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  1. How to maggotorize a good game in the last two minutes. Number 22 again and was No 15 there as well?
  2. Viney tagged. Oliver tagged and kept off the ball unpenalised Kossie heavily tagged.
  3. The AFL are almost as gutless as the act itself.
  4. Wonder which number 1 recruit will be the protected species for this game from start to finish. Must not forget numbers 23 and 15. We must get one of them..
  5. Dunno about "free' and the music was fantastic.
  6. TWSNBN and Carlton best exponents at this. There is another one as well, someone must have said to both those teams that they have a free hand to tackle above the shoulder indiscriminately and not get pinged
  7. I didn't think from my memory the Northern end had seats. I thought it was standing room only, on cans.
  8. Does sort of make one feel this factor of fatigue might not be all the problem
  9. Yep, i noticed No 23 had to go all the way up to Darwin, and they had him in the game just before. Seems as though no bias, just payback..
  10. There would have to be a complete change of all Field Umpiring Personnel.
  11. So nobody listens to us and everyone listens to (Geelong) them Presumably they are harder done by than us.(joke)
  12. Why does MFC have to overcome their opponent as well as every week a barrage of poor bias decisions and try to win each game every week, and it doesn't matter who we play, and then carry on as if there is nothing going on? Very poor sportsmanship on behalf of all umpires if that is the case?
  13. Geelong Coach met the AFL today about his outburst against maggots after game. Not our Coach just him and the hierarchy.
  14. Best post i have read since the start of the season. It has summed up our year so far with consistency of the worst kind. Everyone tries to deny what's going on here but it is rather plain on face looking stuff. We are actually prevented from starting well because what happens is the game flow is dictated to purposely to prevent us from doing so. Free kicks of one kind in the first qtr, like paying pushing in the back or holding the ball will change in the second qtr to throwing the ball and not holding marks, and so on and so on until the last qtr, where there will be no holding the ball at all and waiting until the opposition get out of congestion and kick to another of their players inside the fifty, or worse no review of anything until the painfully inevitable stage of a dubious free. I am at the stage in games with us that i wait for the free to them in the last minute or the rule of a free against us. By the way it is not only US this weekend. GWS in particular were given a raw deal in the last qtr by umps, and we know who they played.So too were Adelaide tonight and St Kilda.
  15. How many games a week are there decisions made where the view of all the umpires is incidentally obstructed, or not picked up for one reason or another. I think in those circumstances the usual procedure is to call a stoppage. I'm thinking there should be instantaneous contact with co umpires in a box just as we do now for decisions regarding scoring and where these umpires with better views than those umpires on the ground observe infringement particularly on the periphery, and in the incident itself, notify the umpire (not sure which one) and award against the infringement. Hopefully this can be done seamlessly.
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