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  1. Yep I'm suspicious that something else was behind the lack of effort. Who turns up to Round 1 with so little effort after a long preseason and supposedly optimism for each and every side???!! It's like they have given up already
  2. If the club is losing the heart of the passionate supporters on this forum then I'm worried how many normal supporters are going to leave in droves. So many of our players could not give a [censored] or were not up to it. Not playing for the coach or team. No work rate. No spirit.
  3. What the [censored] is going on?????????????? I hate this team Embarassing
  4. To be fair Sylvia hasn't been too bad, far from our worst. But hopefully he and a few other senior players can turn the game in the 3rd
  5. They don't know how to man up properly and prevent uncontensted marks. Poor work rate
  6. For anyone outside Oz I'd recommend getting the AFL tv subscription. Every game live and can watch replays. Only about $113 for the year
  7. The forward line will have the biggest difference. Lets hope they gel together sooner rather than later, so we can kick a winning score!
  8. I'm watching the replay now and am looking closely at stoppages to see how we set up and how the game flows. The supergoal Jacobs kicked was a great play to North (amazing tap from Daw) but they should not have got so much space in front of 50. At the throw in we have 8 players each at the stoppage and then both Jetta and Nicholson are standing alone 10m apart to the back of the contest inside defensive 50. It seems a few times several players are manning the same space rather than spreading defensively and covering the open spaces. Fast forward the play and they both end up chasing the ball b
  9. Don't forget we were playing at the Dome where we have a horrendous record
  10. Yeah I agree, gee I hope Gawn comes on well and quickly otherwise we're stuffed if Jamar goes down. Not that Jamar contributed much around the ground though. Scrubbed a terrible rushed kick and gave away a stupid free kick in front of goal where he tackled a bloke already bending over into him
  11. Don't mind him niggling them if he keeps getting 50m penalties with shots on goal. Thought he played a good game, just needs to improve decision making as he's got good footskills
  12. The boys need game time together to get used to each other. And keep in mind that our best 22 should put up a better fight - keep Byrnes, Dawes and Rodan in the team and we had much more maturity and bigger bodies. Can't wait for Clark and Trengove to return as well. But yes we will struggle because our midfield is too young.
  13. Don't worry most of Gysberts possessions have been rushed and not that effective. A few goals against us from a turnover and small error of judgement by Watts. But otherwise the contest is pretty close. Although they're getting through the middle a bit too easy sometimes
  14. I think you'll find that link is from last year! Isn't this Friday the intraclub at Casey but it's in the morning?? Can someone confirm the time?
  15. Cheers for taking the time and effort to make that! Although you'll probably be told to take it down as apparently the club doesn't like video being publicly available (even though it's an open training session I know)... I know because I did the same thing last pre-season Thanks for all the reports guys from London
  16. What a ripper of a video, nice work mate! Whilst you're sweating in the heat I'm rugging up in the cold in London... Go Dees 2013, the year to take the next step!
  17. It could be that JT is pushing so hard in training (which Carey suggests he do) to set a standard that he's physically spent each week and has no power in his legs from that...?
  18. I think another thing we could do is use any contacts to suggest sponsorship options for the club. Remember how we signed Kaspersky because a supporter mentioned the club needed a sponsor in a business meeting, and that ended up generating a couple of $$ million for the MFC. For me, well I don't know anyone high up in any major business, so unfortunately can't contribute!
  19. The mids for the Lions showed how it should be done. They backed the ability of 1-2 players to get the hard ball whilst 3 Melbourne players got sucked in to the one person. They would squeeze a handball out to a free man, he would handball back to a free player at the back of the pack, then they would kick it forward to players on the spread. We were constantly caught out during the second half and did not even learn!! Hopefully in the match review this is picked up and the same mistakes are not made this week
  20. He's actually just turned 21 the other day I noticed.
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