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  1. Every opposition team is well aware that any 50/50 will go against us and play accordingly, the award goes to... Charlie Spargo. There isn't a team in the league that could carry as many passengers as we had today & still be a contender. Not the end of the world. We win most weeks. Needed some more Constable Let’s hope the topping up with pensioners is now finished. We aren’t a contender. Time to concentrate on bringing in quality youth The margin flattered us. Melbourne controlled the game all day and could have taken it away from us in the first quarter with better accu
  2. Yep, looking good right now. Wow, what a difference from the practice match v Dogs. This type of system works so well when every single player performs and stays in line. I think it's finally clicked, just took a little while to settle. I wonder how much is on Goody and how much on Yze and Chocco? Probably evenly shared I'd think
  3. Geelong played like mercenaries, we played like a team
  4. I said this during the week, they clearly train to take advantage of umpiring and rules that can be manipulated
  5. Grrr need to make the most of this. Cats will have their time
  6. They really know how to milk and play for free kicks. The bastards obviously train for it Definitely Scott's influence (along with Selwood). They probably justify it by the 'whatever it takes' mantra
  7. Happy with this. Yes it's not pretty all the time, but GWS are having a crack and making it difficult Hopefully we kick away by a few more goals. Dees by 30
  8. Wow GWS playing pretty dirty and getting away with it, so many borderline frees not being paid to us. They've been fortunate with things going their way, but reckon we'll blow the game open at some point in the second half.
  9. Wow those hotspots in the pockets for Richmond have to be a set play We definitely struggle to kick goals from centrally 20-30m out
  10. I don't think this rule has even been exploited fully yet. On Saturday Fritsch took a mark about 45m out and was standing at the end of his set shot routine from about 65m. Rivers called for it running past but when Fritsch handballed it to him, the ump called play on so the man on the mark was able to run towards Rivers who had to kick it from about 55m. Wasn't really the smartest play to call for it so far out. To exploit this, once the ump has called "stand" the player taking the kick should be as close as possible to the mark and have players running past. This way Rivers should
  11. Actually think his run up and kicking technique is good. Straight, steady etc. The issue is the ball drop and I wonder if his head is looking up to soon. Also, clearly thinking too much about it
  12. Special comments from Luke Darcy as King takes a set shot "Good looking kick. Slightly across the face...in fact he's missed the lot..."
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