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  1. I certainly did. My old man told me today that apparently there are something like 10flights out of Hobart direct to Perth on the Friday now. I reckon normally there may only be 2 to 3 per week. Sounds like there will be a good contingent of dees fans on board.
  2. Sorry if its already covered in other threads but I only found one post for this weekend on it in this thread by @Tassie DevilI think. Also not wanting to disappoint any others that missed tickets. WA G2G pass? I assume there should be no issues since I'm flying direct from TAS but any advice on form completion for answers such as "Reason for Visit"... First MFC Premiership in my lifetime! etc.
  3. I think I’m going to be forced to spend the whole two weeks hunting for the gif I saw once (and in my post match Twitter like-clicking frenzy forgot to save) of Garry Lyon getting very excited at the game.
  4. Really enjoyed that article (except for the incorrect detail that failed to mention Steven Febey played in both grand finals 😉). Grinter coached New Norfolk in the Tasmanian statewide league when I was playing and was way too formidable for me to go anywhere near him.
  5. How can anyone take the linked article seriously… “leading journalist Damien Barrett” should automatically mean every reader assumes the whole article is satire. Even back in 2017 he wasn’t a leading journalist. Never was and never will be.
  6. I fondly remember the ‘ology days too. Lots of in-jokes (426 nickname etc) that took my slow old self too long to get. Like here I was more of a lurker than a poster though. Even though I’ve never lived in Victoria and don’t have all the local school/suburb references I’m pretty sure I worked out that KD went to school with some of my cousins.
  7. Q2 - about 10:50 remaining on the countdown. On the northern (attacking) edge of the square for us. Clear trip by Gus.
  8. never mind - I found it on a quick scroll through the Kayo replay. It was Aiden Bonar though not Ziebel. Tough to see on the phone how bad it was though (despite being way off the ball) and you are right it was only briefly mentioned in commentary so I guess they didn't bother with a replay or different angle because at that stage he'd only kicked all our goals.
  9. I may have missed comments on this earlier but what happened to Fritsch when he was laid out at CHF in the first quarter? I haven't seen the replay yet and to be honest I don't think I want to watch the first half anyway but I missed it during the match.
  10. Yesterday was the first time I’ve seen him live. His second/third and fourth efforts are exceptional and really demonstrate his fitness improvement. His balance (except for one notable slip) is out of this world. His goal in the third qtr was started just in front of me with the first of his 3 possessions in the chain. Once he had the ball and was running at goal you didn’t doubt he’d finish too. Love watching him play.
  11. There’s an error in your “cumulative for” cell from today. Should be 65.72 I think
  12. As others have already stated - this was a rubbish call by Derm. If Sparrow didn’t stand up for Jordon in that instant you just know Derm would be the first to bag him out for not “flying the flag” and looking out for his teammates.
  13. If Lever is playing for Casey this weekend (like I believe Goody said in his presser) why is he listed as 1-2 still? disclaimer: I was "working" while listening to Goodwin speak so I may have misheard.
  14. well I was disinterested before but this new unveiling of the logos has me all fired up. I can't wait for this now. The logos look great, and the AFL executive clearly knows what they are doing tapping into the youth market. Seriously - who am I kidding? The whole concept is a disgrace and totally unnecessary. Imagine if Danger actually plays in his team and goes down with an injury. Geelong will sue the AFL. I hope no dees players get the call up and actually play.
  15. Apologies if I missed it in this thread but does anyone know whom Wayne is referring to in this tweet?
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