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  1. I know the coaches rate him but I’m not convinced by petty. Two big contested marks against him. Just gotta half them.
  2. Serious rough patch from the umps. Oliver handball, Jackson holding, harmes high!
  3. Selwood is by far my least favourite player in the league. He has single handedly created a generation of duckers.
  4. Agree with everything (except hodge was a different year to buddy/roughy)!
  5. After singing his praises last week, anb is having a shocker
  6. Brayshaw grabbed his shoulder when his arm was chopped line an onion - no free paid.
  7. How the [censored] was that not a chopping the arms of Brayshaw!
  8. How are there that many people on this website with such a poor comprehension of basic maths!? Of course we bloody go to the top if we win or draw!
  9. Played a great game. Part of the chain to set up our first goal, and his ripper from the boundary line and celebration was what got us going in the second. Tackles big and works hard both ways. I think he's always had good footy IQ but either his execution has let him down in years gone by. Looks a different player this season.
  10. I see Lockhart taking over the lockdown small defender role from Nev and Hibberd. He looked really composed last year.
  11. I noted that also in the press conference - was really interested to hear the Max makes the call on field.
  12. Think he can become our Jack Gunston (big call I know).
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