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  1. Ummm what? The pre grand final bye had nothing to do with May’s hamstring. It was in place long before we even made the grand final. It was there to enable the game to be played in WA according to their strict quarantine Covid rules. As for the Dogs, they didn’t finish top 4 so didn’t get to pick where they wanted to play their “home” finals. They made the grand final the long way, by needing to play an away prelim against a side that finished above them. I am really not sure how any of that was the AFL helping us. It would have been the same if Geelong, Port or Brisbane made the grand final instead.
  2. I’m excited for Cripps to get off at the tribunal for knocking someone else out on the eve of a grand final.
  3. It did for Collingwood, because the AFL made sure of it. This is a rinse and repeat but with a different brand of sour milk.
  4. Let’s just say the umpires don’t see that, fine. What the actual [censored] was that free right in front of goal for dissent? Since when do you get another free right in front of goal? Get absolutely [censored]
  5. @Axis of Bob what did you think about the umpire’s influence on the Carlton Freo game?
  6. What the AFL wants the AFL gets
  7. Plus the AFL are desperate for them to win the flag. They are in prime position to win it. They still have Walsh to come back too. Definitely a big factor in the flag race for mine too.
  8. The photo of Clarry standing over a knocked out Gus in last year’s final, is all you need to show Dermie and the rest of the brain dead morons in the media
  9. That’s because you can do simple maths. You are overestimating Pies fans here.
  10. Exactly this. He goes in and gets suspended and he’s a thug. Just [censored] off media! Clarry has overcome so much to play and is now playing with a busted hand. The only weak people around are these commentators.
  11. And we beat them without May
  12. Nothing like beating West Coast, Richmond and Essendon. And then, wait, what’s that? Losing to an actual contender at home.
  13. We have a 7 day break and then a bye. Nobody is getting rested unless they can’t physically get out of bed. Brisbane is still, despite their early form, a formidable opponent. We need all our best players out on the field. Sadly I think Kosi will be a forced out as I can’t see him getting off if we appeal.
  14. Salem moves back to midfield and Bowey slots back into the defense.
  15. I don’t disagree, but draft picks are not the only way to rise up a ladder. They have good kids, but they don’t have leadership or bigger bodies. We went and got Vince and Lewis etc and those guys really helped to protect the younger players. We also had the likes of Jones. Whatever picks they get they should be forced to trade for ready made mature bodies. They lost McKay who granted is a potato, and Goldstein, who is one day away from death, but those guys were big mature bodies. They need more of that, and some leadership.
  16. How did the Pendelbury love tap get graded low impact and this is medium impact? Oh I know, Michael [censored] Christiansen is how.
  17. Should be able to get it downgraded to low impact. But also who knows with the state of the AFL. A week is also not completely unreasonable
  18. Because going all out attack while still defending to a high standard is very very taxing, and we were coming off a 5 day break. We did not have the energy to continue to attack and then run the other way to defend. Adelaide had fresher legs in the last, and so we did the least energy zapping thing we could do, we shut the game down, threw Petty behind the ball and made it a slog. We also had to sub Brown off who was spent, so we were down to JVR as the only tall up forward. Adelaide is very very good at scoring quickly. They had the momentum in the first 10 mins of the last (and the crowd), and had we tried to compete in a final quarter shoot out, we would have run out of legs and probably lost. A professional win, absorbing the Adelaide pressure in the first half, putting the foot down in the third, and shutting the game down in the last.
  19. It would probably be easier to just list which side they’ve beaten in the last 10 years.
  20. Woewodin either has to start or he has to play with Casey. He’s been sub too many times now and needs the run.
  21. Go watch the third quarter again. Instrumental. This guy had barely no pre season, a mountain of personal issues to deal with, and is playing with a busted hand. The glaring lack of understanding and empathy is totally unnecessary. This guy has carried our side more than once and you can’t find me one player at Casey who could come in and be half as good as he is, even at his current lower output. 10 pressure acts, equal second highest clearance, highest goal assists. And he did not pull up short, he avoided a suspension. To suggest Clarry is nothing but incredibly brave and tough is plain wrong. Try playing with a dislocated finger.
  22. They’re playing Norf, which is good as they’ll win and the pressure will come right off. I certainly don’t want to play a 0-5 Brisbane coming off a loss to a bottom side!
  23. This. JT has such a good eye for talent. It is one thing to get it right in the first round, but he repeatedly nails it in rounds 2,3,4 and even into the rookie draft. He is by far our biggest asset and should he ever think of leaving I would lock him at Casey fields and throw away the key.
  24. Now this, this is an interstate trip worth taking. Get on the wines, watch your team win, get on the wines again! The Barossa is beautiful. As for the money the SA government has tipped in, the amount of tourism this round generates is well worth it for them. You literally wouldn’t think twice about Adelaide as a school holiday destination if there was no Gather Round. It’s certainly less wasteful than throwing money away at Comm games only to cancel them 🙄
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