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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Anyone know anything about that type of tackle from Stringer? Is it dangerous and does it cause damage to lungs or rib cage?
  2. The only problem with this argument is that going into Finals last year we were knacked into the the Finals and didn't come up.
  3. I saw similarities in the way the game was umpired last night in the Footscray game and our game against Brisbane. What happens is free kicks getting paid to one team and not the other. No consistency in the fifteen metre rule. No bringing people back and around on the mark Worse was paying some marks and not others.
  4. One other thing Lurch played a great game on Max, because he slept on top of him for most of it.
  5. If one wanted a worse trio of maggots doing our game? They were all there again. Paying a ten metre one time then not paying a 15 mtr next. Evening up the frees, but couldn't bring themselves to do it. Every time we got a mark it was play on. Every time they got a mark or free kick it was ........would you like a cup of tea before you kick. The "smiling assassin" and "adolphus Twirk" made sure we were not going to get close but we did. "Fatso" and "dopey" were talking all through our game except when we scored, obviously not often.
  6. Or Coghlan or Cummins or Chapman or Nangle....plenty more
  7. That goes for any spoilt mark attempts, which are now to be taken as a mandatory head blow, and as part of the danger.
  8. Taylor yes, Andrews and Weitering are maybe not fit enough for us.
  9. Just the fact that it is being discussed brings a smile to my face.
  10. Do Goal Umpires have the power to say to the FU's that there is no review?
  11. I reckon this is shifty Media BS to stir up our HF line
  12. Greg Williams and Rod Grinter send their regards, along with many others
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