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  1. The past 8 @AFL Grand Finals (and 11 of the last 13) have been won by the side that polled fewer Brownlow votes earlier that week Brownlow votes polled in 2021 96 - MELB 85 - WBD flip a coin you might get the same result ?
  2. On the books we should be able to get them in key points : Max wins in the ruck - Our backline best in the business - We have our best team in with good depth for selection - virtually no injuries. Also heard a rumour that MARVEL MAXY might show up....
  3. The Demi God, Max Gawn, offered a smorgasbord of treats. It was an awesome feast had by the hungry demons. Had the pleasure of meeting plenty of interstate people yesterday - great to extend on the Demon Family. Words can't describe it. Pretty bloody horse today. I had a laugh when Bayley Fritsch kicks from the back flank up to Petracca on the wing ! A classic case of how we owned the game and trying to counter anything we did was futile. There was some great defence viewing when were kicking to the opposite end - extraordinary. GO DEES
  4. The Demi God, Max Gawn, offered a smorgasbord of treats. It was an awesome feast had by the hungry demons. Also feeling a bit guilty today as this rightly should be at the G. It is hard to indulge. We still did our best last night though to support and I think it went pretty bloody well ; to say the least. It's going to be a hard couple of weeks walking around circles wondering where I'm supposed to be....... History in the making - GO YOU DEMONS
  5. You are right ..... I think its just the kiwi sense of humour that shines on through'
  6. For info on getting into WA from Vic = 14 day quarantine unless it changes soon. https://www.wa.gov.au/organisation/covid-communications/covid-19-coronavirus-controlled-border to section 'Medium risk jurisdictions' currently for Vic.
  7. 'But then I saw Jimmy Stynes cross over the mark in 1987 right in front of me at Waverley.' Ugh - some scars right there..... though I believe that day is what made Jim the man he was in relation to the club and what he wanted to bring from that day forwards - not just for himself. ( The burden he had to carry in relation to Robbie Flower....) Then we have Jim pass the batten to the gangly Kiwi lad with broken knees > Max Gawn. Jim saw something in this Max kid - a massive influence. Between Max and Jones we have the been able to thread the ties that hold all these young players together. I really feel like the things that happened on that day back in 1987 started a ripple that has taken this long to reach the shore as a swell. There is a delicate balance between playing for the past and playing for now and all these boys have the balance. Thankyou Robbie - Thankyou Jim - Thankyou Jonesy - Thankyou Max
  8. Done Deal - Gunna' crank it up for you !
  9. Honestly I don't think there should be a problem getting a ticket for the prelim because we can buy x8 each and they wont all go . For the GF we don't know how many tickets per 'code' we are going to get. To be honest I feel like it will be 1 per code - hopefully I'm wrong. The club had re-opened up the membership sales ( post deadline ) last week and sold however many to 'whoever'. Don't know what allocation we will get verses corporate etc. The clubs here had an allocation to sell their members also ; mostly packages. I will be asking some questions about this and also in regards to sharing codes from over East before the GF.
  10. Funnily enough when you wear your demon gear on the train etc it attracts anyone that doesn't like West Coast to come up and tell you how much they hate them..... Or anyone that goes for Tigers,Blues,Pies etc just come up and start talking to you. Its a weird effect.
  11. Hey L-M-C Would have to try the Ticketek sale on Monday first for prelim ( check their site etc ). Then try via Western Demons website and we might be able to offer a ticket if no luck getting one. Best advice is try via Ticketek first ( We're in the same boat here.. ) - Do what we can. Ultimately though being a member is the best insurance you can get. For the GF we don't even have any real guarantees ( unless you purchase the guarantee upgrade ) .
  12. Thanks for the great feedback Damo. Can't emphasis enough how we feel for all the Dees supporters. Have to do what we can to get the voice out. It's really hard to compare how someone may support their footy team - we all do it in a different way. The one common heart felt thread is the long journey that we all have been on. The club has transcended into something special and that the road for all has been long. Regardless of how we go - we all know that there is some good years of football ahead of us and that we are so proud of these boys that have stuck together. ** Savour the moment and may we be delivered what we deserve **
  13. Thanks for your support also Wiz. We will all be NERVOUS WRECKS. I would actually compare it to the feeling you have when you are about to have your first child ......... your brain is a mash off thoughts. ( General comment ~ How awesome has the indigenous influence on our great club been over time ? Naming just a few ( Jurrah - Davey - Farmer - Jetta - Garlett - Picket & of course the KOZ ) So many highlights - big thanks - just wouldn't be the Dees without these greats in our midst. )
  14. Just drop in some pics of the Western Demons. Our local pub sponsor is the Empire Bar in Lathlain not far from the ground. We meet there to watch the games, pregame, functions etc. Very passionate group and well versed in our song ! Loud and proud.
  15. 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 Without a doubt ! 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔴 🔴🔵
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