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  1. I'd be very worried if someone was putting on a polo shirt inside out... Just mirrored due to being a selfie - someone from the club should have flipped horizontally in photoshop
  2. Pretty sure it's just to indicate opposite teams for drills with a handful of players i.e. 4 v 3 etc Don't want to see the red top though, as usually an indicator of 'no contact' due to player niggle or injury
  3. Haha yep definitely a major issue that needs a fix, hopefull this goes a long way towards it! If only they had a few extra cms and kgs, but footy IQ is a must
  4. Is the building completely new, or was it a renovation? Looks not too shabby. Clearly the facilities not the "best in the comp" but good to get an upgrade. Tom Sparrow mentions there's new equipment so that can only be a good thing
  5. Haha yeah no worries, to be honest my reply is the same no matter if you were being ironic or serious
  6. A thriving school with many distinguished alumni
  7. Bombers had picks 6,7 and 8. Dogs wanted two 1st round picks for Dunkley and Bombers apparently were offering pick 7 and future 2nd round. Not sure why the Bombers didn't trade down pick 8 for picks including a late 1st rounder. Surely that would have got it over the line and been fairer for all parties
  8. Yes don't worry, I have faith! Let's see if any late trade goes down too?? Also looks like we need to revisit the draft thread to see who's available thereabouts
  9. Wow if true we can't stink it up next year
  10. If we grab him reckon we're a Top 4 chance. He's not afraid to get in amongst it. After all, he has experience at the sharp end of things...
  11. Can there be a thread for all confirmed trades across the competition? Or a pinned post? Better yet, is there a website where this is easily found and summarised without all other fluff. It's hard to keep track Actually, I found it! https://www.afl.com.au/trade/trade-tracker
  12. Can confirm is slowly gathering momentum and ramping up in intensity
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