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  1. Would it be in the interests of the League to financially entice retired players to take up Umpiring? I feel sure that if the necessary and generous benefits, along with special sponsored publicity was directed this way, it would work. Maybe all these blokes might not like the ball being bounced by themselves instead so much....
  2. Petracca Captain probably by unanimous player vote, but by Media and AFL vote Moore who is a bighead
  3. Much more pleasing than Rising Star this week was Roo's up the ground movement. Lot to like about his solid play yesterday moving in and out of congestion..
  4. Couple of things............... despite the best efforts of a majority of umpires we still won the game. Razor next week please. We got our first holding ball free kick with a minute thirty six seconds to go. Petty and Oliver necessities.
  5. Not looking very good for Hawthorn, and that goes for any Hawthorn Officials in the periods. If the AFL think that this can be fobbed off into the sunset or even Tasmania they have got another disaster coming. It could go on for ages as experience teaches us.
  6. I would imagine there could be a case/precedent for the Human Rights commission if they so desire to take this further to certain Courts within or outside Australia
  7. I don't think he meant this year...............on a lighter note i hope all those blokes who think the umpiring has been satisfactory and cannot be blamed for us losing, you will be able to see ALL the ones that were missed by our maggots picked up and paid in most of Sunday's games.......enjoy
  8. I thought i knew the rules, but i just keep getting the jumpers mixed up
  9. In my OP, a young forward line needs guidance just like a backline does. For that reason i'm leaning towards Macca or Melksham to be in. I would like to see Melksham in the following week as well to maybe play his hundred against Collingwood and win. He and Hibberd are tough and they equalise other teams tough players. For that matter so is Sparrow. Grundy will be ok. I'm also looking forward to having Clarry in the box this week because he will make a contribution at ground level like we probably will not experience before..
  10. Agree with this, another used to be is come in from the side for a mark, and ride the hip, always hurt, and another was to fake a mark playing in front when in one on one getting as close as possible to opponent, taking off early and purposely impeding his knees and consequent take off with your studs. Worked a treat.
  11. Hardwick going to GC is one thing but don't forget the manure could really hit the fan if Brisbane or Hawthorn blows up big time. There are quite a few people living in trepidation about AFL trying to ride over the top of interested groups here..
  12. Actually you can tell Goody's different looks as to whether he is just so so or not...
  13. There is of course the Geelong connection with the Coaches getting information in advance of everyone else, and playing the free in advance style. Now i need to include TWSNBN with the brother connection.
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