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  1. All these MFCSS members always looking at the worse, the man is tired anyone can see this, some club's have a a maximum amount of years someone can be a president, we don't want to become Collingwood where someone thinks they are bigger then the club
  2. Why a few in demonland say the same thing, some say it's a danger game, and give as much reason why.
  3. The kid can't get a run, because the cats have a play granddad's in front of kids, I hope he leaves, which will be good because the cats will only have 33 year Olds on their list, watch the crash the cats will have because all the Young players leave, Scott is going tO leave 1 big mess at cat land, just think the Hawks big fall, or north Melbourne fall who had the same list strategy as Geelong has now.
  4. It's like all the .com company in the 90's, it can never be used for legal tender, until it has a fixed price, how can a company sell someone a car with a currency that is worth $1 one day and $22,000 the next day? only to see it crash a week later.
  5. Collingwood will not sack, Buckley, that's why they appointed this new president so Eddie can pull his strings, bucks to get another 2 years will be signed after the next win
  6. Well Fred fanning did kick 97 in 1942, only 18 rounds back then, and we did not make finals
  7. No Carlton played bad, we kicked 1 goal 7 in the last quarter, kick 4 goals and it's a 40 point win, we could not hit the kill button.
  8. I think the opposite, stretch their defence, dry track just kick it long, people said brown is not good overhead, most of his marks against Sydney were over head marks.
  9. We don't lose often in Adelaide, even in 2017 we beat the crowds by 42 points, our record there since 2016 is more wins then loses
  10. Stop Taylor Walker you stop Adelaide, he scores 40% of there goals
  11. No we still can get much better, still many areas to improve on
  12. No not with you there, I was thinking just in terms of making sht teams feel bad about themselves
  13. Where is in honour in losing when your 27 points up anyway?
  14. See the Carlton think it was not a bad loss 26 points, happy with the win, but Gee we are missing out on opportunities to burying and humiliating sides, kicking 1 goals 7 in the last quarter was just so disappointing. Is it bad in wanting to kill sides, not just beat them?
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