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  1. I really rate Ben Lennon, could get him fairly cheap, our coaching staff could weave their magic and turn him into something gold. Also anyone who even mentions Ben Griffiths as a possible target, deserves a swift kick in the nuts. I'd rather pop someone like JKH in the ruck over that spud.
  2. Most if not all of their goals came from our turnovers..... let that sink in.
  3. I wouldn't put this rumour as dead just yet, Goodwin, Melksham and also is great mates with Watts..... interesting one
  4. Wouldn't look too much past it, he's a Geelong man.
  5. I forgot all about Peter Wright, has he done much this year?
  6. Will be my last game for a while that I attend, seeing as I'm buggering off to England for 5 years, perhaps even forever. One last time in the demon army squad won't go astray.
  7. Get keen to stick it up the Dogs the week after, then Carlscum, just pip Freo and then knock off GWS in a 10 goal belting Finals baby
  8. When Freo are pretty much full strength, then yeah, the NAB challenge does mean something if we were able to only lose by a minor margin.
  9. Not even round 2 and 'rumours' are already starting, Aish to Melb, Yarran to Melb, Danger to Cats, Rance to Dockers, etc... In saying that, I'd love for us to make a play for Shiel and Treloar, throw Hawkins in too.
  10. Knock off Giants, knock off the Crows, knock off the Tiges, knock off the Dockers......... I could get used to winning every week!
  11. Ablett and O'Meara might now play, Day, Dixon and Lynch (suspended) also might not play. But we're the MFC, doesn't matter who's out we'll still lose!
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