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  1. Could have been worse, what about "Road to Premiership Glory"
  2. Simple strategy to win really Solid defence, limiting the Dogs to a low score. If we nullify their forward line all we need to do is kick a goal or two more every quarter, or have a burst of goals to put them away. Don't mind if it's a low scoring game I have more faith in our defence than they would in theirs But the solid defence must come from all parts of the ground, not just the backline
  3. Oh man this feeling is heaven and hell. I'm on No. 2 - how many for you?
  4. With the 12 day rest for players with concussion, another reason the week off between the prelim and granny is good news. Can you imagine if one of our stars had to miss the granny with a head knock!
  5. We need to play at breakneck speed and make these pensioners blow up in the 2nd half May as well use the bye before and after the prelim to our advantage
  6. Haha even Danger dislikes Rohan Gave him peanuts
  7. We were down by 44pt against Geelong in the third. Anything is possible But both GWS and Geelong look so tired, don't see any kind of run happening
  8. Please oh please someone get this, but Clarry Only those with class should consider
  9. I'll commission an engraved cheese platter, made of rich mahogony
  10. What if we kicked 15.5 in the prelim and then won a low scoring granny scoring 8.15 to 10.2 - would you look back and be satisfied with meeting the stat? Heart attack aside. My point is, I wonder how many of those premiers didn't also have plenty of games where they kicked more points than behinds. I think there's much better stats to determine premiership quality
  11. Maybe the umpire thought the ball had gone over, hence the push despite not being in the back was after play had stopped, but really soft and harsh call. To be fair to the dogs, they're actually 8th for frees for and the reason for the high differential is they give away the least frees. But still think they get a good ride
  12. Did a double take on this, have to admit
  13. The only thing that really stands out is the bookends At one end the cheats and the other end the thugs
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