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  1. Wow I've never been on a thread where I hit the "next page" button and end up further back from where I was
  2. Yes it has, but I'd like to balance with this. Margaret Thatcher once said there is no such thing as society. I'd suggest that the pandemic has shown in fact there is such a thing. Notwithstanding the few, the vast majority of us have been willing to make huge sacrifices on a personal level, all for the wellbeing of not just family and friends but for literally everyone. If that doesn't prove that society exists, then I don't know what does.
  3. If only we could force those choosing to remian unvaccinated to be put into a simulated reality where Covid-19 happened and no vaccine was developed. I reckon they'd go in thinking this will be great I can experience freedom again, but then come crashing down when the reality hits.
  4. How can fear of complications on such a low percentage overrule a statistically proven method of inoculation against a deadly virus? That literally makes it less likely for one to die, or helps prevent more vulnerable loved ones from dying. Beggars belief
  5. The standard game highlights with commentary is nice, but a skillfully edited slow motion piece with more close up ground level footage mixed in, limited commentary and decent crowd noise is what I'm after
  6. Raw emotion that all of us could relate to. Hard not to tear up
  7. Didn't know where to post this, but I realised that we gave each of Brisbane, Geelong and Bulldogs their biggest loss of the year during finals. In the case of Geelong (83 points vs 44 points in H&A) and Bulldogs (74 points vs 28 points in H&A, which was also from us) by a long way. We really did dominate like a team hasn't since Geelong 2007, as evidenced by the table in OP
  8. First managed by his father, then his brother in law. What's next? His father in law's brother?
  9. If you dare... (looking forward to your reports picket btw)
  10. I should add, Viney 2nd career high clearances with 12. Two short of career best 14
  11. Had a look at player stats in relation to their career best, with some interesting findings - Clarrie 21 uncontested possessions, 2 short of his highest - Tracc career high possession total, contested possessions, equal high inside 50s (as expected) - Sparrow career high goal assists, inside 50s - Brayshaw career high 1 percenters - Salem equal career high inside 50s - ANB equal 4th best game disposals and 2nd highest handball count - Jackson career high goal assists - Fritsch equal 2nd career high goals of course - BBB equal 3rd highest frees for (which is saying something given his NM days)
  12. It's nice to know how these sweet tears taste after dining out on salty ones for the past few decades.
  13. Name change update Road to Premiership Glory: The Prequel 😈
  14. Nah Daisy was spot on. Right at that moment we did need a goal to settle and reset. Literally a few minutes later she commented that we had our confidence back when Trac attempted a behind the head handball to keep the ball alive inside the boundary. She could sense it. We all could, but reckon she's just that little bit ahead of us all. Terrific commentator
  15. One bloke looks to be in shock, while the other is raising his beer in respect I reckon I'm somewhere in between these two right now
  16. Just shed a tear, build up of emotions. On a personal level and after years of disappointment. This is unreal, so happy and proud of everyone involved!
  17. You little fckn beauty!!! Anyone having post gf beers?
  18. Could have been worse, what about "Road to Premiership Glory"
  19. Simple strategy to win really Solid defence, limiting the Dogs to a low score. If we nullify their forward line all we need to do is kick a goal or two more every quarter, or have a burst of goals to put them away. Don't mind if it's a low scoring game I have more faith in our defence than they would in theirs But the solid defence must come from all parts of the ground, not just the backline
  20. Oh man this feeling is heaven and hell. I'm on No. 2 - how many for you?
  21. With the 12 day rest for players with concussion, another reason the week off between the prelim and granny is good news. Can you imagine if one of our stars had to miss the granny with a head knock!
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