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  1. That's strange the crap did not end after his second season, as we have been a much better side then them since he left them.
  2. That is rubbish, gawn did not over egged it, once they went over line max put his hands up and Daniel's decided to throw him to the ground.
  3. Are they same people who said you won't see a flag in your life time
  4. I told all you haters of jack that you would Eat your words about jack, now FOFf
  5. They say Richmond has a good culture because they can tell jokes at the half time huddle,I don't think many jokes where told at halftime huddles this year, when you are winning you are allowed enjoy your footy have a smile on your face, when you are losing your not allowed to even smile.
  6. Natural improvement people forget that great players where not great all the time, Gary Ablett Jr average 16 positions a game in his first hundred games, Dusty' did not play his best footy until 2017, before that he was a solid player, petracca is showing his greatness about the same age as Dustin Martin did, without talent and great players you can't become a great side,
  7. Yes that's true, but take Out Oliver, track, gawn, and all of those things won't win you a cracker
  8. All this talk about clubs culture, what is culture? There is only 2 forms of culture a winning culture and a losing culture, demons winning they must have good club culture, Hawks are now have a bad culture, swings and roundabouts.
  9. Their best side is still only a 6 to 10 side, most of their injuries are from old players, like Ryder. After the saints smashed north in a practice game by 90 points they where crowned one of the flag favourites, I was laughing at the time, all the talk before we played them was how much better they are then us, because they smashed north in a practice match, and how bad we where because we lost to the Bulldogs in a practice match, where most of the side was rested, then we beat them and it was all about how many injuries they have.LOL they are a joke with a old list and that's the joke.
  10. No they will not win one soon, their trading over the last 3 years has made their list the second oldest list in the AFL, the only thing they will win soon is a another spoon.
  11. You must be have only scooped the vanilla out of the Neapolitan ice cream tub, everyone else could see Jackson is a tub of Neapolitan ice cream.
  12. I don't need to say sorry to any of these, most of the criticisms of all of these players were all myths, and prejudice and bias.
  13. He might be the difference in the GF even, certa is overrated.
  14. Gerard Healy football career is one big irony t isn't it, he left Melbourne to go to Sydney "saying he wanted to have some success" only to be knocked out of the finals race in 87 by which team his old team.
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