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  1. WCW, in the nicest possible way. This is the first time i have ever read a training report in a story book fashion and i loved it. please give us some more.
  2. Just a little insight Werridee into what to notice about what Melksham is training at, his demeanour and what he perhaps isn't doing now? I know i'm late, and take your time tomorrow or whenever please.
  3. Keeping that theme in mind i would not blame the MFC if they reached out to all our players, mainly the younger ones, and pointed out to them about the Media, and their endeavours to get a scoop, play gotcha and all the other dirty little tricks to get unnecessary and unwarranted attention and exposure They have form and they are bloody ruthless..
  4. Some really smart picks by a few people Congrats.
  5. For some reason i am thinking Allen Jakovich.
  6. Well i wouldn't be standing next to him if he had his name tag on.
  7. Good summary QD, and who, pray tell, have you had near your home?
  8. No matter how tough you are in Rules, anyone who does that sort of hit will be looking around for a few years afterwards, just in case there is a new bloke maybe with a name like Cantona around.
  9. Brayshaw should have done an interview.... Yeh right
  10. Well, what else is he going to relate to you (supporters) at this stage of next year's football season?
  11. And crucially the timing of the Free Kicks. Whether it be their forward line in the last qtr, combined with a very close game. Or in our forward line where we are on a run on, like when Brayshaw got mown down or of course the worst decision of the Year.... Petracca's.
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