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  1. Should have been us in the granny. Better team than the Swans but just couldn't find a way to beat them, disappointingly. And the loss to the Lions. Even more disappointing. The offseason is all about improving the team and list, coming back hungry with a clean bill of health, refresh the game plan and we should be seriously challenging again
  2. This is horrifying for several reasons
  3. @Bitter but optimistic relative of yours?
  4. AFL website is laughable. Homepage has no link or clickable icon to the match centre of the only live game on. Oh it's just the GRAND FINAL!
  5. Only took me a day but I figured it out We're very one sided The fwd flank on the other side is ANB
  6. Simple solution really. Should have a high res camera mounted in the stands looking parallel to the goal line at the upper part of the posts. Ridiculous that the decision was made from the camera perspective shown on the TV feed
  7. We need to be at our best to beat Swans and Geelong Far short of that tonight. Too many players with bad nights and worryingly a few injury concerns too. But we need to move on quickly and prepare for Brisbane
  8. Interesting to see that in some categories where we've actually improved comparatively to last year we're ranked the same or slightly lower. Shows that the competition has improved as a whole?
  9. Found this gem When I die, I want Carlton to lower me into my grave, so I can be let down one last time
  10. Bump @WheeloRatings any chance of an end of H&A season update? Thanks for your work on this!
  11. Wow he may have his teeth, but that is a ripper mullet. Oh man I can't wait until this feral mob are silenced, hopefully by us
  12. It irritates me to see players that have clearly practised or been taught how to milk frees Prime example. Being tackled from behind while standing and just falling forwards on purpose to draw an in the back
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