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  1. Honestly it seems like Weid is invisible out there... Does he have the worst leading patterns in the league? Almost always out of position Almost always seems to have no separation from his man Yes to BBB for mine. Let's give him a shot
  2. Seems that if you kick on the line of the mark, the run up can be from the boundary side
  3. Umps at half time "Gee we've paid 34 frees so far, better put the whistle away"
  4. No where near the ball, looks to catch him high. Hard to tell if it was a bump or swung his arm. But no wonder Bayley was fired up
  5. It may have been an ugly win, but if there is ever a "good ugly" then that was it! Still good signs and plenty of upside
  6. Watching the game on delay and in the first quarter Aiden Bonar took out Fritsch high no where near the ball and then collected Gawn high clumsily in a marking contest. Dirty tactics
  7. Ben Long is a dirty player and has an aggro problem Dropped his knees into a Port player on the ground and then gave away a 50
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