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  1. Yep, so many of the issues are due to not having the horizontal band at the top of the site which used to show every game of the round at once, be clickable to get to the match centre if the game was live, or be clickable afterwards to get to the match report that included stats. So literally one click for all these results.
  2. It's a mess. One of the issues that annoys me is the 'round centre' pop-up, that I assume is what they think sufficiently replaces the need to have clickable fixture/results at the top of the page. When you click on that pop-up each day of the round is on a separate tab, so first of all if you don't know what day the game is on that you're looking for you need to click on each tab to find it. But even worse is the scrolling function. When there is more than 2 games on a day you need to scroll down to find the right game. To do this there's an unbelievably thin red bar that is counter intu
  3. Langdon got a 3 from one coach, similar to Clarry that got a 4 from one coach But in both cases the other coach didn't even have either of them on their list It shows how hard it is to actually assess value of players to a team
  4. Update on AFL Player ratings. The dogs have some kind of midfield! An obvious imbalance compared to all other teams Whereas we're well repesented by every part of the ground
  5. Oh yeah your're right! Haha gotta love that even though he voted all Demons, we still find a way to hate on him
  6. Am I reading this right, but one of the coaches rated Langdon a 3, whereas the other didn't even have him on his list
  7. https://thearcfooty.com/2016/08/09/joel-selwood-has-set-a-new-afl-free-kick-record/ Selwood now sits on 804 frees. Another 4 today, although thankfully he gave away 4 as well. Next on the list of current players is Marc Murphy on 499...and you guessed it, Dangerfield on 465
  8. Every opposition team is well aware that any 50/50 will go against us and play accordingly, the award goes to... Charlie Spargo. There isn't a team in the league that could carry as many passengers as we had today & still be a contender. Not the end of the world. We win most weeks. Needed some more Constable Let’s hope the topping up with pensioners is now finished. We aren’t a contender. Time to concentrate on bringing in quality youth The margin flattered us. Melbourne controlled the game all day and could have taken it away from us in the first quarter with better accu
  9. Yep, looking good right now. Wow, what a difference from the practice match v Dogs. This type of system works so well when every single player performs and stays in line. I think it's finally clicked, just took a little while to settle. I wonder how much is on Goody and how much on Yze and Chocco? Probably evenly shared I'd think
  10. Geelong played like mercenaries, we played like a team
  11. I said this during the week, they clearly train to take advantage of umpiring and rules that can be manipulated
  12. Grrr need to make the most of this. Cats will have their time
  13. They really know how to milk and play for free kicks. The bastards obviously train for it Definitely Scott's influence (along with Selwood). They probably justify it by the 'whatever it takes' mantra
  14. Happy with this. Yes it's not pretty all the time, but GWS are having a crack and making it difficult Hopefully we kick away by a few more goals. Dees by 30
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