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  1. I can't think of anything worse than a prematch song, other than using the new LED lights like strobe lights after a goal, or the bombers air raid siren....
  2. Geelong don't need assistance, they need to draft and recruit better first
  3. Yeah it's All a bit surreal. I watched the game on the deck of my Airbnb in Sydney so I couldn't yell like normal but I didn't really think that we would lose even when they got within a kick at the end
  4. Three, which was more that Pickett
  5. I love these people that hate Melksham..... It's a riot. 69% game time for 17 Possessions, 6 marks and 18 pressure acts. Sure he makes the odd mistake but lots of people have blinkers on
  6. Maybe watch it again..... Much like the whole back six, after Quarter time Petty was acually very good
  7. Pickett has been good. But he hasn't been AA good.
  8. Pretty much exactly what the thread here last week said. Probably got his info from here
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