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  1. The only reason I believe there is a knock on him this year is his lack of defensive pressure. There have been numerous examples of opposition players stepping around him too easily with only an outstretched arm as a form of a tackle. I can't remember him chasing down an opponent (even to cause a spoil) so while I can appreciate his offensive work (which clearly he is brilliant at especially his body positioning in a contest) his lack of any defensive pressure is obvious to see.
  2. So to summarise... - Storm are building a facility to house their youth and women's teams @ Broadmeadows. Their men's team will still train and be based at AAMI Park. It will be their version of Casey Fields. - Rebels are training at Princes Park full time? - Victory still training at AAMI Park. Won't see that changing anytime soon as their proposed Footscray Park redevelopment was shot down. Only chance would be to have another council assist Victory with a new facility like Casey did with City.
  3. The best Dees set shot I've ever seen live for the MFC has been Jack Watts. Minimal body movement during the run up which kept the arms straight, ball drop was minimal and never tried to either drive through the ball or chip it towards goal. Watts accuracy was 67% (161 goals , 79 behinds)
  4. He's stubborn when it comes to his football philosophy. Inflexible when it comes to the gameplan. Not a match-day specialist coach. Barely shows emotion in the box. Has unshakable faith in sticking to the process regardless of the situation. I could be talking about Simon Goodwin but i'm actually talking about Neil Craig. It's quite clear to me now that Goodwin's coaching philosophy has been moulded by his experiences with Neil Craig. Craig's "Crowbots" were drilled to play a certain style (mainly numbers behind the ball with superior gut running)and never to stray from this for any reason. If you jump on the Bigfooty website, you can read threads on Neil Craig that sound exactly what we are saying about Simon Goodwin 13 years later. Take a look for yourselves: https://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/neil-craig.368842/page-10. Whilst Craig is without question Goody's greatest influence when it comes to coaching philosophy (as well as personally) it is time that Goody's takes a leaf out of the Malcolm Blight playbook. I mean he only coached Goody to 2 flags in his first 31 games. I'm not saying that he suddenly throws Steven May forward a.k.a Shane Allen in 97' but he has to step outside his comfort zone of process/ stubbornness and for the rest of this year and next thrown in some creativity/ uncertainty into his coaching. Looking at Simon this might be a tough ask as it isn't in his demeanour to be outgoing or coach with flair. It's just not in his DNA. His body language suggest he's gone back into his shell as right now the process the club has invested in isn't working. You can see it in the coaches box every single time the camera cuts to him. His face has the look of "What do I do now?" before turning and quietly talking to an assistant coach. The Goodwin / Craig combo worked as Goody was a workhorse who would prepare harder than anyone at the club to drive him to success & Craig had the tools methodology that worked for him. Our team has too much natural talent to be stripped away but it nearly has. The Crowbots made the prelim twice in the first 2 years but never reached the same heights under Craig. So where does that leave the Dees right now? A team prepared to run harder & play quicker than anyone else but at the cost skill and execution. A team that has been drilled to stick to the gameplan no matter what. A coaching staff that lacks creativity at selection & game day. A senior coach who shows no emotion in the box. So Goody for the sake of your career...be less Craig and a little more Malcolm.* *and maybe put Joel Smith forward to crash packs. Couldn't hurt!
  5. My two cents about the whole Goodwin thing is this. Nothing will happen this year but if we finish bottom 4 then quite rightly he will be at the top of the list of coaches under pressure in 2021. If we are 4-6 or worse by Queen's Birthday (usually the traditional time a coach gets sacked) then watch the media start slowly building up the pressure from about Round 8. The vultures will circle and i'm sure there will be some back channel work between the MFC and AFL around payouts. If we don't see any improvement by QB 2021, we'll sack him and pay him out.
  6. Had a bit of a play with how a redeveloped Gosch's Paddock could look. Summary: Collingwood sized oval and running track MFC Facility with Pool / Gym / Offices (and the "Social Club / Function Centre") - 3 stories high. Approx Increased underground car parking Indoor Hall (like the EFC Hangar) towards the end of the facility. Modelled on the Casey Fields hall currently being developed but size increased to fit as much hall as possible. Can be used by Melb Victory / Storm. 2 x Rugby / Football pitches along Punt Road Upgraded running tracks around and between ovals Re-aligned off-ramp from City Link to meet up with Kelso Street intersection. Increased parkland. Common grass area. Small hill for oval viewing in top right hand corner. Upgraded seating, playground, exercise facilities placed around the park. Thoughts?
  7. A big no for me and has been a big no for 2 years. Field Kicking is suspect. Went back to his old habit of holding on to the ball too long and looping it over his head with both arms to find time. On average 5-6 times out of 10 gets tackled from behind or to the side as a result...needs to work on peripheral vision. (in fact they all do) Cannot hit a target at close range by hand or foot, especially when a player is running past. Usually goes straight to their feet. Tackling pressure is minimal. A lot of pressure for midfield spots. But if there is no option where we can tack him on as part of a trade...re-invent him as a small forward. His goal kicking is decent. Need a left footer in forward line.
  8. If we lose today I'll do some serious Footloose dancing!
  9. The coaches speech when Hoges and Weid are playing together for the first time....
  10. All the teams that beat us at Etihad beat us by doing one thing... run and spread + switching across the ground from half back. If you look at the amount of times the ball for example was in our forward line about 30 m out towards the pocket and the Saints won possession...they got on their bikes and switched the play to the opposite side of the ground as they knew their leg speed would beat us every time. The Doggies did it time after time last year when we lost by 100+ So whilst we go chasing the players across the ground one or two Saints ran back towards the goal, one peeled off at their half forward line as the link man and one kept floating towards goal...usually we ended up as a one on two and we were caught in the middle. Oh and another thing... It didn't help that our corridor centric mentality made us centre the ball with a risky 30m kick rather than kick down the line to a contest. How many times have we witnessed it over the years? For the love of God MFC coaching staff...direct your players NOT TO KICK INTO THE CORRIDOR AT ETIHAD PAST HALF BACK - GO DOWN THE LINE!!
  11. Can't see where he would fit with us but would fit in with the excess of medium sized players that Collingwood have picked up over the past 2 years. If he was delisted then what about a rookie listing?
  12. Thanks for that crunching tackle against the Crows a couple years ago Dawsey but it's time to move on. I won't repeat what I said about him whilst watching the game yesterday but needless to say it wasn't kind.
  13. Ahh Beijing. Where in 2004 I shanked a drop punt in Tiananmen Square and falconed an unsuspecting Chinese national. Next thing you know a white Tarago full of Chinese army soldiers wanted to know what happened. Needless to say kick to kick isn't appreciated in China as much as it is here. Got my footy back though!
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