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  1. KB has been ruined for me by Pies fans. Even when it's our home game, it is an unpleasant experience. I am going to miss this year's KB for the first time since I think I was in hospital on KB about 13 years ago. I just can't bring myself to go to an away game against the Pies after the horrific experience I had in last year's final. My mental health and intelligence suffered enough after that ****eshow.
  2. I am going to be overseas for work and won't be back until the following week unfortunately. Really the only reason I miss these types of games is if I am away. The ANZAC Eve game is probably my favourite H&A game of the season, so I am really sad to be missing it.
  3. This is great. It's only a small thing, but it shows how far Clarry has come. Last year he was arguing with the fitness staff, now he is helping pick up the equipment after training. Doing all the team things. Well done to him!
  4. I have a few friends who are Saints fans who have lost all interest in the club since 2011. So sad.
  5. I am devastated to be missing this game, if you can go, even if you can't get a decent seat, go. I've been to every single one of these and it is an absolutely brilliant experience, plus I think we will win!
  6. I always think that no individual is bigger than the club; but the Bont is definitely an exception to that rule. Him leaving the Dogs would be the equivalent of Max leaving the Dees.
  7. They will sack Bevo before they let the Bont walk out. Take that to the bank.
  8. This is incredibly true, and I think the AFL is relying heavily on the older generation of supporters. But for younger fans, I think the lack of transparency and clear corruption is going to wear thin. We are also in an era where media saturation is at an all time high, and we all have an ability to voice our opinion on every decision made by the AFL. That means the AFL can't simply sweep things under the carpet and hope the fans will forget. A lot of younger people will be turned off the game if they don't see any integrity at the top level, especially if they support a club that is not consistently rewarded with "the rule don't apply here" magic. It is beyond disgraceful that we could not even bring in an expert witness last week to defend Kosi, but Cameron can bring in two character witnesses.
  9. I will say this again; culture. You cannot preach about having a good culture, and then trade out a contracted Salem for Bailey Smith. Ludicrous suggestion.
  10. Nonna Petracca better be available to give a character reference should Trac ever find himself at the tribunal... "he's a lovely boy and he makes an excellent lasagne, just how I taught him". A farce.
  11. He did get a nice gift, the honour of playing for Melbourne for 4 more years and probably a lot of money for a 21 year old 😂
  12. This. Can’t whine about culture and then go chase Smith
  13. Sadly no. I’ll be flying from Yiwu to Guangzhong. I’m pretty much screwed 😂
  14. Well just my luck I'm going to China I have watched AFL games from there before by paying for a pass on the AFL overseas site, but never tried watching replays on the AFL site itself. I am going to have my roaming turned on with Optus so that's not really an issue, more whether the site will load as normally most Australian sites do not work without a VPN
  15. Thanks, would those be available to view from overseas, or would I need a VPN?
  16. A question for anyone who regularly watches matches from overseas; I am going to be away for this game sadly, and unlikely to be able to watch it live as I'll be on a flight during the game itself. I therefore don't want to pay for a live pass to watch from overseas, but wondering if there is somewhere I can watch the replay for free later?
  17. Not a priority in terms of needs, and is an awful kick. I wouldn't say no, but certainly wouldn't sell the farm for him
  18. Brisbane certainly has the wood over us, have had for a while now. The problem is that they have such an elite forwardline, that even our elite defense can't hold them to under 80 points, which means we have to be better than them in attack. Unfortunately that has not happened often, as they frequently manage to break even or beat us in the centre, leaving our forwardline with not enough quality entries to put a big enough score on the board. I feel like the same applies to Carlton in the last couple of years. Lucky for us May always competes exceptionally well against Curnow.
  19. Further proof that the AFL protects high profile players and Brownlow hopefuls If this same action was done by a nobody, say I dunno Hunter, it would result in suspension. And has.
  20. There are no bad dogs, only bad owners And there are plenty of trash humans who are just that, trash. Just look at the news from today as further proof.
  21. I feel like calling him a dog is incredibly offensive to dogs, who are after all, the most wonderful creatures on earth.
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