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  1. Fellow posters, I have been saying from training we are making sure we 'build' the young guys properly, there is no rush, I for one, am not at all surprised King kicked 5, never misses at training, and Harmes got to play in the midfield without Michie, Riley. ANB or Tyson in there as well and shone, just let the coaching staff get on with the building
  2. The medicos have fixed that issue, I asked him, just unlucky first up As for the comments on his fitness, he is another Cross, trains when he doesn't have to, both he and Stretch were really fit when they arrived at the club
  3. No training is about carrying out a task/role/skill over and over until it becomes second nature, then when the pressure comes you can still carry it out, we are getting there, Roos gave himself three years, it is only year 2, out best is a lot better, he is working on the worst, his pet peeve is players not listening, you will see Plapp mention 'coachable' and 'listens' in his reviews. We have a realy good coaching panel now, if the players listen to it we will get somewhere. When Roos bellowed, he and Goodwin had spent a couple of minutes explaining something, the players ignored it, not surprised he went off
  4. The scoot is a good selling point, it shows I am a well balanced individual One of the questions was "demonstrate how you can handle a difficult situation, can be either real or imagined", I said I am a semi regular contributor to Demonland", they said "the job is yours"
  5. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't, spoken to a few of them, depends on weather forecast, changes to opposition etc, would assume ANB will be sub, seems the Roos way, although Billings has just dropped out of the Saints side, may change the thinking Not sure, would be good if he did with ANB, bit like Jones and Brayshaw now, Billy and ANB combine really well
  6. vanders and Salem walked laps and did a bit of handball, Kent was running on far side of oval
  7. He also led the warm up lap when training started to a lot of banter, plus the handshake, plus the confirmation with me, expect him to debut Other points from training, the hamstrung group, Salem, Vandenberg and Kent did about 30 minutes and then left During one of the match sim/ball movement drills Roos got very angry and 'bellowed', unlike his usual approach, think it was a case of the players completely ignoring what he and Goodwin had just told them Toumpas looks a completely different character at training now, a lot more relaxed, think he is getting used to being in the team and will continue to improve
  8. Some of the comments etc re King are the reasons I have stopped contributing on here He is a 19yr old ruckman/forward, we have the opportunity to build him from the ground up I have spoken to the coaches, he hasn't got the physique just yet to compete against the ruckman he would come up against in the seniors at VFL level, he needs at least another year They are playing him as a forward as he is a good kick, as can be seen from his consistent goalvscoring up to now, because we have had fit ruckmen, the thinking is he gets more game time in the Development league at the moment They will obviously assess his progress at the end of the year, just at the moment they are more than happy with his development
  9. From training you will find Spencer and Michie playing for Casey today
  10. Toump trained really well, confidence is growing That's what was liked about him when they were watching before we got him, only rookie though, always the chance he couldn't lift to AFL level, which has now been put to bed in a big way As for the set shots on goal, I think that is a rule now, unless there is somebody completely open Something slightly rude
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