwards again to establish some concrete 'not negotiables' . I would rather support a losing club with some balls; excuse the phrase. I don't mean this in respect to a lot of players though there are a few that don't get held accountable after half arsed performances. It only takes a few players to drag down the rest. There is too much of a 'palsy' culture in the club. Toughen up - drop the bloody
  2. Jess deserves the best of luck _ probably elsewhere though unfortunately. PS - [censored] Smith is looking ultra cool - sign him up ?
  3. Oliver, Viney, Petracca = exactly right. Appart from Viney, I'm not sure why Petracca and Clarry can play so much better in 'some' games. I think it might be above the shoulders. Goodwin's responsibility is to ensure these better efforts every week.
  4. Two main points in game style change that made huge difference in my opinion ; with room to improve : 1 - Breaking out from the packs and DELIVERING effective KICKS - Less blind kicks to opposition. Top work Clarry, good deliveries from Viney, Brayshaw & Petracca. ( Improvement : There were still a lot of bad deliveries resulting in turn overs.....a repeating theme. ) 2 - Low , hard and fast deliveries to leading players. ( ie _ best kick all night Petracca to Fritsch. ) These deliveries have been missing this season and this game showed that we can do it. Still a way to go. Th
  5. FYI - Just google 'Western Demons' for all your info We will be at the Empire Bar this year ; not far from Optus Stadium ( Same venue as 2019 ) Subscribe to the newsletter at the website to keep up to date. FREE pre-game function for round one ~ v. Eagles You can register for the event here : https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/demons-date-with-destiny-pre-match-function-melbourne-v-eagles-tickets-95809337307 Cheers & bring on 2020
  6. Second that Margetts is biased. Hear about it every game he umpires in the West for Weagles. It really is the elephant in the room : AFL has no accountability.
  7. First thing after losing a game you have to look at is your missed opportunities _ like not finishing set shots. Melbourne lost their own game. Damn shame because I thought their defensive effort was fantastic considering the makeshift backline. Second thing is the umpiring _ for this Eagles crowd the hometown advantage kicks in. Were some bloody shockers by the umpires. Amongst the worst was the Kennedy flight ( into Max's back I think ) without getting to the ball : no free. Then going forward to take another mark and goal. There was the Tim Smith incident = joke. The Max incident co
  8. Was at the game just around from the points - Nathan Jones did make the trip in to have a go at Vardy. Unfortunately nowadays the first priority is for players to worry about their next move and not get caught up in a rabble; esp now with the 666 reset. Loose heads lose games. I did think at the time there could have been a more passionate response overall _ I felt like jumping out of my seat and running down there myself. Marty
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