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  1. Any news on Max ? Did he train ? Just concerned about his back
  2. Strangely enough, The longer this goes on, the more confident I am that he will stay. Freo have struggled badly this year and I think that will be a major factor for Jesse. He seems to enjoy the lifestyle in Melbourne and the club is more than happy for him to go and see his family. The only other thing would have been the lifestyle but he has his club mates to go surfing with also so I dont think that will be a deciding factor.
  3. Yes Viney has the propensity to turn it over but I am grateful he is actually getting the pill, its easy to have small turnover stats when you only get 10 possessions a game, but he is getting heaps of the footy so his turnovers will be higher. Nothing that can't be polished out of him when the season progresses
  4. This is all talk from the coaches, There are a lot of players who play 85% game time even at AFL level, he is pulling up fine from games so then he will be ready. I understand they want to be cautious but as I said no one plays 100% game time at AFL level or VFL level anyway
  5. Outs Oliver, Bugg, Pederson Ins Vince Garlett (If fit) Petracca I think this is the best game to unleash TRAC, if we can get the win it will be great for morale and will boost him even more playing in a winning team under lights at the G He ran out the game well on the weekend so fitness wise should not be too bad, Put him on a HFF so he can ease into it I understand Bugg was servicable on the weekend, but if we are truly to move up the ladder we need to be ruthless and cannot accept continuous poor disposal
  6. Just a media conference, tweeted by Melbourne Fc
  7. Did they say press conference, or was it just a media interview ? They would be 2 separate things I would say
  8. http://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-premiership/ollie-wines-port-adelaide-new-contract-likes-tweet-from-fan-saying-he-wants-to-re-sign/story-e6frf3e3-1227684708268
  9. I wasn't talking about Port's coin, I was saying they are further developed than we are so it would cost us more to lure him
  10. He will not leave Port, he appears to be very loyal, unless we have a bucketload of cash (unlikely considering we want to keep hogan long term) Or they fall even further down the ladder and we have a meteoric rise. People have to remember players only have one career he won't want it to go backwards
  11. If he is that miserable in the photo can you imagine if they make him do the xmas video HAHA Jesse "The Grinch" Hogan
  12. Half forward I think. He was an exceptional mark for his size and a good kick.
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