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  1. Sorry everyone, I assumed (incorrectly) that open training sessions are ok to post information about, including videos. Damian Hardwick was even there at once stage to check out this session! But I understand that if we can help it, we shouldn't be posting videos online for others to see, to make it easier to check out what our boys are doing! It's been deleted. Cheers
  2. I took the liberty of creating a short video of the clips I took during the forward 50 entry drill and the clearance work Video deleted as per clubs wishes It includes the injury to Howe, clanger kicks from Jetta and Bennell and a nice mark from Watts
  3. Thanks fellas, makes it worthwhile to see that it makes a big difference to some who can't get there! I always appreciate others going along to training and providing reports, and given that I wasn't at work for once I thought I would head down! So easy to ride there on the bike, it seems quite a few other watchers did the same
  4. Taggert was there. He was involved in most of the drills, but at times worked away from the group and left a bit earlier. Maybe just on a modified program
  5. The photos I took from the session as promised ... Fitzpatrick Clarke shows him how it's done
  6. First training session I have ever been to! Warm up to start with. Williams, Lawrence, McKenzie, Jamar, Cook, Viney, Strauss in the rehab group over the other side of the ground doing basic ball handling drills. Jamar just ran laps and more laps for quite a long while. Doesn't seem to tire or change his expression, which is actually quite scary! In some of the kicking drills the skills seemed to be quite good, plenty of low, hard kicks that mostly hit their targets. Damian Hardwick happened to walk past and check out the training for about 5 minutes. Howie got his eye injured in a marking cont
  7. Highlights are up on DeeTV http://www.melbournefc.com.au/dee%20tv/tabid/8667/default.aspx#playvideo#playvideo#playvideo Has good pace on the lead and great pair of hands, but obviously his opposition is far less than he will experience at AFL level. Decent kick on him as well
  8. With midfielders switching between the centre and through the forward line/back line these days, maybe the lines are blurred too...
  9. Is he a certainty for the midfield or could he be suited to the small forward role that we have been looking for...? 180cm, built like a brick sh*thouse, tackles like one, good sense around the contest, wins clearances...useful in the forward 50 I think for forward pressure and to create opportunities at ground level
  10. What did people choose in the options for scarf, dees shop discount etc? I went for the discount...have endless supply of scarves in the wardrobe...and I've given plenty back to the charity bin!
  11. Found plenty of photos from the session on youtube A few shots of the new draftees and the permission to train players
  12. On the SEN broadcast one bloke thought it was a good pick. Think they said he didn't go to the draft combine this year, might explain the lack of photo
  13. From what I hear, given his background in teaching and at Collingwood, he is great at communicating with players and getting the best from them. He seems to be big on team roles rather than individuals playing for themselves. Going by this, I fully expect those who were low on confidence/form in 2011 to play better footy in 2012. This mostly includes Davey, Green, Morton and to a lesser extent Jurrah. With these 4 playing better footy we will win more games. No doubt about it.
  14. For those concerned about his motivational ability have a read of this...take it for what it is... http://www.bigfooty.com/forum/showpost.php?p=6136042&postcount=8 He's not a hard-ass but he gets the message across regardless it seems!
  15. Defence doesn't seem to be marking their space very well. Down by 28 now
  16. Dunn goals with a second effort but Port replies. Port 4.5.29 to Casey 5.3.33
  17. Dunn to Newton inside 50 to Fev on the lead. Slots his second. Port 3.2 - 20 to Casey 3.2 - 20
  18. Gawn dominating. Fevola has had 2 marks from a lead, one goal. Matthews snaps but misses. Port 1.0 - 6 to Casey 2.2 - 14
  19. Agree. Surely Matthews could fill Bartram's role? And from what I've seen would provide much better disposal. Obviously has great leadership and is a team player. Rookie him MFC. Repay the faith shown in his amazing recovery!
  20. A relative of mine went to the Foundation Dinner and posted photos of the night on Facebook, mostly of him looking delirious posing with the players. He uploaded a photo with Jeremy Howe and tagged him, so I guess he must have added him on Facebook. Instead of blowing him off as another crazy supporter, Howie had the decency to 'like' the photo and after I wrote you're a champion he replied 'Great night with good people!!" Shows he's a quality bloke young Jeremy! On other news, apparently Scully was there and positioned on an outer table, maintained a very low profile and was mentioned in pas
  21. The AFL are clearly not happy with the way things have panned out, and the criticism they have received. We should expect Norf to be gifted plenty of free kicks this weekend!! Good to see Sammy Mitchell providing some backing words though http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/hawthorn-captain-sam-mitchell-says-every-afl-player-is-backing-melbournes-jack-trengoves-tribunal-appeal/story-e6frf9jf-1226054535496?from=igoogle+gadget+compact+bi_rss I agree with him, I would accept a one week ban too, but three weeks for a tackle with unintentional injury is just wrong!!
  22. Is this a potential contradiction to the decision? Lachie Hansen was pushed into the fence by Troy Chaplin in Round 6. Check out 13 mins into the last quarter. He runs onto a handball in the goalsquare and pokes it through with his boot, then Chaplin pushes him and he hits his face into the fence. He didn't play the next week. It is a reportable offence to "throw or push another player after that player has taken a mark, disposed of the football or after the football is otherwise out of play" I believe the rules of the game assess the fence/ground to be essentially the same thing. In that case
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