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  1. The only team that’s more St Kilda than St Kilda is Fremantle
  2. Why do I enjoy watching Freo lose so much?
  3. Yep, same old same old. They won’t do much damage in finals IMO. Meantime West Coast have forgotten the game goes for 4 quarters.
  4. Amen But also f¥£> Brisbane. Suffer you insufferable bunch of d!kheads
  5. Geelong have beaten: Saints at taxpayer stadium by 8pts Adelaide who have won a solitary game Hawthorn - spoon race Dogs in Adelaide by just 4pts North - spoon race 2.0 They’ve had a joke of a draw, and I reckon this is the first good win they’ve had all year. They play Carlton and us next. This will tell us where they really are.
  6. We did win the free kick count against Port, but lost it comprehensively against Adelaide 🤷‍♀️
  7. Do what I do and avoid watching games where those 3 are involved. I’m loving this derby, recommend watching.
  8. Harley Reid. An absolute freak. The most Dusty player I’ve seen since Dusty. I can see why West Coast refused every offer they got for him.
  9. I mean I wouldn’t wish concussions and head injuries on anyone so I hope he makes a full recovery. We need to beat teams at their best. We should be able to beat Geelong with or without Stewart.
  10. Reid is gonna be some player. Special.
  11. That’s not an excuse against West Coast 😂
  12. West Coast are gonna 💩 the bed in 3…2…1
  13. Well you don’t know that. Concussion protocols are one thing, recovery from concussion is another. It’s not always linear.
  14. Zorko dropping the ball like it’s his marriage
  15. And a social media embarrassment
  16. I’m watching the Derby. What happened to Stewart? We play Geelong in two weeks
  17. Me getting home, turning Kayo on and seeing the score in the Derby
  18. Because #AFLwantsaCarltonflag
  19. GWS have been my flag tip since they were category robbed in the prelim last year by an AFL driven agenda to get the Pies a flag they absolutely did not deserve. I will die on this hill; GWS were the most deserving premier last year.
  20. Thank god Port extended Hinkley’s contract. A proven coach 🙄😂
  21. Adelaide being rubbish is good for us. Either it makes Petty rethink his choices, or it leaves them with better draft picks to give us
  22. An odd feature for a player who is supposedly leaving the club 🤷‍♀️
  23. He is indeed attending on my behalf, but frankly after last week his record is in the bin and so is my love for him*😂 Although, the last loss he saw live was in 2021 vs GWS… and we know what happened after that 😀 *this is a joke, please everyone keep calm
  24. You can't look at that in isolation. Compare the team we played against, who were coming off a bye and then playing a dead rubber against North. We had back to back away games, both very tough contested games that went down to the wire. Brisbane had a week off, and then played a game that was over at quarter time. In a competition as even as ours, that is a massive advantage!
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